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Fingerprint Opening, Global Tracker, Lift-less Self Weighing Scale, Speakerphone and Power Bank all combined in a super smart luggage
Fingerprint Opening, Global Tracker, Lift-less Self Weighing Scale, Speakerphone and Power Bank all combined in a super smart luggage
Fingerprint Opening, Global Tracker, Lift-less Self Weighing Scale, Speakerphone and Power Bank all combined in a super smart luggage
1,976 backers pledged $920,122 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Nancy about 1 hour ago

      I'm backer #1107, where is my confirmation letter....

    2. Missing avatar

      Derrek Krasnicki 1 day ago

      Backer 250....nothing

    3. Darrel Cox 1 day ago

      @Alan Wong. Scroll up a little on this page and click on the blue "View pledge" button to the right. Then scroll to the bottom up the pop-up box for the "Backer number ????".

    4. Missing avatar

      Alan Wong 1 day ago

      How do you guys know what number backer you are? How do you check?

    5. Michal Brichacek 2 days ago

      Backer 483, still haven't heard anything. Waiting on two check-in luggages. Shipping ETA?

    6. Paul Holmes 3 days ago

      Go to the upper right and corner and find your icon. . Click on it. Look for messages from Planet Traveller. Find it and click on the message. Once you click on it, you can add to the message thread. Make sure that your email is correct.

    7. Fraser Larcombe 3 days ago

      Yes, email Martin immediately, he is extremely important, much more than anyone else!

    8. Missing avatar

      Martin Hearn 3 days ago

      hi there another backer, where is my confirmation email please? I havent been asked anything yet. please email me at immediately

    9. Roderick Ong 3 days ago

      hi I'm backer 158 can you please send another survey or im not sure if i have received one yet. i deleted my spam folder without checking. last time i receive the survey form it was in the spam folder. thanks

    10. Darrel Cox 3 days ago

      I am backer #315 and haven't heard a word despite a couple of emails and several posts, so we're all in the same sinking boat together. Despite many promises we couldn't even get regular updates, which is completely mind blowing. I mean really!!! They were waiting on components and Chinese holiday and still couldn't give a update. They were not that busy that they couldn't let the customers know what was happen. We have waited over 2 years after paying for a product. Just pathetic....This along with the Piece Kickstarter device has ruined me with using Kickstarter. I was actually fortunate that Amex help me get a refund from Piece after complaining that the product was never delivered as expected. Space Case will be the last time I ever use Kickstarter. For now on, if I support something it will purely be a donation type contribution in my mind so to not expect anything. This model has many flaws that leaves many of us frustrated and disappointed when we are actually just trying to help people bring what we think are great products to market. I am so disappointed and have loss all faint in this model.

    11. Gregory D. "fly" Schaatt
      3 days ago

      Backer #1305, carbon-fiber carry on + checked bag. When will you ship my carry-on?

    12. Doug Parr 4 days ago

      I am backer #345 and have yet to hear anything. I backed the standard 2pc set. When should I expect my email?

    13. Missing avatar

      PAUL MURRAY 4 days ago

      Thanks @Larcombe. I'm #815 and chose the early bird 2-piece any color or artwork carry on + check in case. That's what I'm confused about, because I haven't picked my color yet. Hope to hear from them soon.

    14. Paul Holmes 4 days ago

      "Please see attached image and reply to this email to confirm your address and order.

      We currently do not have the 29” Check in piece in stock. Please reply to this email stating if you would like for us to send your carry-on now or would you prefer to have them both shipped at the same time when the 29” Check in becomes available.

      Your Powerbank purchase will be delivered to you by June.

    15. Missing avatar

      nima martin sherpa 4 days ago

      @planettraveller - could you pls look into my orders? Bought a carry on and check in. When will I get it? Pls update

    16. Fraser Larcombe 4 days ago

      @Paul pledge 876 but I only ordered a carry on in stealth, so pretty much exactly what they've got.

    17. Missing avatar

      PAUL MURRAY 4 days ago

      @Fraser Larcombe, @Paul Holmes can you tell us what your order numbers are to give us an idea as to where they are at? Have not received an email and thought my number was low on the totem pole! Thanks so much

    18. Diana J. Brodie 4 days ago

      Got my email today but didn't give me an option to wait and get both at once. I wonder if that's b/c I purchased my 2nd later?

      @PlanetTraveler should I be worried about my 2nd larger case?

      Very psyched to get my carry on.

    19. Paul Holmes 4 days ago

      Received my email also. Basically, it states that do you want to wait for both cases to be shipped together or take the carry-on now. I opted to wait for together. Extra batteries if purchased will be shipped in June. There is a bonus also.

