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By Yumeng Ji
$358 pledged of $1,000 goal

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Thanks for checking out my project. The first thing you might wonder is what is "Heart Knots"? In Chinese, it means something like hardship, the emotions or trauma that are subconsciously lingering of which your deep mind that you cannot let go. Here, I’m using it as a metaphor for childhood trauma caused by verbal abuse, especially from parents.

How To Participate

1. Record a video or write a letter about your childhood verbal abuse story in either English or Chinese, and share it with me privately. You can do it anonymously.

2. I’ll match you with a stranger who has had similar experience or got hurt by similar words. 

3. You guys can communicate privately by whatever medium or way you want. It could also be anonymous. 

4. Share the outcome with me after communicating with your partner, and describe to me what are something that can represent your heart knot. It could be some bad words or objects. 

5. I’ll design a poster for your “heart knot” and mail it to both of you guys. Your task will be videotape yourself tearing your “heart knot” in half. You don’t have to show your face or say your name in the video. 

6. Share the video to me and I’ll post it in public.

As a survivor of childhood trauma, I want to initiate this project to encourage people who are survivors or still struggling, to share their stories out loud, fight the sense of shame and get support from fellow survivors.

Why It Matters

Verbal abuse undermines a child’s self-esteem, damages their ability to trust and form relationships, and chips away at their social skills. They feel ashamed, unloved, humiliated, and resentful when they are experiencing it. They need to establish strong self-awareness to recognize their feelings and that the situation is not normal. They need to tell themselves that what they are hearing is not the truth.


After I start collecting all the "Heart Knots" and the videos participants send to me, I'll  share it in public to encourage more people to participant the activity spontaneously and find their own way to smash their heart knot. By doing this, I want to create social impact to improve people's awareness on verbal abuse trauma.

Risks and challenges

The risk I can think of is that people don't want to participate or may not feel safe sharing personal experiences because they are worried that their personal information might be leaked. To encourage more people to share stories, I did a personal confession video about my story and I also indicate that participants can share their stories anonymous.

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    Participate this project

    If you are a victim of verbal abuse trauma, and find yourself having a hard time sharing it with your families and friends, share your story by a confession video or a letter privately to me. I’ll match you with a person who had a similar experience or got hurt by similar verbal abuse. I’ll send you two posters with the hurt words and I encourage both of you to tear it up and videotape the action. You don't have to show your face and name in the video. Share with me the videos and your thoughts after talking to your partner.

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    Empower the community

    Your support will help me work towards weaving together people's storyline about verbal abuse in an effort to create a sense of community. The effort will be showcased through poster creation and media presentation of smashing your heart knots as a healing outlet for the breaking souls as well as making awareness for verbal abuse.

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    Help to build a project website

    Help me to build a website, where it present all the stories and videos I collect from people who had experienced childhood verbal abuse trauma. The website will empower the community and encourage more people to speak up to against childhood verbal abuse.

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