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Use strategy and luck to be the first to "flock" 4 of your birds together in a tree besieged by rival birds attempting to do the same.
Use strategy and luck to be the first to "flock" 4 of your birds together in a tree besieged by rival birds attempting to do the same.
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    1. Blackspot Games 2-time creator on

      Thanks all - please keep the comments and feedback coming. I'm bummed that it's not coming together when I (we) hoped, but it's coming together nonetheless. The game looks and feels really good, so ...

      Tell me if you're interested in the in-person hand-off?

      Thanks all!


    2. Missing avatar

      Alisa Harvey on

      P/U in Portland is fine! Give my best to DT.

    3. Missing avatar

      James McNulty on

      P/U at Guardian sounds great.
      Make sure you've got spares to sell. (They also do a post-holiday sale, "The IRS" - make them coincident for add'l traffic - if possible of course).

    4. Deborah Massie Boschert on

      I totally understand. No worries. I can't be in Portland to pick ours up, but you should contact my friends Kristin and Art LaFlamme who recently moved to Portland. I bet they'd love to come to a release party. Find them on Facebook...

    5. Missing avatar

      Tom Gray on

      Was hoping for a Christmas delivery so we could play with the grandkids. Too bad, but no tragedy. Will be in California until March so game will be waiting for us when we get back to Canada.

    6. Sarah Waffle on

      If I was around the weekend in question, I'd definitely attend a pick up party in Portland!

    7. Pygmy Giraffe Games on

      Yes, depending on the day, I'd love to pick it up in person.

    8. Missing avatar

      Bhismaji on

      Thank you for keeping us informed .
      I would be happy to receive my copy and meet you in person at Guardian games. My only caveat maybe that, depending on what time of day you might want to have a game release shindig at Guardian, it may well be near impossible to book the space.

    9. Linsel Greene on

      This Portlander will happily drop into Guardian to pick up his copy, or you could just bring it to Tugboat Brewing for me on a Monday night, and I'll pour you a pint, and we'll call it good :)

    10. Michael Sprague

      I'm OK with the delay - and it has nothing to do with me being a patient man (I'm not) - but because you're keeping us in the loop! So many other projects tend to go dark when things are late...

      I'd up to a Portland pick-up, be cool to see it happen at Guardian!

    11. Shannon Whitaker on

      Hey Steve! Do NOT beat yourself up. I am in the import business and nothing ever goes as planned. It's all good and will be worth the wait. Once you get a date, tack on another few weeks, it will be far less disappointing! Anyway, your dream is becoming a reality and that should be the focus :) All good things come to those who wait...blah blah blah! Anyway, I would love an excuse to come to Portland! Count me in!!

    12. Branwen Zakariasen on

      I totally want to come to a release party to pick up my copy and buy you an IPA!