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Four Person Human Powered Vehicle for Roads, Rails and Sea. Modeled after drawing from 1890.

Circus Extravaganza reward is 50% of. See Rewards section.

Dave and Vicki had been wanting to build a vehicle to enter in the Kinetic Grand Championship. Shannon O'Hare wanted to build a vehicle for the Hand Car Regatta. Shannon's bother, Kevin has long wanted to build "The Car of the Future" from an 1890's magazine. So one day Kevin dropped his chocolate in my peanut butter and Shannon said, "We should build a vehicle that is covered in chocolate and peanut butter and enter all three events." (Joking,  the Parlor will seldom at most, and only accidentally, be covered in chocolate and peanut butter.)

The Body of the Parlor Car will be aluminum sheet metal. The interior will be refined and inviting with nice lighting, distinctive amenities such as cup holders and it will have its chains and sprockets located under the floor boards as much as possible. All of the refinements might not be finished by the Kinetic Grand Championship.

The Kinetic Grand Championship is limited to vehicles that are pedal powered. The course is over forty miles long, takes three days, and involves steep hills on pavement and sand and there is one section over the sea. Instead of pontoons we are now thinking of using six exercise balls because they are much cheaper and I don't think any one has done that before. We are also hoping to use a propeller for propulsion through the water instead of paddle wheel attachments - just to be different. Because it's not there.

The Hand Car Regatta is a race in Santa Rosa on Rail Road Tracks. We have designed our vehicle with the proper wheel spacing and we hope to devise a simple method to keep the wheels on the tracks. 

The third event we wish to attend is Burning Man. We are hoping to have some form of power assist by then. If we can enter all three events we will be the first kinetic sculpture to do so. We are calling this the Kinetic Triple Crown.

Four of us drove to Arcata a few weeks ago and learned from long time Kinetic builders; Brian, the Funguy and Ken Beidelman that the differential we had already modified for our purpose was not strong enough. So we had to scrap that and go to plan B, which is separate drive train for each rear wheel. This means duplicating all the sprockets and chains on each side and practically doubling our costs. Everything is costing a lot.Our antique wheels require expensive motorcycle tires. The needed parts and devices are too numerous to list and each has a story. It is all fun to build but expensive.

We are hoping to get some help on this project but we don't expect anyone to donate for free. Does that make sense? Everyone who donates should ride on at least one of our vehicles. The smaller donations will get wonderful accessories that will appreciate in value as our appreciation swells and bulges. (writing ugh - hard) The larger donations will receive events in their honor such a Dinner on the Playa, Steampunk Wedding or the Circus Extravaganza. And this time, the Chocolate and Peanut Butter are on me.

Do I need to say that tickets and travel to any event is not included?

Thanks, Davejavoo.


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    MENTION on our website: and

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    BUTTON: A sure to be cool, yet to be designed Parlor Car Button that says, "GET IN THE PARLOR CAR" Plus mention on the web site.

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    SHORT RIDE in the Parlor car where ever we are if possible. It may or may not be possible on the Rail Road, but at the Kinetic Races, Burning Man or in Berkeley it would be possible so long as the car is working and available. Plus Button and Mention.

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    EMBROIDERED PATCH Parlor Car Crew Patch to sew on your motoring jacket. Plus Ride, Button and Mention.

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    PHOTO or DRAWING of the Parlor Car in a cheap frame. We'll decide which has turned out better. Plus Patch, Ride, Button and Mention.

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    T-SHIRT: Official Parlor Car Crew T-Shirt and slightly longer ride if possible. Plus photo, patch, button and mention.

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    PLAQUE Mounted on Parlor Car with your name on it as Sponsor and a photo of you next to or in the Parlor Car in a cheap frame. Plus T-shirt, patch, ride, button and mention.

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    DINNER ON THE PLAYA for two: make your trip to Burning man very special. Vicki and I, dressed in our best steampunk attire (don't expect too much), will pick you and your date up in the Parlor Car around sunset at your camp and take you out onto the Playa where we will set up a table and chairs and have a nice dinner in one of the most special places in the world past present or future. Plus Plaque, T-Shirt, Photo, Patch, Button and Mention.

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    STEAMPUNK GOGGLES: Expertly crafted beautiful steampunk goggles, the perfect accessory to wear on your slightly longer short ride on the Parlor Car. This reward does not include dinner on the Playa. But does include Plaque, T-Shirt, Photo, Patch, Button and mention.

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    DRIVE UP TO EVENT of your choice in the Parlor Car. We will bring the Parlor Car to your event with in a block or two and Vicki and I will chauffeur you and your date to the event in Victorian Style. We will remain at your service for rides for one hour, if you wish. The neighborhood must be relatively flat and have wide streets. It must be within 50 miles of Berkeley. Other restrictions may apply.

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    DONATION LOWERED!!! CIRCUS EXTRAVAGANZA ON THE PLAYA: We will pick you (plus one) up in the Parlor Car and drive you to a rendezvous with the Neverwas Haul on the Playa where we will have a dinner in your honor WITH entertainment provided by the talented and various Neverwas performers. A special treat is a guest appearance by a Burning Man Celebrity. A no holes bared, all stops removed, damn the blinkies, full speed ahead evening of fabulous events to enjoy with a very civilized dinner on the Playa. Sure to impress your plus one. This event will be for a maximum of two couples.

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    STEAMPUNK WEDDING: Get married on the Neverwas Haul, where it is in Berkeley and have the bride (or bride and groom) be chauffeured to the wedding in Victorian Style in the Parlor Car. This reward may include many extras of marvelous steampunk ridiculosities.

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