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Twelve iconic artworks from Hugo Award winner John Picacio, featuring some of his best science fiction & fantasy cover art.
Twelve iconic artworks from Hugo Award winner John Picacio, featuring some of his best science fiction & fantasy cover art.
403 backers pledged $28,217 to help bring this project to life.

One Last Shoutout from 2013 to 2014

To all who supported last year's 2013 Calendar campaign: Thanks very much! I hope that this year has been good to you.

Many of you have already pledged for my 2014 Calendar, and scored fat reward stashes in the process. I think this year's rewards are much juicier than last year's, and I'm glad so many of you dig them.

For those that haven't yet -- you have less than 72 hours 'til Thursday at 11:58am CST, when the rewards will no longer be available and Kickstarter shuts down the order window for the 2014 Calendar. We'd love to have you aboard, so please do so before the deadline slips by.


We plan to print very few extra 2014 calendars beyond those ordered by our backers. We'll print even fewer extras than we did last year. This makes economic sense, but also makes it a more premium item for those that own it. It'll be hard to get these after the Kickstarter and if a few do become available, they'll be more expensive than what you pay here.

Here's a quick glance at the $60, $100, and $200 levels and the rewards you get at each one. With your help, if we hit a few stretch goals between now and Thursday, expect to get some more free giant Mexican Tarot cards with your packages. :)

There are even more terrific and exclusive rewards the higher you climb up the reward ladder, as well as multiple calendar levels for holiday gift-giving.

Reserve your 2014 Calendar and rewards, exclusively here:

Please holler if you have any questions, and again thank you for being a part of these efforts! :)

All the best to you and your families during the upcoming holiday season,


Time Running Out To Get Your 2014 Calendars + Giant Mexican Tarot Cards!

Hi, everyone --

Just a friendly reminder for all that kindly backed my 2013 Calendar -- your last chance to reserve the 2014 John Picacio Calendar and your choice of rewards expires this Thursday, November 14th at 11:58am CST.

Currently we're less than $150 from the next stretch goal, where all backers at the Grande level and above receive a 'La Rosa' Grande Loteria card -- absolutely free! Grandes are giant Mexican Tarot cards featuring new art by me, and inspired by the classic game of chance that I played with my mother and grandma when I was a kid.

The 'La Rosa' Grande Loteria Card
The 'La Rosa' Grande Loteria Card

These calendars, Grande cards and other rewards will not be available in stores, or via other online outlets after this campaign is over.

Many of you requested more original drawings and sketches in this campaign than the previous, and we've got 'em for you -- available starting as low as the $100 level.

If you're looking for super savings, there are only FIVE Early Bird Grande Reward Packages remaining! These score you a signed 2014 Calendar, a signed sketchbook, a 'La Sirena' Grande Loteria card, a signed pencil used in the creation of my works, and each Grande card achieved every time we achieve a stretch goal. That means these backers (and every backer above this level) already has a free 'El Arpa' Grande card and with your help, by tonight, may have a 'La Rosa' Grande too.

More Grandes added for free to your stashes in the coming days, as we keep knocking down stretch goals. Come join us, and start building your collection of giant Mexican Tarot cards, if you haven't already.

If you have any questions, feel free to ping me!

Thanks very much. :)


Giant Mexican Tarot Cards + 2014 John Picacio Calendars

Hi, everyone --

It's Hallowe'en in the US. I'm currently at the World Fantasy Convention in the UK.

Time is running out to score yourself a new 2014 John Picacio Calendar and build your collection of Grande Loteria cards!

These are giant Mexican Tarot cards inspired by the classic game of chance called Loteria that I played with my mother and grandma when I was a kid.

Every stretch goal we achieve means that 2014 Calendar backers pledging at the Early Bird Grande Rewards level and above receive a new Grande Loteria card absolutely free. If you haven't jumped aboard the campaign, don't miss out on this because once the campaign expires on November 14th, these calendars, Grande cards and other rewards will be unavailable anywhere.

If you have any questions, feel free to ping me. I'll be busy here at WFC, but I'm keeping an eye on the 2014 campaign, and finishing art for the new calendar at the same time. 

We're currently less than $900 to the next stretch goal, and "El Arpa" is the next Grande card that backers will unlock when we hit that mark (see below -- she's also the featured artwork for September in the new calendar). Let's make her a reality. Get yours today! :) 

Happy Hallowe'en,


Mission Accomplished!