    20. Fraser Larcombe 4 days ago

      Excellent, got my confirmation email, I'm quite early on the list but am sure others will start seeing their emails soon, then next, the case! :-)

    21. Paul Holmes 5 days ago

      If you are going to some banned countries, you are forced to put electronics in the Check in where baggage staff have been known to have sticky fingers.

    22. Missing avatar

      David Solomon 5 days ago

      Oh and our case has a 10 year warranty and the tech case one is 5 years.

    23. Missing avatar

      David Solomon 5 days ago

      @Peter, didn't realize about the scale but the battery I was referring to was to charge your own devices with a USB cable which the tech case doesn't have, not does it have Bluetooth for a speakerphone, the tracking is only covered for a year then you have to pay more unlike the space case we are supposedly getting has 10 years tracking. It doesn't have the fingerprint reader for opening and I doubt it has the alarm feature either.

      So it lacks several features included in our case. It is not the same case and backers keep posting comments like the one below saying "look people can buy our case now on eBay for cheaper, this is crazy". This is not true.

      I have been as critical as anyone regarding the creator but this is not our case. It is likely much easier to design and build and while it probably takes some resources away from our case it is certainly not unethical or improper. I give them a pass on this one. As for our case, as I have said many times--they had no idea what they were getting into, they did not have a working prototype as is required by KS, never should have promised delivery by late 2015 because they were clueless about the process and of course have made tons or misrepresentations along the way, but this is not one of them.

    24. Fraser Larcombe 5 days ago

      Still a supporter, just looking forward to getting the case, hopefully soon.

    25. Missing avatar

      Peter Kuhn 5 days ago

      @David Solomon:
      This case has a scale in it and it can be tracked world wide witch means it has to have a battery in it:…

    26. Missing avatar

      David Solomon 5 days ago

      Why do people keep posting this case. It is not the same case. No battery, no scale, no Bluetooth speaker phone. They have made plenty of mistakes and misrepresentations but this is not one of them.

    27. Michael Didyk 6 days ago

      Have a look at these listings on ebay and ebags, selling the Space Case for about half of the retails price listed on the campaign page when we originally backed. How is this allowed to happen before the seed funders get their bags? Also, these are difference design colors than offered to us. Should have waited and bought retail I guess!……

    28. Missing avatar

      David Solomon 6 days ago

      @Greatbigstuff. And therein lies one of the fundamental problems with Kickstarter. Creators have no obligation to do anything once they get the money. We are relying on a creator's integrity.

      I never realized that all KS does is wait to see if a backer hits its funding goal and if it does it then releases the money (less the KS fee of course). KS doesn't ask for anything or hold the money until a creator shows need.

      Planet Traveler could keep all our money and never deliver a single case to any of us and spend the rest of their future selling other cases. Sure if they became profitable we could sue them and likely win but good luck with the time and money involved in that and they could still squander all the money.

      If you want to get really sick read about the Coolest Cooler, a cooler not all that different than our cases that included a bunch of new technology that raised far more money than us. The creator actually started charging backers an additional fee to jump ahead in line all the while he was selling them on Amazon and elsewhere. Thousands of backers are still waiting. Oh and hundreds of reviews said they were crap and falling apart.

      Bottom line--it could be months before they produce any more batches of carry-ons or the check-ins and likely will be. I don't see a scenario that gets those out before July best case. And there is nothing we can do but sit here and hope they do the right thing. Keep in mind they lose money by producing our cases because they have already been paid by us! They can make cheaper versions and sell them wherever they want and actually make all kinds of money. This is so frustrating.

    29. Ru.B 6 days ago

      My shipping details please!

    30. GreatBigStuff 6 days ago

      @Damon - You. Are absolutely right that they should not be distracting their fulfillment of their backers orders by producing other products. If there's assembly line capacity, it should not allocated to product that is not part of year and a half old orders.

    31. Damon R.
      7 days ago

      @GreatBigStuff, I see that, but a Space Case none the less, and taking away from the production of what we all backed here, just doesn't look good. Why expect transparency at this point? I've been patient, but in my opinion, it's kind of an insult seeing that.

    32. GreatBigStuff 7 days ago

      @Damon - Note that the cases the are being sold on Touch of Modern do not have all of the features of the Space Case 1. The ToM version have GPS only. It does not have fingerprint unlock, bluetooth audio, alarm, or USB charging.

