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$110,179 pledged of $20,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$110,179 pledged of $20,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Jensen Soto just now

      Two questions:
      1. I have selected the Upgrade Special - 1 Sleepman(119), and I have added 29(display), for a total of $148, I do have the display, right?

      2. Android - Does the app require the location service to be always on to work? Like the FitBit?
      Or the app and device can work with Bluetooth, without the location service on? Like Android Wear (like I prefer).

    2. Jensen Soto 2 minutes ago

      Two questions:
      1. I have selected the Upgrade Special - 1 Sleepman(119), and I have added 29(display), for a total of $148, I do have the display, right?
      2. Android - Does the app rehe app, require the location service to be always on to work? Like the FitBit?
      Or the app and device can work with Bluetooth, without the location service? Like Android Wear.

    3. Michael Pieschl about 18 hours ago

      @Creator: Thank you for your answer.
      A step counter with an dynamic goal set depending on your last reached goals would be really nice.
      I know it is not the main purpose but enough exercise also helps for a good nights sleep. ;-)

    4. Avantechs Inc 2-time creator about 22 hours ago

      @Jason Boyd: Yep, you are right. Looks like we need Sleepman to stay focused! ))

    5. Jason Boyd
      about 23 hours ago

      @creator, good job on hitting a milestone today, but i think you were asleep at the wheel. (Just trying to be funny) You mean you hit 6 digits not 7 digits.

    6. Avantechs Inc 2-time creator 1 day ago

      @Zon: Yes to both questions. You can add $29x2 to Upgrade Special level and get 2 complete packages minus the leather straps, and yes they will be available to our backers via Backer Kit.

    7. Zon
      1 day ago

      So once again, if I pledged for Upgrade special ($119) and added another unit making the sum overall of $257 - If I add 2x29, I will get two full packages with two displays? What about Display Kit straps? So basically my question is - is it possible (and how) to get two complete items without Leather Strap Kits with Upgrade Special pledge level?
      I also wonder if options will be available later via Backer Kit.

    8. Avantechs Inc 2-time creator 1 day ago

      @Juan Fernandez: @Cybereye is right. We are working on modifying the connector to accommodate both simultaneously.
      @Zon: Thank you for your interest in Sleepman and sorry for the pledge level confusion. Unfortunately the Kickstarter rules would not let us edit anything ones at least one person pledged. Back to your question: Upgrade Special comes with an optional Sleep Enhancement attachment. 1 Sleepman Device, black or white, 2 slap-bracelets, 1 black and 1 white. We've modified Sleepman to accept the display. At this level the display itself is $29 extra.
      Sleepman-plus is an "all inclusive" tier. It comes with an optional Sleep Enhancement attachment, free carrying bag. 1 Sleepman Device with 1 optional Display Kit and 1 optional Executive Leather Strap Kit, your choice of black or white, 2 slap-bracelets, 1 black and 1 white.
      @Cybereye: the display does need to be lit somehow. It is similar (but modernized) technology that has been used in Kindle e-books. The good news, the display is always on, it never goes to sleep mode. This is the only available technology that does not consume much power. For example my cellphone with a screen on drains the battery over several hours and that battery is larger than the whole Sleepman. The battery life is important to a lot of backers and we've had to sacrifice something. )
      @Michael Pieschl: Every country laws are different, and we are going to clearly mark Sleepman as a reward and declare some nominal value since we do not want to break any laws but also do not want to bring any discomfort to our supporters. Our manufacturer is going to certify Sleepman through EU as soon as it is going to be finalized with all of the options. The display can show any info sent to Sleepman from your cellphone app or from Sleepman itself. Sleepman does have an accelerometer and a gyro-meter in it. Step counter can be added at the software level. We haven't done it yet but it is possible if it is important to our customers.

    9. cybereye 1 day ago

      @Juan Fernandez, That question had been answered by the creator in the comments section. This is what the creator said, "That's the plan. We are working on modifying the electrode connector to accommodate the electrode and the display at the same time since with the current connector it is either/or."

    10. Missing avatar

      Juan Fernandez 2 days ago

      @creator, will the display work along the E-magnetic Enhancer, simultaneously? Many thanks.

    11. Zon
      2 days ago

      I've pledged for Upgrade special ($119) and added another unit making the sum overall of $257 - is that correct? I will get two units with displays, right?
      One more question - can display be seen in complete darkness or it requires some light?

    12. cybereye 2 days ago

      @Creator, I haven't had a watch when cell phone came around. I was assured to I would have no problem seeing the display until you said "side with no lights". Does the display have its own light or need help with backlights?

    13. Michael Pieschl 2 days ago

      @Ryan, @Creator: I am from Germany and I backed a few projects in the past. For here it is normal, that if a object isn‘t shipped from inside the EU it will get taxed. It doesn’t matter if it is something you bought or a reward from Kickstarter. Even presents get taxed over here if the value is high enough.

      @Creator: Does the sleepman have a CE certification (sign) so it can be imported to the EU without a problem?

