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$0.00 pledged of $4,000 goal
$0.00 pledged of $4,000 goal


Why PowerMouse?

We never thought of adding a universal power bank into our product offerings however, the consumer demand for portable smartphone charging was expanding in China last year.  And while we were at it, why not add a wireless mouse?  A prototype was sitting on the table in the conference room when I visited the team in China.  The soft touch coating felt great in the palm.  The color looked beautiful.  The size was just right; small enough to fit into pocket and carry around and big enough to hold a full charge for your smartphone. 

Early prototype on the left
Early prototype on the left
Power button was not available in early prototype (on the left)
Power button was not available in early prototype (on the left)

What is a PowerMouse?

A power charger for smartphones;

A wireless presenter;

A wireless touch mouse

Charge while navigating

Slim - easy to carry around

For students and professionals

Stylish and portable
Stylish and portable
A complete mobile office - a laptop, a smartphone & a KUDOS PowerMouse
A complete mobile office - a laptop, a smartphone & a KUDOS PowerMouse

Project Status:

Hardware design: The design is currently being validated by manufacturing team and need to be certified by independent lab.

Prototyping: The optical sensor may not work on all surfaces and soft coating needs further test to ensure durability.  These issues will be validated by the manufacturing team.

Tooling: The tooling was transferred to new molding shop near our production facility. 

Tooling modification: In process. Our contract manufacturer will pick up the bill.

Engineering Verification Test (EVT): Happening at the end of March.

Tooling modification after EVT: Bill will be pick up by our contract manufacturer. 

Design Verification Test (DVT): DVT units will be shipped to a customer. (Mid April). 

Tooling modification after DVT.

Key component approval: Components are being reviewed by our manufacturing team for safety and reliability. 

Production Validation Test (PVT):  This will happen at the end of April.   The more units we build in PVT, the better chance we catch problems.

FCC certification:  FCC is required for the US market.  The cost is estimated at US$2,000.

Product Liability Insurance: We have not finalized/approved the battery supplier.  The product liability insurance cost is not determined.  The product liability insurance should be purchased by the brands and the factories (at component and finished product levels) and will be built into retail price.

Retail packaging design: The cost is estimated at between $1,000 ~ $5,000.  

Funding Goals

We are seeking support for the PVT build and FCC certification.  The funding goal is set at USD 4,000. KUDOS will complete PVT build and deliver the rewards to all backers.   

Preliminary Spec for KUDOS backers

The KUDOS PowerMouse can be built in different configurations based on customer requirements, for different markets.  For examples, smaller battery capacities, lower optical resolutions, or batteries from different suppliers.  KUDOS manufacturing team is currently reviewing the safety design in the circuit and the battery.   As KUDOS is in ODM engineering business, products shipped into other countries or to other brands might have different configurations.  Certifications and product liability insurance for other configurations are responsibilities of ODM customers.  Below is the preliminary spec for KUDOS backers:

Capacity: 2500mAH lithium polymer battery (to be validated)

Resolution: 1600 dpi resolution optical module. 

Wireless: 2,4GHz 

Power: Input: 5Vdc, 1000mA in (mini USB), Output 5 V, 1000mA (USB)

Mouse and Presenter Control: 2 button plus center touch sensor

Power Button: one activation button on the bottom

Button Life: TBC

Current industrial designs

4-LED battery capacity indicator; Left/right button and center touch sensor; Mini USB in, USB out
4-LED battery capacity indicator; Left/right button and center touch sensor; Mini USB in, USB out

A power/ standby button was added

Manufacturing Plan

The tooling has been transferred to an ISO certified manufacturer.  Product qualifications and mass production will be done at the ISO certified factories in JiangXi and GuangDong, China.

  • EVT: 50 units, End of March.
  • DVT: 1000 units.  Mid April.
  • PVT: 1000 units. End of April.
  • MP: Build to order

Who we are


  • MFi licensee since 2011: designs and manufactures intelligent accessories for mobile devices with a focus on the integration of mobile power with productivity, personal entertainment, and mobile health
  • Member of CEA (Consumer Electronic Association)

Kickstarter Project Creator - Max Tseng

  • Founder and profuct development of KUDOS. General Manager at JuChin Electronic.
  • Was Sr. Director of Engineering and Manufacturing at Mophie
  • Was Director of Project Management, Director of Program Management and Sr. Engineering Program Manager at Roku and Logitech.  Please refer to LinkedIn for details.
PowerMouse Project Team:
  • Spencer Johnson: Business Development (USA) 
  • Jerry Escobar: Corporate Branding (USA) 
  • Max Tseng: Product Development (USA) 
  • Evan Tseng: Producer (USA) 
  • Chris Cheng: HW Engineering Management (China) 
  • CH Wang: Industrial Design & Mechanical Engineering 
  • S. W. Zeng: HW Engineering 
  • Carina Zeng: Manufacturing Project Manager


We ask your support to our PVT build.  All rewards will be from our PVT build.  We commit to deliver the rewards to our backer but we might not market this product under KUDOS brand.  Retail version might be available under other brands and configurations.  Before FCC certification is completed, only a small quantity can be shipped into the US.   

  • $34 Priority: the first 200 units to our backers will be shipped before FCC is completed.  They might be shipped into US by air.
  • $24 Economic: We will ship the units into the US in the most economic way.

Risks and challenges

Some people might have seen a working demo unit in Eureka Park at CES 2013. Well, there were reliability and performance related issues on the demo unit. We have decided to build the PowerMouse at an ISO Approved partner that manufactures products for premium peripherals brands. The two issues can be resolved by our manufacturing team. We have completed a "design for manufacturability" review with the manufacturing team and are conducting a trial run at the factory.

We are watching closely on the product safety. Safety guidelines were given to design team long ago. Now we are asking our manufacturing team to conduct a design review on the main board and the battery pack. Our manufacturing team and US team will examine the safety test reports and certifications. To protect KUDOS and KUDOS backer, we do not want to take any chance on the safety.

The rewards Kickstarter backers will receive are PVT (Production Verification Test) units. PVT units generally have exact configurations as the mass production units and usually are released to the market after all reports completed. However, the PVT builds are used to verify manufacturability/manufacturing process and packaging design. Last minute change could happen.

Please be reminded that the Kickstarter rewards are pre-production units in bulk package (bubble bag) or white box. They are not gift items. The rewards might be shipped before we complete product qualification or official FCC certification. (Safety test reports and certificates will be examined.)

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    One Kudos PowerMouse in red & black soft coating, in white box (or bubble bag). If you can't wait until we receive FCC certification, a small quantity can be expedited into the US.

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