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A year long photographic and multimedia documentary looking at  Mormon culture and history in Utah.
A year long photographic and multimedia documentary looking at Mormon culture and history in Utah.
51 backers pledged $2,900 to help bring this project to life.

The Silges

This past Friday I got together with the Sigle family to shoot the session for their backer reward that they chose at the 250 dollar level. I may get crucified and loose my "I shoot fine art documentary projects on 6x7 color film and I am a super pretentious photographer" status for posting these but I don't really care. I used to think I was too cool to shoot weddings and family stuff. Now, I see the folly in that thought process. It was me being close-minded, selfish and lazy. Now, I believe that I can shoot photos that are true to myself in any situation and you know what? There are worse things than selling out just a little bit to make people happy. Sometimes my photography is a service to other people and its not all about my ego. 

We went to a park with their three children (Violet, Grace and newly brought into the world Lewis) and shot a couple formal portraits and then just sort of let the kids run wild. When i'm photographing kids I look for the honest moments in between all the canned happiness. Its true, kids are happy a lot but they are also complex, emotional little creatures and I think often we misrepresent them. Here are a few of my favorite images from the day. 

This is the type of picture that a parent may never frame or anything but I like it because it was a nice moment as Robert comforted Violet after she got inexplicably sad about something.

If you would like your own family shoot, its as easy as pledging at the 250 dollar level and choosing the reward. 

As for the project, things are progressing nicely. I am working this week to set up portrait shoots with an ex Bishop who is now in Stake leadership (higher up) as well as some of my Samoan friends who's parents immigrated here because of the church. There are 13 days left and a little under 900 dollars to go. I'm confident we can make this happen! Once again, thanks so much for all of your support and following along. 



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