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Four Person Human Powered Vehicle for Roads, Rails and Sea. Modeled after drawing from 1890.
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Sunday 4/10/11 Update

Posted by Dave Wilson (Creator)

Thanks to everyone who donated. We achieved our goal financially and this Sunday we were supercharged with enthusiamic - enthusiasm. Eight people were working.

This was a great day for me. Much fun. Many people. Lots of ideas and so much progress, I am almost thinking we have a chance of getting it running by May 28th.

Shown above is part of the chain tensioner which we have worked on for over a week and now we happy to say it only has to be rebuilt one more time.

Shannon as usual was a great pleasure to work with. (Everyone was a great pleasure to work with.) Shannon came up with great ideas and parts and vises. We had three beautiful vises in the shop at the end of the day.

Victor started the day by finally attaching the wheels to the axle. No photo of this today, but it looks good.

Here he is making tabs for the cable pulley system which will steer the front wheels.

I don't think we got a photo or video of everyone so here's the list:

Shannon worked on a lot of things Dave welded his fingers to the bone. Kimric made a fantastic propeller for travel by sea. Victor: Wheel registration and Steering. Vicki finished parts, repaired a vise. Peyton rebuilt rear end. Robert made second seat attachment system Joe worked with Robert and also learned to weld aluminum. I learnt him that. Sash cut off a couple of tabs. She can point to the absence of those tab and say she did that back in April of 2011. I think that is everyone.

The Vise Vicki Repaired. and the part that holds the steering cable pulleys. Victor designed and Shannon cut out. Then Shannon discovered it wouldn't work without a few extra added parts and simple modification. TODAY (Monday) I welded this part on with the modifications and hooked up a cable and pulled upon the cable and the voice of man roze up a made a mighty cry unto the wilderness. The wheels turned.

Notice that we are to some degree making the parts with a Victorian eye for anesthetics.

Top Speed Calculations: See this page.

As measured by Vicki and others: 9.5 MPH. That's pretty good agreement. And it may be about all we can get the car to do. We'll see. We can always pedal faster than 1 PPS.

Click here for more but basically the same info:


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    1. Dave Wilson Creator on

      Hi Patirk, We are going to have a drive shaft for the propeller, which is already made and looks good. I hope it's strong enough. We had to buy a 12 lb right angle gear box and a small differential to achieve that. Drive shaft would have meant lots of bevel gears and shafts from each pedal station. We didn't really even consider that as we haven't seen anyone else do it. But it would be interesting. Kimric researched how to make 90 deg turn for propeller shaft and he decided on the gear box instead of two exposed bevel gears and pillow blocks. Maybe the gears are not available or too expensive, I don't know. I didn't even ask.

    2. Sue Gemmell on

      Looking forward to cruising the playa in style!

    3. Patrik D'haeseleer on

      Wow, that's a lot of chain! :-)

      Any thoughts on choosing to with yards of chain instead of a drive shaft for the parlor car? Just curious.