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Fingerprint Opening, Global Tracker, Lift-less Self Weighing Scale, Speakerphone and Power Bank all combined in a super smart luggage
Fingerprint Opening, Global Tracker, Lift-less Self Weighing Scale, Speakerphone and Power Bank all combined in a super smart luggage
Fingerprint Opening, Global Tracker, Lift-less Self Weighing Scale, Speakerphone and Power Bank all combined in a super smart luggage
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    1. Karin Oxtoby about 1 hour ago

      I have my carry on but obviously the app wasn’t working and because airlines say must be removeable battery, so I unplugged it. I ended up checking the bag and now, despite having left the carry on with the original code on the lock, the case now won’t open and I am stuck with a locked suitcase. Please let me know how a I can open my suitcase! I need to get items inside, out!

    2. Andrew Tytyk about 6 hours ago

      I got a message saying the app would be fixed by Friday (yesterday) but still not fixed on iOS

    3. Abdulaziz Zubailah about 13 hours ago

      I totally agree with Olaf
      The case worth nothing without the app.
      Its a very expensive and very heavy carry on bag.
      With that price you can easily get a best in class light weight samsonite.
      What is really frustrating is that they don’t respond to our emails and looks like they don’t have a refund program.
      This way they are going to destroy their reputation and future.

    4. Missing avatar

      Olaf Arlt 2 days ago

      As being an entrepreneur myself, I can fully understand that projects always take longer than expected and the devil is usually in the details, so that in the end part of the promised goods still have not been manufactured yet.

      I would have appreciated a clearer communication though, because I was under the impression last October (when I randomly checked on the status of this project), that the carry-on and the check-in had both been produced and somehow my order had been forgotten. To learn now that production should be completed in April and shipping start in May as the best case scenario is kind of a disappointing setback.

      But what's worse is the fact that after receiving at least the carry-on yesterday, I can't use the case at all, because the app is not working on my Android phone. It closes immediately after starting it. I get it that producing such an elaborate suitcase takes more time than anticipated even in a worst case scenaria. I don't get at all though, why the app isn't at least ready and working once the suitcases are shipped.

      The whole smart case depends on a functional app and without being able to connect my phone with the suitcase, it is basically just an expensive and heavy carry-on with no additional feature at all. Is it so hard to get a decent app developer to create a functional app over the time of nearly 3 years?

      Can you please tell us at least a definite date when a working app will be available, so that I know if I can let the suitcase sit in the living area or better put it in the attic for the next weeks? I'd rather have a true and honest date being stated here than being put off from week to week. Thank you in advance.

    5. Missing avatar

      Staubsauger 2 days ago

      Same question here. If there is nothing Space Case 1 can do, my checked suitcase become totally useless for me - before I get it.

    6. Nathaniel Cromwell 4 days ago

      Hi space case,

      What is your position on Airlines new policy "Baggage restriction: 'Smart' bags
      Due to a potential safety hazard, 'Smart' bags (luggage with charging devices) can't fly unless the battery can be removed. Effective January 15, 2018.

      Since this effects promised features of the bag, especially the check-in redering things like GPS useless how are you solving this issue?


    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Kayson 6 days ago

      Any chance of some kind of contact? As with so many other people here, I have heard absolutely nothing about when - or even if - my case will ever be delivered. Frankly I don't want it anymore, what was relevant three years ago is not at all relevant now, but since you seem to be refusing to refund anyone, I'd like some information on what has happened to it and when I will see it.

    8. Andrew Tytyk 7 days ago

      Is the app fixed yet ? At the moment you cannot register and I have a worthless heavy case that I waited 3 years for

    9. David Martin Lawton
      on February 10

      At the moment I do not see why anyone should get a refund, unless it is for additional cases not included in the basic pledge as they are still expecting to produce them, and it does seem that cases are being produced, but as a very very early backer I would expect my cases by June.

    10. Missing avatar

      Bryce Salter on February 9

      Has anyone successfully received money back going through the credit card purchased?

    11. Planet Traveler Creator on February 8

      Hi all! Unfortunately, it would not be possible for us to issue you a refund since all of the promised funds when into manufacturing a set number of cases. Although manufacturing has taken a bit longer than expected, we will fulfill your order as soon as possible.

      Thank you for your support and patience.

      Planet Traveler Team

    12. Yonathan Stein on February 7

      After more than 2 years I did not receive my pledged yet.
      I don't live in the same country, the luggage regulations have changed to 23kg.
      I cannot wait anymore.
      Please send me a refund or I'll have to ask my lawyer how to proceed.
      My PayPal account has the same email.
      Thank you.

    13. Sudarshan Murthy K on February 7

      Can I get my refund back.