    33. Missing avatar

      Peter Kuhn 7 days ago

      All estimation or statements ever made by this company where wrong.
      For e.g. they said that the case would be finished in November 2015 - wrong. They said the will get the delivery in February 2017 - wrong, they got it in March 2017 (if this is true).
      They said they will contact the supporters starting February - I know nobody who's been contacted yet. Do you?
      Did they ever answer mails or comments? Not to my knowledge.
      They lied to us since there beginning.

    34. Damon R.
      on March 19

      The Touch of Modern app now features the Space Case, you won't believe the price. Not the first Kickstarter item I've seen available on their site, and I'm sure it won't be the last. Really disappointed to say the least.

    35. NIgel Hammersley on March 16

      Hello. How do I update my shipping details? It's taken so long I've now moved! Thanks.

    36. Pamela Oryshchyn on March 16

      ditto this:

      1. This is shipment 1 of how many?
      2. How many backers will get their space case in this round?
      3. When does the last shipment arrive and when will the last batch of backers expect their space case?
      Thanks!! Can't wait.

    37. Missing avatar

      Danny Lam on March 15

      Really looking forward to receiving my space cases!

    38. Fraser Larcombe on March 15

      Jeez I hate auto correct, was trying to say are you shipping out in order of backer number!

    39. Fraser Larcombe on March 15

      Just checking, are you shipping by backer now number, i.e. first I'm first out the door?

    40. Missing avatar

      MR15 on March 15

      Looking forward to receiving my suitcase at last. Hoping that it indeed happens after all these years. However, when checking my order on the website, I was surprised to read a "Prado art" in parenthesis. I'm horrified. I would never had chosen that garish work and I do hope I can get a clean, simple, and elegant carry-on.

    41. Missing avatar

      PAUL MURRAY on March 15

      Well appreciate the pics! My concern is that it doesn't look like a large shipment. Also, I'm not wrapped up in all the excitement, considering this is just one of the carry-on types. What about the other options and the larger cases?????

    42. Kristen
      on March 14

      @GreatBig Stuff, loved the pun! Was the creator "still unloading" his container? There is such a thing as a conditional release - maybe the goods were at the warehouse pending marking certification or similar matter. The fact is, I don't know. Nor do you. But splitting hairs doesn't change anything. It is possible to be the World's Rightest Man, believe that your truth is infallible, and argue your way all the way to the Supreme Court. But sometimes the writ of certiorari is just denied. Argument is futile.

      I've read your comments in this and other projects. And as a veteran backer of no fewer than 238 projects, I can't think of one that hasn't had a delay and/or glitch of some type or other. Some were very in 'the money is gone and the project is a bust.' But after enough disappointments you just come to realize that it's just part and parcel of the Kickstarter process.

      Kickstarter is not for the perfectionist. Or the impatient. It is what it is. And more often than not, that is...frustrating.

    43. Kristen
      on March 14

      @CaseyBailey. Small world! What's it been - 10 years? Longer? I just sent an email to the last email address I had for you - the one with the "52" in it. Mine is still the same. Let's catch up!

    44. Missing avatar

      David Solomon on March 14

      This time I eat my words. My apologies. Looks like the update was made as I was typing. Congratulations.

    45. Missing avatar

      David Solomon on March 14

      @Planet Traveler, here we are and the day is nearly over (almost 6PM PDT) and no update with pictures that has been promised and delayed time and again.

      I eagerly await your next excuse.

    46. Pin Yiing on March 14

      Awesome news. Can I check a few things:
      1. This is shipment 1 of how many?
      2. How many backers will get their space case in this round?
      3. When does the last shipment arrive and when will the last batch of backers expect their space case?
      Thanks!! Can't wait.

    47. Missing avatar

      Sam Demaris on March 14

      This thing better work FLAWLESSLY

    48. Sharyn Graham on March 14

      I forgot I backed this.

    49. GreatBigStuff on March 14

      @Kristen.... Your generalized explanation is true, but not in this case. My issue is that Planet Traveler stated "The Space Case 1 shipment has arrived to our warehouse. We will post a full update with images on Monday." That was on Friday. This means, if true, it had completed all of the rigamarole that you described. It means it had been released and was "at their warehouse." At that point, they have 2 hours to unload the container. For Monday to roll around and they then claim "We are still busy unloading the container..." was what raised my suspicion. Either their Friday claim was false or their Monday claim was false. In any case (no pun intended), there was no assertion that there was a CBP delay. They have been quite skilled in coming up with excuses. Please don't offer up more imaginary excuses to help them with their bullsh!ttery.

      And, yes, I am pissed. I am traveling come Monday morning and have to go buy cases. My Space Cases will be delivered to my mail drop service while I am away... or after I return. That sucks!

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