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Ruination is an exciting and challenging game of heroic fantasy combat using exquisitely detailed 54mm miniatures
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complete over haul, and WIP images

Posted by Terragnosis (Creator)

We have reworked the kickstarter home page to make it easier to follow, hopefully explaining things more clearly, and we have included some helpful links as well, which will explain items in more detail.

We have also created a WIP Gallery.  Its been requested by many people.  So here it is 

there are 18 figures shown, some are in print already, anything marked WIP is a true WIP and will probably change considerably before it actually goes to print.  Thats one of the reasons we have been reticent to show them.  It does not cover all the concepts, we have more than 30 underway, but Im not sure any of the others make enough sense to reveal just yet.

Enjoy, and as always, if you have any questions we will try to answer them to the fullness of our ability.



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    1. Balgin Stondraeg

      Now that gallery's certainly interesting. Think I've seen two or three of them before (one on Beasts of War). I'm certainly more enthusiastic now than I was a few days ago. Now I'll go and look at the main page to see how that's improved too.

    2. Terragnosis 3-time creator on

      We are planning to create battle packs with all our figures that are not ltd edition or Oversized. they will always be in pairs, and we will try to provide a good tactical mix in each set.

      we will reveal the packs as the models come back from the printers, until then we dont want to promise anything that wont cast or needs to be tweeked before production.

      all those figures will be available separately too of course. I hope we will release 1 battle pack each month in the first year.

      there is no limit as to who you put together, though there are paths (more on that in future updates) all heroes will fight alongside any other hero as long as they have a common goal, 1-4 figures and 2-4 players..

    3. Missing avatar

      pastouche on

      That's what I call an update! I knew this project had potential, You just give me more arguments. May be you should put some of those new pictures on the front page, the ones that aren't WIP at least. I wonder how many battle packs you're planning? All these new concepts show a different image of your game, in a good way I mean.