It's a big night here at Lone Boy HQ. Very proud to say that almost all of our remaining physical shipments to our backers were shipped out tonight! All of tonight's packages were to non-USA destinations. 

What that means is that as of tonight -- exactly one month after this calendar's successful funding campaign ended -- we have fulfilled 99% of all backers' orders. By Kickstarter standards --- that's pretty darn fast, and additionally, I'm proud that Lone Boy delivered calendars and rewards to almost all of our American backers by Christmas. 

We wanted to put this calendar in your hands as soon as humanly possible, and we pulled out the stops to do so. Thanks to each and every one of you for having faith in me and this new company. Hugely appreciated!

There are very few remaining deliveries to be made, and a couple of those are hand-deliveries to close friends. But as far as massive nighttime trips to the airport post office? We're done!

A few notes:

1) LOST SOULS -- There are a tiny few paying folks that never responded to the survey request for their address. So if you're one of them, please let us know and we'll get your goods to you. But without a shipping address -- there's not much we can do, ya know?

2) DIGITAL REWARDS -- Emails and PDFs have not been sent out yet. We still need to finish fulfillment on those, but I expect that to happen within the next few days.

3) SHOUTOUT TO THE ART LOVER BRONZE LEVEL FOLKS -- All of you are still owed an original drawing as part of your package. I'll work out details with each of you so that you'll have yours within the first couple of months of 2013.

4) SHOUTOUT TO THE ART MUSE LEVEL FOLKS -- We're gonna have so much fun. Can't wait to work with each of you in this coming year! :)

5) THANK YOU to everyone who has been posting photos of their calendars as they receive them in the mail. Keep 'em coming! Great to see everyone enjoying them!

6) GET READY FOR LOTERIA. That's the next big project from Lone Boy. It's going to be one of the biggest endeavors of my art career so far, and I'm so stoked. We're already planning a Kickstarter for it later in 2013, and if you're on the Lone Boy Mailing List, then you'll be seeing advance unveilings of the artwork as the new year unfolds.

First things first -- tonight's a night to celebrate the fulfilled launch of the 2013 John Picacio Calendar. Gonna kick back with a drink from a very special Christmas bottle. Salud, everyone -- we did it. Happy Holidays to all of you, and all best wishes as we wind down this year and get ready for a big 2013. :) 

Great News: Calendars + Rewards On The Way!

The news you've been waiting for -- the 2013 John Picacio Calendars and sketchbooks are back from the printer -- and they look dynamite! 

1) I wanted a calendar that not only had great printed quality but solid production value in the materials. I didn't want a flimsy, run-of-the-mill calendar, but something reasonably sturdy and more durable than most calendars you buy in stores these days. Very pleased with the results, and hope you will be too.

2) Not only do the calendars look terrific, but you're receiving a bonus centerfold in the middle -- the cover artwork for Brenda Cooper's THE CREATIVE FIRE! :) (Also featured as the July artwork.)

3) The sketchbooks turned out great too. These were produced on a super-tight timeline, but the hard work and effort was worth it. There were only 500 of these printed, and I signed 'em all on the inside front cover. So for those of you that pledged $35 or more, it's a nice bonus collectible, and a snapshot of process thought for each artwork featured in the calendar. Here's a look at one of the interior spreads.

4) Each order will receive another bonus -- a promo card announcing Loteria, the next product release from Lone Boy, coming in 2013. Loteria is gonna be one of the biggest things I've done in my career thus far, and I can't wait for you to see what I have planned for this.

5) And the best news of all? The reason you haven't heard much from me in recent days was I was not only finishing production on the calendars and sketchbooks, but packing and shipping your goodies! About 160 packages went out on Saturday, and from what I'm seeing, many of you are already receiving your calendars and rewards. Please holler and lemme know what you think when yours arrives, OK? :)

6) I appreciate everyone's support very much, and one of the ways I wanted to thank you was to be speedy on delivery of your calendars and rewards. While I never promised to have calendars in people's hands by December 25th, Team Lone Boy is working hard to achieve this, at least for US-based backers. And if we work fast enough, we're hoping to fulfill some international orders in short order too. The next batch of shipments will go out later this week. So if you haven't received your package -- don't fret. We're hard at work on getting your stuff to you pronto, and that's why you haven't heard much chatter from me in recent days.

Back to work here. Thanks, folks!!