      Does it have a stepcounter/inactivity alarm feature? (I know that is not exactly the use case but I don’t want to have three wearables on my wrists)

      If the display is attached, does it get and show the notification from the phone on the sleepman?

      Thank you

    14. Avantechs Inc 2-time creator 2 days ago

      @Luke: the display unit already follows the line of Sleepman and even goes over its edge in the side with no lights. You wouldn't notice that Sleepman and display are 2 separate units unless you know about it. We are thinking about enclosing screen protectors with displays but to go to solid tops might increase the cost considering the shape and size of the display. I will run your ideas by our engineer-designer though.
      @Darsh Shah: The display does not have its own battery but uses the one from Sleepman as @Cybereye explained (thank you @Cybereye). We've chosen the displays that only consume power when the image is changing thus the affect on Sleepman's battery life is minimal.
      @Sherman Yeong Ching Khet: Upgrade Special 1 Slepman Plus, includes display kit with universal silicon band, leather strap kit, carrying bag, and Sleep Enhancement attachment. The battery life (with display or not) is anywhere between 48 hours and a week depending on usage.
      @Ryan: we do not charge taxes. I do not believe Kickstarter rewards are taxable. It is more like an investment return than a sale.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ryan 2 days ago


      Does $257 include taxes?

    16. Missing avatar

      Sherman Yeong Ching Khet 3 days ago

      Upgrade Special 1 Slepman Plus, what is this come with? Display kit, extra strap, carrying bag?
      How long does the display battery last if together with snap on button?

    17. cybereye 3 days ago

      @Darsh Shah, The Display get the power from Sleepman's battery through the snap-on button. The display doesn't have the battery.

    18. Missing avatar

      Darsh Shah 3 days ago

      How long does the display battery last?

    19. cybereye 4 days ago

      @Creator, The Sleepman 2.0 surpass Sleepman 1.0 Kickstarter project funding.

    20. Missing avatar

      luke 4 days ago

      regarding display

      Will it have a glass front or be a bare plastic display? The images make it look like the latter with a recess.

      Not sure how others feel, but I liked the old sleepman's display i.e. a solid top piece where the display illuminated through.

      I also wonder whether it would be possible to make the display add-on look like a solid piece on top? If it were a solid top piece that followed the original contours of the sleep man rather than sitting in the straps "channel", it would look extremely premium IMHO.

    21. Jason Boyd
      4 days ago

      @creator, looking forward to this. Love the alertness earning for driving. I work long days and drive home after 16-18 hours sometimes and although (thankfully) I’ve never dozed off at the wheel, but to have some extra security to keep me alert, that’s awesome. It literally could be a lifesaver for some people.

    22. Avantechs Inc 2-time creator 4 days ago

      @Mohammad Ammar: we are thinking about it. It all depends on how our campaign will go. Please help us to spread the word about Sleepman.
      @Jose Sigmans: yes, we are going to distribute a survey with an option to add extra equipment at the end of the campaign.
      @Jonathan Tan: It is programmable. You can chose any combination of sound, flashing lights, vibration, or a warning transmitted to your phone. The lights are dimmer in a night mode and we made them brighter for the prototype to be clearly seen on the video. They are not going to be as distractive in reality.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Tan 4 days ago


      Thanks for the reply! Another question though...with regards to the flashing light as seen in the working prototype "Be Safe! Be Productive! Stay Engaged!" .gif, will it be representative of the final product's light intensity by default?

      I understand that the Sleepman is meant to alert us of a loss in focus, but am concerned if the light will flash like a police lightbar when it's in normal operation while I'm already focused on a task at hand - because it could potentially become a distraction if it flashes like that while I'm at work.

      If it is that bright by default, may I suggest light pulsations instead?

      I look forward to your clarification (and the literature). Thanks so much!

    24. Jose Sigmans 4 days ago

      @creator is there an option to add extra gelpads to my pledge? I would like to order a few more so I can save the shipping cost to Europe later on.

    25. Missing avatar

      Mohammad Ammar
      4 days ago

      Glad to here that. I know there will be an Add On for Optional display. Hope there is also an ADD ON for the bag and leather strap. Or free bag for every backer. Tq for your respond.

    26. Avantechs Inc 2-time creator 5 days ago

      @Mohammad Ammar: yes, absolutely. It can be done either way.
      @Jonathan Tan: $119 level gives you 1 Sleepman and a Sleep Enhancement attachment. If you would like the display, please add $29 to your pledge or go to "all included" Sleepman Plus pledge tier. Also we will send you links to some literature after weekend when our scientists are back. Thank you.

    27. Missing avatar

      Mohammad Ammar
      5 days ago

      Hai im an Early Bird Special Backer. Instead of choosing Sleepman Upgrade Special Plus, is it possible just to Add On the optional screen, bag and leather strap at the end of the campaign?

    28. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Tan 5 days ago

      Would also appreciate it if you could point us to some literature in which the technology of the Sleep Enhancer was trialled in and shown to be effective :) thanks a lot!

