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Answers to your subjective questions enter the mobile realm with Chime. Use filters to survey completely anonymous users.

Answers to your subjective questions enter the mobile realm with Chime. Use filters to survey completely anonymous users. Read More
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About this project

Think Chat Roulette meets Cha Cha.

Chime is the first in a backlog of ideas and applications that are being discussed within the mobile strategy department of my company.  Working as a product manager with several other developers and analysts, we typically spend our free time planning out these types of personal projects.  This specific idea is being primarily designed by myself and business associate.

It's essentially a messaging app that doesn't require "friends" or "contacts", but instead sends your message to other Chime users based on categories and demographics.  Curious as to who middle aged women from Atlanta find more attractive, Hugh Jackman or Patrick Stewart? (I never claimed I'd be a good user) - well Chime would allow you to set demographic filters and send out surveys, texts, or questions so that you can target precisely who you want to answer the question.  

Because there are most likely dozens of social networking tools that can already do this, I wanted to aim the design around an anti-social network.  That's to say, there is no detailed profile.  You don't get an avatar of yourself or a specific name (your name is simply represented by the area code of your location).  The intent isn't to build clout or a network of friends, it's to remain completely anonymous while discovering how many people find Patrick Stewart attractive.

There would be some minor demographical flags that each user would need to set prior to using Chime, but the experience is designed to take a new user no longer than 30 seconds to setup.  Beyond location, gender and a very broad age range is selected before completing the setup process.  

The primary focus of Chime is on the content being sent and received, not on the people behind the content.  I, and a few others, have become slowly nauseated by the emphasis that most current networking applications focus on today and wanted to create something to help remedy that.  Kill time, have fun, and interact in a world where everyone is equal, and nobody knows one another.   

Risks and challenges

My biggest fear is rushing the development - and hiring help to do so - that jeopardizes the integrity of the code. I do want to create a scalable solution that will easily allow future updates and enhancements so there will be a strong emphasis on code quality.

Beyond that, the application itself is a failure if nobody uses it. A healthy portion of the funds raised would need to go to marketing the product in order to mitigate this risk. Reaching out to several publications, contacting review sites, and creating a suite of marketing material is all part of the aggressive growth plan that would transpire within the first 6 months of hitting the market.

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