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Ruination is an exciting and challenging game of heroic fantasy combat using exquisitely detailed 54mm miniatures
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Behind the scenes.

Posted by Terragnosis (Creator)

This update provides more information on what is planned and what is actually being modeled on the sculpting side of things. for images scroll down.


This one another area we have some pretty wild ideas for models, here are two characters we have created. The king is still rising part formed from the ground, with mists and rocks swirling in his wake and his possessed shield screaming his presence..

The female on the other hand is as you can see passing through the veil of corruption, still half corrupted but taking on her deceptive form of beauty, once fully transformed she will be a beguiling foe. I really enjoyed mixing the two elements in this one, and it should make for some interesting paint jobs.

And of course there are skeletons to go with these guys which you can see in our WIP gallery.

I also want to address the issue of large creatures, like mounted troops. First I guess we should make it clear, we like big models, so mounted characters have always been on the cards. We have been creating large creatures, and so far fitting them into the game has produced no adverse effects in play testing. So here is a few WIP images of a female rider, It is still very WIP, so she has no hair for example, and there is a lot of detail work on the horse etc.

But still I think you can see here that the potential for big models is enormous.. Im thinking of an angelic Paladin or cleric on a Pegasus for my next sculpting adventure, or maybe a skeletal wraith on a vaporous horse..

  • Image 235793 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
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    1. Missing avatar

      pastouche on

      Oups neither = never (Sorry my keyboard is dyslexic)

    2. Missing avatar

      pastouche on

      Neither underestimate the shetland... It might be a psychotic one... :-P

      Can't wait to see your work on the next mounted models! Especially if a tiger shows his teeth!

    3. Terragnosis 3-time creator on

      I like the tiger as a mount idea.. might have to run with that.. ;)

      a mounted dwarf might make an appearance... but the shetland pony dosent sound too heroic :D

    4. Balgin Stondraeg

      Interesting take on the mounted woman. Any chance we could have the steed looking a little bit more like a Shire Horse?

      Next we'll want a little dwarven warrior in heavy armour mounted on a Shetland Pony to maintain the balance :).

    5. Missing avatar

      pastouche on

      Whaou! Great WIP! Like your ideas about large models. An amazon on a sabertooth tiger would be cool too :-)