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Ruination is an exciting and challenging game of heroic fantasy combat using exquisitely detailed 54mm miniatures
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Resurrecting the Rhino..

Posted by Terragnosis (Creator)

We love our freaky stuff... This is a sculpt I did 2 years ago, but we never managed to find a good home for him. He's not a Hero, but then realistically neither are the Twins, and we have some really insane concepts for further down the line which wont be single human figures either. Between the daemons and undead, Orkish nightmares and hobgoblins, there will be a fair degree of strange nastiness around.  

So we have decided to resurrect him. He needs a little extra work, my skills have come on a bit since I made him but, a bit more detail and a few changes to the legs.. which are entirely pose able incidentally as they each come in 3 parts with ball joints.

2 weapon options, and him skittering along on that ball just seemed to good to miss!

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