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CULTIST SIMULATOR: a game of apocalypse and yearning from Alexis Kennedy, creator of FALLEN LONDON and creative director of SUNLESS SEA
CULTIST SIMULATOR: a game of apocalypse and yearning from Alexis Kennedy, creator of FALLEN LONDON and creative director of SUNLESS SEA.
CULTIST SIMULATOR: a game of apocalypse and yearning from Alexis Kennedy, creator of FALLEN LONDON and creative director of SUNLESS SEA.
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    1. Lottie Bevan Collaborator about 8 hours ago

      Ask Lehrmann - I've just double checked and you should have received a code through as normal. Could you check your spam box just in case? It would've come through from me (, I think. I'll email you your key again now anyway. :)

      a.a - good idea! I have not compiled notes from our Stolen Name backers yet, but I shall certainly see if there's interesting juice to be pulped there. Mmmm.

    2. Ask Lehrmann about 8 hours ago

      I checked my mail as well, and haven't received anything from except the alpha invite. Would it be a problem to check if everything went through?

      So looking forward to this!

    3. Alexis Kennedy Creator on January 5

      Wayne - I've dropped you a mail at the address in your backer profile ( Drop us a KS direct message if it doesn't show up?

    4. Missing avatar

      Wayne on January 1

      I'm not receiving any of the updates for this project. I've checked my spam filters and Kickstarter settings but I can't find anything can anyone help me?

    5. Missing avatar

      a.a. on December 21

      Back in November, Alexis posted about the popularity of some of the known Hours among the various Stolen Name backers:

      Now that the deadline for Name submission has passed, will there be any posts on the final statistical breakdown? I'm honestly curious :)

    6. Lottie Bevan Collaborator on December 17

      Thank you! And thanks to all of you here who've sent in feedback, bugs or equally nice comments like Michael's. Really makes a difference to AK and me - very much appreciated. <3

    7. Michael Kahler
      on December 17

      I am stunned. Your game is awesome. I am hoping for a German localization. Go On!

    8. Missing avatar

      Rafael Eisele on December 15

      Thanks for the quick response, I was just a tad confused on how everything would work out so, once again, thanks for clearing things up.

    9. Alexis Kennedy Creator on December 15

      We'll export Steam keys and put them into itch, so everyone will get both. I'm not sure about GOG - I don't know exactly how keys work in GOG Galaxy - but the version is DRM free anyway. :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Rafael Eisele on December 15

      So, I'm not sure if this is a dumb question but, once the game is properly finished, we'll be able to choose whether we want a key for the steam or GOG version of the game, right? Sorry if the question is too obvious, I'm just curious if we'll be able to choose or we'll only get the version, sorry for bothering.

    11. Alexis Kennedy Creator on December 15

      That is *very* good to hear: thank you!

    12. Missing avatar

      on December 15

      Holy crap, I didn't expect a game of this sort to be so immediately enthralling--especially not in beta.

    13. Missing avatar

      William T Carmichael
      on December 15

      Details, details, huh? ;-)

      Thanks for the quick response!

    14. Lottie Bevan Collaborator on December 15

      Heya! Not a dumb question at all. We, er, sort of forgot to tell anybody who wasn't us. We've sent emails out to every backer with a unique itch key inside. You'll need to create an itch account to redeem it, but it'll grant you access to the beta. Enjoy!

    15. Missing avatar

      Connor Wilson on December 15

      Yeah, I have the same question as William.

    16. Missing avatar

      William T Carmichael
      on December 15

      Dumb question....where do backers access the beta? I have a link saved from an old update that goes to an alpha build, but nothing since then.

    17. Joel M Bridge on December 14

      And will the artist lover continue to be separate*

    18. Joel M Bridge on December 14

      So does that mean the Explorer and the ghoul roll are fused as well? FYI guys if you're wondering how the ghoul in the classic sense is a grave robber. Animal the artist and lover continue to be separate?

    19. Missing avatar

      Marqod on December 14


      We got an effing Steam page when?!? *Sigh* Guess I'm not a true fanboy if I miss something like that...

    20. Missing avatar

      a.a. on December 13

      "So is the magus and guru role fused?"


      See the comments here:

    21. Joel M Bridge on December 10

      So is the magus and guru role fused? And will eventually see the artist, lover and ghoul?

    22. Lottie Bevan Collaborator on December 7

      Yep! Anybody who purchases a copy of Cultist Simulator on will be eligible for a Steam key once we've launched. You'll have to redeem it via (we can't send them out to you, unfortunately) but we'll send out instructions on how to get your hands on them. :)

    23. Nickolai Leschov on December 7

      Will I get a Steam copy later if I buy the game on

    24. Vryl
      on November 21

      Something that may interest backers here (and possibly even Mr. Kennedy): That Which Sleeps, a sort of reimagination of the old god game format in which you instead play an ancient evil that was sealed away long ago but has recently reawakened, is not quite as dead a project as it has seemed for the past year. The lone programmer updated yesterday with a gameplay video.