    14. Loren Ristola on February 6

      I am formally requesting a complete REFUND.
      You have not posted any updates since May 2017.
      You gave the same song and dance about delayed production for the Carry-On Cases in an e-mail April 2017.
      Deception or not, I have waited 3 years for a Bag that isn't even into production yet.

    15. Planet Traveler Creator on February 6

      @Robert Guy
      Robert we have gone through staffing changes which has delayed a lot of the shipping. We have been working on new ways to communicate and plan the fulfillment of pledges. Please email and they will clear up any confusions.

    16. Planet Traveler Creator on February 6

      @Sandra Fergusson
      We are processing your pledge and will send you an email with shipping update and tracking number once it ships.

    17. Planet Traveler Creator on February 6

      @Manvinder Singh
      We have been fulfilling orders for some time now. If we have not gotten to yours we do apologize. As told to others customers. If you have seen space cases on some website, it is not the same case as the ones that you have pledged. We are reviewing your order and it will be processed. Also we have been nothing but truthful on all of our comments and communications.

    18. Planet Traveler Creator on February 6

      What happened is that the check-in has been delayed. We except to start production in April. We understand that these delays have been frustrating, but we are testing and making sure that the cases can stand up to airport life.

    19. Planet Traveler Creator on February 6

      @Jirka Burian
      We are processing your order and you can except delivery of your carry-on. Please see your email about shipping information.

    20. Missing avatar

      Manvinder Singh on February 6

      I think Deborah Sanders comments are very pertinent. You must have either very thick skins or based in Miami Dade County Jail to take all these comments from your backers and not be able to fulfil ! You only have 1976 backers! How long does it take to deliver ? I ordered a SC1 in June 2015 which you are selling online and through other resellers - yet you say you are fulfilling the pledge orders first ? Come on guys. You must have some ethics and morals ? Tell your pledgers the truth.

    21. Missing avatar

      Robert Guy on February 5

      So my case that was supposedly sent at the end of last year never arrived and once again I have been lied to. How about an update on what is going on?

    22. Planet Traveler Creator on February 5

      @Deborah Sanders
      Most of the cases that you are seeing on those website are not the same case that you pledged . If you happen to see a SC1 case it could only be the carry-on case. We have been fulfilling those cases for some time now. Your pledge includes a check-in case that has not gone into production and we do apologize for the delays. It will start production in April.

    23. Planet Traveler Creator on February 5

      @Helder Mendes Martins

      The check-in has been delayed and it will not begin production until April. This is a result after testing the check-in cases. We are trying to produce the best case in the market.

    24. Planet Traveler Creator on February 5

      @Matthew Foxman
      We do appreciate that you have been waiting for your check-in. The check-in has not gone into production. It will start in April and begin shipping May.

    25. Ketan Patel on February 5

      I'd like a refund please - I've contacted my credit card company and they are willing to do a charge back if you don't refund me. Please can you immediately refund?

    26. Missing avatar

      Sandra Fergusson on February 5

      @planet traveler please add me to your email list as well please. I was an early adopter/backer and have been left high and dry with no bag having been shipped.

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael Kayson on February 5

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    28. Scott Evans on February 5

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    29. Scott Evans on February 5

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    30. Scott Evans on February 5

      I want a full refund. I am absolutely at my end with this bs. I will start posting on your kickstarter page and online daily. I have waited years for this suitcase and I still haven't received anything. Over three months ago you requested my shipping information and still no suitcase. This is not what you promised and is absolutely unreasonable. I am over this. I see you gave someone else a refund. I want the same. 2 and a half years ago I paid for this with an estimated delivery date of 6 months. This is insane. Send me a refund asap.

    31. Johnny on February 4

      what is going on with the suitcases ?

    32. Missing avatar

      Jirka Burian on February 4

      Seriously? Still nothing?

    33. Missing avatar

      Deborah Sanders on February 4

      WHY are you selling these cases from eBags, Google Express Shopping, Walmart, Luggage Pros, Luggage4less, The list goes on and on. So, tell me how do you manage to sell them on-line and even from Walmart yet you cannot produce the cases for your backers. This is not only fraud you have lied and continue to with all your emails.

      I’m sure the FTC's BUREAU OF CONSUMER PROTECTION would love to hear about this.

