$498 pledged of $1,000 goal
$498 pledged of $1,000 goal

Still going strong!


Just wanted to post an update that the pledges are still coming in! It looks like all of the $10 level rewards have been filled, but don't let that stop you from contributing at that level!


I also wanted to mention that I'm using Microsoft Publisher for the layout, but apparently my laptop is being overworked. Once I hit a hundred pages it really started to run slowly. So I'm kinda reworking things. It's still going to be over a hundred pages in total but I'm splitting it into individual modules that will each be about 30 pages, so 8 PDFs. It handles that much better. That means I'll be editing for the next couple weeks to make sure each module has the appropriate tokens and monster stat blocks.

On the plus side, that means the whole package will have extra tokens, extra monsters, extra traps and treasures, and extra pre-gen characters. The modules can each be played independently or combined to mix and match treasurers, traps, etc.

I'll post another update once I've gotten them split up.

And again, thanks to everyone for all your support! 



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    1. Chad E. on

      I love it when a contingency plan comes together. ;)

    2. Infinitum3D 2-time creator on

      @ Chad E.: Let's hope so! Don't worry, though. I do have a contingency plan to make sure this gets published. Thanks again Chad!

    3. Infinitum3D 2-time creator on

      @ Stelio Passaris: Thanks Stelio! I will definitely be looking into this. It sounds exactly like what I need.

    4. Stelio Passaris on

      I recommend the use of the completely free website https://smallpdf.com/ for useful functionality like merging separate PDF files together. Also consider using this site to compress PDFs too (I find it has an excellent compression rate). That way you can use Publisher to make separate chapter files, but still merge them together into a single file for release.

    5. Chad E. on

      Wow, it sounds like you are packing a lot of information into this one. Hopefully this busts the funding goal! :)