      Assuming for the moment that the project is going to be completed and be more or less what was originally marketed to Kickstarter, the gameplay format should be up at least some of our alleys. You can't act openly without the pitiful mortals banding together to crush you again, so you have to operate in secrecy and bend societies to serve you or at least clash with their neighbors while you build your old power up.

    25. Vryl
      on November 16

      Don't worry, Brittany. I'm sure that when the game is done Mr. Kennedy will take all our senses. Er, census. Yes, that's what I meant.

    26. Alexis Kennedy Creator on November 15

      Hullo! Brittany, it was this survey - - which only went to backers at £70 and higher.

    27. Missing avatar

      Brittany Wimer on November 15

      I never got the survey

    28. Missing avatar

      a.a. on November 3

      Two Hours not on the Stolen Name list are the Black-Flax and the Ring-Yew. They're both of the Woods.

      Just in case someone with a Stolen Name wants the novelty of an Hour that is not on the list.

    29. Vryl
      on October 30

      @Nicholas - a tip for if you back other projects; you can look at the tier you pledged on to see what the estimated release is. Generally all tiers will list the same release, but in some cases they will vary.

      As a side note, exactly one project I've pledged on has actually released on the estimated month. Most are a month or two late. Some are a year or two late. One project released early but only because the developer gave up on actually making a decent project and simply rushed what he had out.

    30. Alexis Kennedy Creator on October 30

      May! But you'll get early builds by the end of the year.

    31. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Trevino on October 29

      Hey, if I remember correctly Kennedy gave a projected release date, but I can't remember what it is. Does anyone know the release date?


    32. Joel M Bridge on October 22

      I finally got a chance to watch the stream your pleasant as always and the people in the live chat were wonderful and congratulations to the happy newlyweds!!

      I do have question what were the roles of the DLC ideas you had because it sounds scrumptious interesting!!

      And PS as always thank you for having the patience to answer my obnoxious questions.

    33. Joel M Bridge on October 21

      I was literally looking forward to this and I was at work the entire time no live stream for me����

    34. Vryl
      on October 9

      True story that I thought Mr. Kennedy might find amusing:

      This morning I mentioned Fallen London to someone and was explaining the basic premise. His reaction was "Reminds me a little of another game called Sunless Sea"

    35. Missing avatar

      Sage Young on October 3

      @Alexis I dug the design of The Last Court a lot! Reminded me of that old-school choose your own adventure books/pen & paper rpgs and I really liked that.

      Oh, so recently you've been a part of yet another DA project. Cool! I wonder if it's a major sequel to the franchise? Anyway, I should probably stop inquiring about unrelated topics now.

    36. Alexis Kennedy Creator on October 3 be clear, the Last Court was a Failbetter project years ago. I was guest writer on a different project at BioWare this year.

    37. Alexis Kennedy Creator on October 3

      It was, and thank you! I did the design, planning and core text - Chris Gardiner did the vast majority of the actual writing.

    38. Missing avatar

      Sage Young on October 3

      Oh, so the Dragon Age game you worked on was the Last Court? I loved that game ha ha!

    39. Missing avatar

      a.a. on October 1

      You can play all kinds of fun games with tarot cards, not least of which is the Castle of Crossed Destinies.

    40. Vryl
      on October 1

      @a.a. - if I like the finished Cultist Simulator game, and that happens, then I would definitely pledge on it. For just the major arcana... nah. Not really worth it to get some decorative cards.

    41. Missing avatar

      a.a. on October 1

      Personally, I hope they hold off on the cards until there's enough time and free capital to design a full tarot set, not just the Major Arcana. That way you could actually use them to tell fortunes and play games and stuff like that :)

    42. Missing avatar

      on October 1

      Oh how I hope you still make the cards. I would love that physical art. :)

    43. Joel M Bridge on October 1

      I can't wait and congratulations I can't wait to hear updates and future updates and your plans etc.

    44. Missing avatar

      a.a. on October 1

      Glaedth: "@a.a. Maybe someone just misclicked?"

      They misclicked the 5,000 dollar option and didn't notice until they had made the pledge?

    45. AcesofDeath7
      on October 1

      Congratulations! Hope you enjoyed your bacon sandwiches and look at the river.

    46. Missing avatar

      Glaedth on October 1

      @a.a. Maybe someone just misclicked?

    47. Missing avatar

      Sarah on October 1

      Congratulations!! Eager to see how this project will develop. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, you've certainly earned it :)
      (also, not-so-secretly can't wait to see your adorable daughter again in the later stream!)

    48. Missing avatar

      a.a. on October 1

      "And I am quietly relieved to have got away without a tattoo."

      One of my friends (also a backer) claims he saw someone pick God From Blood and then back out of it in the space of a few minutes. I'm left wondering if that actually happened or if he was just seeing things.

    49. Alexis Kennedy Creator on October 1

      thank you! and congrats to us all!

      I'm going to sit down for a bit an argument with Lottie about whether I should have a spoopy October Twitter name. You lot are the best. Hang on, blog post I just posted:

      stay safe; dream furiously; and one more time, *all* the thank yous.

    50. iqSoup on October 1

      Yeeehaw!!! Huge congratulations!!!

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