      If you had said it would take over 2 and half years to make and supply your backers, I wonder how many backers you would have got? But at least that would have been honest. You lied and gave false information. That is a case of fraud? I backed you in June 2015 to date Feb 4 2018 I have only received emails asking me to confirm my email address AND emails telling me you would like to give me a special offer to buy more cases at a discount price in appreciation for backing you the first time. How stupid do you think we all are? If you can’t get the first order supplied to your backers what make you think we believe you would get the next? Not only have you upset all your backers and given yourselves a bad name you continue to lie and give false information about when you are going to send them. Your customer service is appalling and those of you that sit back and send irresponsible dishonest emails should be ashamed of yourselves. Honesty is always the best policy especially in business when dealing with the public. Most people who backed you would appreciate an honest "we are sorry it has taken us longer than we had expected” Funny at the bottom of this "POST COMMENT" box it says, "BE RESPECTFUL AND CONSIDERATE" I wonder why they must say that? Could it be that you have misled lied and given false information to thousands of people whose money you have taken. Maybe KICKSTART should tell their customers whose products they are promoting on their website not to defraud their customers and be honest in their dealings. Funny how the victim is always the one that should justify their comments. We are just responding to the way we have been treated. There would be no need to write that if they followed through on their promises.

      The lot of you should be investigated especially given the fact that these cases are being sold to the public and you have NOT fulfilled your promise of delivery to your backers first.
      Deborah Sanders

    34. Helder Mendes Martins on February 3

      Anything new about shipping? Was supposed to get something by December and we’re in February and nothing.

    35. Matthew Foxman on February 1

      @planet Traveler - can you please add me to the shipping log for my Check-In case. I have been waiting patiently.

    36. Planet Traveler Creator on February 1

      @Czar please check your email and message center. Thanks!

    37. Planet Traveler Creator on February 1

      @Steve Goldsby Hello, please check your email and message center.

    38. Planet Traveler Creator on February 1

      @Stabsauger Hi there, the most present and current information we have on our check-in luggage is production has been pushed to April and we will begin shipping in May. We do apologize for the delays, but they are a safeguard to ensure that your product is the best we can deliver.

      We thank you for your patience and support.

    39. Missing avatar

      Czar on February 1

      No news from you, yet again.

      One 709 pledge was made by me for my significant other (for delivery in Poland - Matt black set of 2) and the other 709 pledge from him to me (delivery LA- butterfly set).

      Email us please. Or refund.

      You make your customers unhappy across the board.

    40. Missing avatar

      Steve Goldsby on January 31

      Howdy, I've gone through old emails looking for original shipping address I supplied but can't find anything from the proejct. How can I coordinate with a live human (even over email) to ensure my address you have on file is current and correct?

    41. Missing avatar

      Staubsauger on January 31

      I never imagined that bluesmart 2 (checked in also) is finished much faster ....
      They shipped already and all backers got their suitcases.

      Here, still no preside and reliable information about checked in suitcase ....
      Don’t think I get something by end of this year.
      A refund would be so nice.

    42. Planet Traveler Creator on January 31

      Hi Folks!
      I heard back from our tech team and they said it should be a few more days. They’re still working out some kinks with the app.

      I’ll be sure to send another update in a few days!

      Thank you for your patience!

      Planet Traveler Team

    43. Brett Robinson on January 30

      @planet traveler, please add me to email list too. Thanks.

    44. Tara Han on January 30

      @Planet Traveler yes, please email me! But it would probably help to provide these updates in a post in the "Updates" section. It's difficult for other to scroll through the comments to find an answer to a question that may or may not have been answered. Thanks

    45. Brett Robinson on January 30

      Oops, just saw the last post. Please disregard my last post. Patiently waiting...........

    46. Brett Robinson on January 30

      So, miracles do come true! I finally received my Carry-On part of my order! Thanks Space Case!

      But, I'm having serious issues w the app and registering. Anyone else having issues w this? I can't seem to login and connect to the suitecase. I quite possibly might be an idiot! Help!?!?!?!

    47. Planet Traveler Creator on January 30

      @Tara Han Hi there, our app is currently offline for maintenance. Binding your case will not work until we get the app back up. If you would like, I can email you with updates about the app when more information becomes available.
      PS, everyone else, I'll post a comment here too when our app is up and running again :)

    48. Planet Traveler Creator on January 30

      @Paul Knebel Hi there, we apologize for any miscommunication from our staff. We recently went through a staff shift and are adjusting. We are working through our shipping log. You will receive an email with a tracking confirmation number once your bag is on its way to you!

    49. Paul Knebel on January 30

      Any update yet? I have now sent my address to you four times, and each time you've promised I'm on some magical shipping log - you once even sent me a screenshot of a page containing my "old" shipping information.

      On my last checkup, you said the case will arrive within 2 months, and it clearly hasn't. It was just another 2 months of stalling. Again.

      What's happening now?

    50. Tara Han on January 29

      Does anyone know how to "binding your suitcase" on the app? I press the blue tooth pic button, and nothing happens...

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