    29. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Tan 5 days ago

      Hi, just to clarify, does the upgrade special at $119 come with the display, or would one still need to top up $29? Thanks

    30. Avantechs Inc 2-time creator 5 days ago

      @Alex Hobbs: you'll need Bluetooth to program your Sleepman and to download your sleep and activity history data. It can work autonomously in between.

    31. Alex Hobbs 5 days ago

      How reliant is the watch/device on bluetooth conectivity, do i need to keep bluetooth on for x amount of hours a day to download data off the watch/device?

    32. cybereye 5 days ago

      I wonder why backers want higher battery capacity? Isn't 2 days is good enough when extensive usage? Our phone charge almost daily when extensive usage.

    33. Avantechs Inc 2-time creator 5 days ago

      @Skye Shane: It is programmable. You can chose any combination of sound, flashing lights, vibration, or a warning transmitted to your phone.
      @Ken: you are right, it'll take a space. We will keep the pins and if we offer Qi technology it is going to be an option for people who has the station handy and do not like extra chargers.

    34. Missing avatar

      Skye Shane 5 days ago

      Does this vibrate or something if you are dozing off?

    35. Missing avatar

      Ken 5 days ago

      Pin definitely makes it easier to attain water resistance...having water resistant USB ports raises the price...and reduces internal space.

      I'd rather see a higher battery capacity than Qi.

    36. Avantechs Inc 2-time creator 5 days ago

      @Ignasi Corney Oller: That is the plan. Ones we are done with all of the improvements and energy usage optimization, we are going to order proprietary batteries to fill up most of the space left.
      @Thomas Augood: It depends on the modes but we estimate it at no less than 48 hours at extensive usage and at least 3 - 5 days if no higher energy consumption modes such as Sleep Enhancement are used.
      The ability to read notification on your phone is already a part of the app.
      @Davin & @Cybereye: We are still discussing the charger connectors but we definitely want to keep it water resistant since it was suggested by a lot of backers. You are also right that Qi is more expensive. I am not sure about extra risks since it is widely available as a wholesale part but if we go that direction it will be an option. We do not want to put the burden of extra cost on backers who do not care for it.

    37. Ignasi Corney Oller 6 days ago

      My suggestion to improve Sleepman would be to extend its battery life, if possible. Thanks!

    38. Missing avatar

      Thomas Augood 6 days ago

      1 question and 1 suggestion.
      Q) What is the expected battery life like?
      S) The ability to read incoming notifications on your phone, both iOS and android.

    39. cybereye 6 days ago

      @Davin, I think you missed the Creator's point. You can't have water get inside of the device. Any versions of the USB is not made to work with water. The current version of Sleepman is the two pin charger because water can't get into Sleepman. The Creator said a stretch goal. The creator didn't say included or an option to order as an add-ons.

    40. Davin
      6 days ago

      I meant micro usb/ usb c cables*

    41. Davin
      6 days ago

      @creator inspite making it qi wireless i think its better to slightly modify the current charger to separate charger head+standard micro usb/usb c

      Adding qi wireless more cost+ more risk lol

    42. cybereye 6 days ago

      Oh, Qi wireless charger...interesting, I always wanted to try it out. I never had one.

    43. Avantechs Inc 2-time creator 6 days ago

      @Alwyn: We'll try to include screen protectors and will do an update on it.
      @Wayne Griffiths: No problem and thank you!
      @Ken: We've chosen the pin charger to keep Sleepman water resistant but we are talking among our team about introducing Qi wireless charger as a stretch goal. We will do an update on it at the beginning of next week.

    44. Missing avatar

      Ken 6 days ago

      Is there any way the design can be changed to accept a standard USB input (micro or C) for charging? The last thing this world needs is another proprietary cable. If you do go this route, an option to not get a cable would be great!

    45. Wayne Griffiths
      7 days ago

      Please ignore my comment as I have changed to the Plus pledge

    46. Wayne Griffiths
      7 days ago

      I added 29.00 to my original pledge for the optional display

    47. Missing avatar

      Alwyn 7 days ago

      can u also provide at least a few screen protecting films for d optional display. i m worried that d display will get scuffed often (especially if worn as shown in your update #7 picture)?

    48. cybereye on January 10

      Don't let it happen to you. :-)…

    49. Avantechs Inc 2-time creator on January 10

      @Terry Zimmermann: we are going to distribute surveys at the end of the campaign where our backers can specify what they've pledged for and choose colors, quantities, options and a shipping address.
      @Davin: thank you for your valid concern. We are going to put together a video for our backers only and post it as an update, definitely before our campaign ends. We are progressing every day and prefer to demonstrate as much as we can to our supporters.

    50. Davin
      on January 10

      @creator noted for your explanation, i hope producing the display really simple as you said, ill be waiting for the display prototype in action.

      As for the app the raw interface would be just fine, at least to show sleepman really works

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