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Four Person Human Powered Vehicle for Roads, Rails and Sea. Modeled after drawing from 1890.
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Kinetic Grand championship Award Winner

Posted by Dave Wilson (Creator)

Yes, we won a greatly sought after and coveted award: The Golden Dinosaur Award for first to break down. On the first day in the town square they asked us to do a brake test. I thought they said break test.  A post holding the center of the rear axle broke when we slammed on the brakes. We pushed the car off to the side and later made repairs and continued on the second day.
      Day 2 was a mile through the water and then about 30 miles on the road. We excelled on the water, but the Parlor Car was too slow on the road.
    Day 3 was another stretch across a large body of water. It was very windy. The sheriff finally boated out and told everyone to go back and take the over land route. We trailered a parking lot near the finish line and then pedaled in for the glory. After the parade we proceeded to drive it back to the trailer and about a block from down town, I heard a crunch and a rear wheel fell off. The axle broke. 
     Vicki and Shannon stood on the float to counterbalance the absense of wheel and the car rolled really well. I barely had to push it. So I suspect the rear wheels weren't pointed in the same direction. We returned to the awards banquet and received the Golden Dinsosaur award which we were happy to get. Kimric brought his recumbent and received the "They Came From Out Of Town Award." Here is a video of the Golden Dinsaur singing the Parlor Car Song while the They Came From Out Of Town Award flies around anoyingly.

There are so many videos and photos that we haven't been able to make the difinitive video yet. But here is our Trailer for the event:
There will be more videos coming soon.
We have plans to fix the poor broken parlor car in new and exciting ways. I got a price on a custom made 24" sprocket just now for $7500. Should we do a kickstarter campaign for the sprocket? Just kidding. We are going to make our own. We're going to make our own wheels as well. The wheels we had weighed 105 lb. each. I think we can shave a huge amount of weight off the new improved Return of the Parlor Car. They laughed. They cried. They rolled with the giants of Kinetic Sculpture. Watch for it on a road near you.
Pirate Festival is June 19th in Vallejo and the emergency back up mighty morphin power couch is substituting for the Parlor car. We are planning to have the PC working nicer than ever for Burning Man.


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