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Bee Local is urban micro-batch honey in neighborhood varieties from hives located in different neighborhoods of Portland, OR.
Bee Local is urban micro-batch honey in neighborhood varieties from hives located in different neighborhoods of Portland, OR.
140 backers pledged $5,616 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Making It Happen

Greetings Everyone. 

I've been extremely busy this past month and I thought it was time for an update. 

First the majority of the woodenware has been built. We only need to complete a few more deeps. The bottoms, deeps, inners and tops are looking pretty good. 

On April 5th most of the bees came in. I picked up and transported 30 packages of honey bees. The next two days were spent installing them into their fancy new homes. I set up 3 apiaries; Beaumont, Mt. Tabor and Applebright. Beaumont and Applebright will serve as staging grounds before I move them to their final homes. 

Most of the colonies are doing well. There are couple weak ones that I will combine with some strong nucs I was able to purchase. I'll be working on this today and a split (creating two hives from one). 

In May I will be transporting most of the hives to their new homes in Eugene, Portland, Olympia, Seattle and San Francisco. 

More updates to follow, in the meantime here is a photo of one of the ladies at the Applebright Farm. 


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I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting and successfully funding this project. THANK YOU!

The next step is to complete the hives. Ian and I will be doing this next week. Bees are set to arrive in early April. This can change depending on weather. 

Once all the bees have been installed into their hives I will allow them to mellow out for a month then I will be moving them to their permanent locations.

This week is super busy for Bee Local. I'm visting Cameron Winery. Teri and Jean Paul want to have some hives on their estate. Exciting stuff.  

I'll be following up with all of you shortly. 

We did it!

Bee Local is now 100% funded! 

I am over the moon. The response and support has been incredible. So many people have shown genuine interest and the desire to help connect me with others. I'm humbled. Truly humbled. Thank you!

There are still 7 days to go and any additional funding will be a huge help. It'll mean I'll be able to buy a little bit more gear and help the bees produce just that much more honey to share with everyone. 

Hives in Olympia, Seattle and San Francisco will now be a reality. 

Thank you and let's keep it rollin'. I wanna knock this out of the park! 

Final Push!

As of today Bee Local is 84% funded and there are 11 days to go! This is fantastic. Because of this project I has met so many wonderful people who have been incredibly supportive. It's amazing. 

Recently Neighborhood Notes did an article about Bee Local and the Kickstarter project:

As a result of this KOIN 6 news called me about doing a news story on Bee Local. It aired Friday night at 11:24 pm. Pretty cool: 

At this point we are almost there. There are 11 days to go. This will go by quickly so I'm asking everyone to Twitter, Facebook, talk, sign and/or use carrier pigeon to help get the word out. 

This funding is critical to the continued success of Bee Local. Thank you for all your support!

Getting There!

Bee Local, as of today, is sitting at 65% funded w/ 17 days to go. Thank you everyone for getting the word out and funding this project. I am truly humbled. 

First of all, I continued to be amazed at the response this project has received. More retail stores are contacting me to carry Bee Local honey. More people are contacting me who want to host or help me find hosting spots. Interest is coming in from all over the the place. 

I'm working on a few potential projects via Bee Local. One is working with a local arts and mentoring program to teach homeless youth beekeeping. The other is teaching returning injured veterans beekeeping as a part of their therapy and rehabilitation. I'm really excited about both. 

I was recently contacted by Cameron Wines  They are the top pinot producer in Oregon. Teri and Jean Paul want to talk putting multiple hives at the winery. Very cool stuff. 

So lots of amazing things are coming up. To be able to do it all, this project needs to reach its funding goal. There are 17 days to go. 

Once again, I ask that you help spread the world about Bee Local to your networks. 17 days will go by quickly. Bee Local is poised for success, let's make it happen! 

Bee the change.