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This 2-week journey will hit the hippest and fastest rising cities, universities, and enlightened hot spots on the map. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 12, 2011.

This 2-week journey will hit the hippest and fastest rising cities, universities, and enlightened hot spots on the map.

About this project

The Lucid Dream Tour is a multimedia, multidimensional road trip event showcasing the newest, most sophisticated, artistic, and entrepreneurial possibilities of today’s consciousness movement. 

The Tour integrates music, visual arts, fashion, and enterprise to embody the racing pulse of awareness, creativity and inspiration that truly drives the lifestyle of the contemporary revolutionary movement. 

Featuring 2 of the hottest, most up and coming brands in the wearable art/conscious fashion industry in the galaxy today: Time-Peace and H.O.W.L., who very recently met through a string of syncronicities that lead them to co-create the Lucid Dream Tour together.

Time-Peace is the world's first intergalactic watch company, aimed at helping people change their perception of time so they can stop worrying and start Being. Their goal is to help create a radical shift in the way we view the world by realizing our interconnectedness through the idea of living in the present moment. 

Their new found cosmic lovers, Jason and Tini are the two founding artists of H.O.W.L who together function as yin and yang, their outward polarity combined to create a conduit for the history and adventure embodied by each creation they hand make. Together with a duo of student filmmakers, the team will experience events of lucidity, financially supported by an exclusive group of like-minded people who represent, and wish to connect to our vertically mobile change making demographic.  These forward thinking creators and innovative artists are working together to produce something that will rise above the fray of similar projects and make this Dream a reality. With your support, and our energy, Love and direction, the Lucid Dream Tour will reach its full potential.

The 2-week journey will hit the hippest and fastest rising cities, universities, and enlightened hot spots on the map. The entire tour will be authentically and artistically captured in a film documenting the Lucid expedition and then shared with film festivals around the world. The film will be our introduction of the Lucid Dream Tour to the global community as the first of our adventures in our voyage to explore the diverse cultures on planet earth and share our unique, trendsetting and awareness spreading brands. At select universities we will be hosting trunk shows, displaying our innovative wearable art, and sharing stories with students of how we started our successful entrepreneurial careers through believing in ourselves.

Stephanie Osgood Choate is a Miami born artist. Over the past year Stephanie has worked as an art director and photographer for ZZK, a cumbia digital music label and website www.WhatsUpBuenosAires.com She has had four major exhibitions in Buenos Aires over the past year, focusing on her own photography. Stephanie graduated from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University in 2009 where she majored in Theatre and minored in photography. Stephanie spent a year working for renowned artists Michel Auder and photographer Seth Mcbride. Her photography was featured at Aqua Art Fair during Miami’s Art Basel. She has traveled around the globe photographing everything from sports fisherman in Guatemala to dove hunters in Uruguay. She has also done extensive work over the past seven years with FreeArts NYC. The combination of her love of acting, traveling, and the human spirit is present throughout her work.

Raoul Ibanez is a Mexican film maker living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He moved to Guadalajara to pursue a career in film at the Audiovisual Center of Guadalajara and the Film Creation Program at Guadalajara University (UDEG). He then moved to Argentina where he studied at the University of Palermo (UP) and Film University (FUC). He worked with multiple projects and learned from his mentor, a renowned publicist Santiago Pando. Raoul is currently working with Mexican presidential candidate, Heriberto Felix, on a documentary film about the young politicians life. Raoul has been accepted to LA Film School where he wants to further his education American film making and continue his passion of bringing knowledge to the other world through film.

Jason Masik is an American singer-songwriter born and raised in Los Angeles , California . Masik’s stylistic influence could best be described as a lovechild of Ray Lamontagne meets Radiohead raised by Eddie Vedder and his pack of wolves. He might be the new kid on the scene but 23-year-old Jason Masik has some serious supporters in his corner: namely industry legend Matt Sorum and Slash(hard rock legends from Guns N' Roses and super group Velvet Revolver)

Below is a preliminary outline of the destinations we will be hitting up and performing magic at:

Coral Castle, Homstead, FL

Disney World, Orlando

University of Gainsville 

Stone Mountains, Georgia

Guide Stones

Blue Spring National Park

Mobile, Alabama

New Orleans

Baton Rouge, LA

Alexandia, LA 

Pineville, Arkansas

Oden, Arkansas

Dallas Museum of Art HOWL will be featured

Austin, Texas

Roswell, NM

Albuquerque, NM

Santa Fey, NM

Taos, NM

Chaco Canyon, NM

Shiprock, NM

Chelly Ruins, AZ

Monument Valley, AZ

Cameron, AZ ( Zuni sacred lake)

Grand Canyon, AZ

Flagstaff, AZ

Opt. Winslow, AZ (meteor crater)

Sedona, AZ

Gold Canyon, AZ (Superstition Mountains)

Glendale, AZ (University)

Searchlight, NV

Las Vegas (Party)

Death Valley (sailing rocks)

Los Angeles, CA HOME


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