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Four Person Human Powered Vehicle for Roads, Rails and Sea. Modeled after drawing from 1890.
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Update 5/1/11 Setbacks Changing Gears

Posted by Dave Wilson (Creator)



We wanted to test drive the car this weekend but we had many setbacks. It was a beautiful day and I didin't want to show up on Sunday either.

Saturday, April 30, Shannon cut his fingers on the table saw. He'll recover but he's out of commission for a few days.

We realized the PC needs 40 sq.ft of floats. 20 sq.ft in the rear, behind the center of gravity. This means no propellor. Maybe the prop can be used next year with the flotation spheres.

So we are making paddles for the wheels. We need 18 of them.

Getting the car out of the water will be very difficult with barge like floats. It weighs 1400 lbs. I doubt we could even pull it out with a rope.

The tread is shown at right. It is very time consumming to install.

We cut off the steering device we had and are switching to a recumbent style lever on the side of the seat. this is more complex to install but there is no room for a wheel when peddling. Your knees are in the way unless the wheel is almost over your head. This was a setback.

Click the photo for a larger picture of how the brakes work. We'll have to take a video so you can see it working. Robert designed and made this. It seems to work very well. We have enormous braking power now.

The derailleurs are finicky. Two of the bottom brackets are different than the others and the derailleurs require different angles and setups. I will have to cut off the posts and reweld them and then route the cables and adjust everything. .

Next weekend, May 8th, we wanted to test the floatation. But unless I can find a way to work on it full time for the next week the water test will have to be put off perhaps until the big race in three weeks. Maker's fair is in two weeks.
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      quick mend wishes to Shannon!