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Glasses-Free 3D game for the iPhone's video poster

Turn your iPhone 4 into a true 3D gaming platform Read more

Chicago, IL Video Games
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Turn your iPhone 4 into a true 3D gaming platform

Chicago, IL Video Games
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3D on your iPhone 4? Yes! With 3D Plus it’s easy to play 3D games on your iPhone, and you won’t need to wear special glasses.

Our patent-pending technology uses a precision engineered film that covers your iPhone’s screen. The film is easy to apply, so in minutes your iPhone becomes a stereoscopic 3D gaming platform!

Play the World's first True 3D iPhone game!To help you enjoy your new 3D iPhone, we’ve developed a true 3D game!

Bring 3D to the iPhone – you can help!We’ve developed a working prototype and a game to show off the 3D potential, now we need your help to put this into production. Want to be the first to turn your iPhone into a 3D games console? Support our project and get 3D plus in stores!


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    3D for iPhone 4 - includes 3DPlus precision engineered film and the World's 1st true 3D game for the iPhone.

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    Twin Pack - Everything above x 2

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