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The Leap is a story of a man trying to seek the truth amid time travelers, Alzheimer’s disease, and a daughter that he can’t remember.

About the film: 

The Leap is an upcoming short Sci-fi film inspired by the director’s grandparents. It is a tale of a man trying to piece together the truth amid time travelers, Alzheimer’s disease, and a daughter that he can’t seem to remember.

“In the summer of 2012, my grandmother passed away… we were in total grief, but I noticed there was one person that was experiencing the passing in a very different way – my grandfather. He was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and was zoning in and out of time.” – Yale Yang

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“Not often do you see a film about a medical condition so full of imagination and wonder. A rare gem.”

   – Tom Musca, acclaimed Hollywood screenwriter.

“A very human story, set within a sci-fi drama. This film has the potential to change our opinion of existence.”

   – Jim Bigham, producer of Dolphin Tale


Hector's last memory was working in a physics lab (1987) and something goes wrong. In his attempt to save himself and his wife, he wakes up to a strange reality (2013). A doctor tells tells him that he has Alzheimer's and the vivid flashback may be due to the new treatment.

As Hector starts piecing the truth together himself, he meets a young lady claiming to be his grown-up daughter. He dismisses her and is convinced that something bigger is behind all this. After failed attempts to gain information about his wife, Hector meets another patient in the facility that believes he is a time traveler from the future. The patient offers to help only if Hector can assist him in fixing the time device that he stowed away. Will he take a leap of faith and grasp the chance?

Creators of the film:

Yale Yang – Director

Yale Yang - Director
Yale Yang - Director

Yale was born in Taiwan, but grew up in a small town in Mississippi. His early interests in film dates back to his childhood while watching the Back to the Future series. Before shifting his career to filmmaking, Yale received a bachelor’s degree in psychology, served in the military, and worked at a publishing company as an editor. His interest in all walks of life has inspired him to create touching stories and heartfelt characters. Yale has directed and produced several short films, commercials, and documentaries up to date. Among those include award-winning pieces such as LOTTO, which was a big winner at the 2012 Canes Film Festival. Yale is currently a candidate to receive a Master of Fine Arts degree in Directing from the University of Miami.

Kyle Sullivan - Writer

Kyle Sullivan - Writer
Kyle Sullivan - Writer

Kyle is a screenwriter and producer who has written numerous award winning short films such as Manifest Destiny and Roma which premiered at the Paramount Pictures lot in Los Angeles as well as several other short films which have been screened at national and local festivals. He is currently an adjunct professor of screenwriting and a candidate to receive a Master of Fine Arts degree in Screenwriting from the University of Miami.

Lissette Vilarchao – Producer

Lissette Vilarchao – Producer
Lissette Vilarchao – Producer

Lissette is an independent producer who graduated from the University of Miami School of Communication with a Masters of Fine Arts in Producing. Prior to receiving her degree, Lissette was trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood, California where she perfected her training in theatre directing. Prior to deciding on a Producing career, Lissette developed her production skills in directing the press and entertainment activities of a camp for chronically ill children, and has also served as the head of Marketing for a hospitality company for eight years. She is an avid champion for arts programs and arts programs for individuals with special needs.

Richard Troutner – Cinematographer

Richard Troutner – Cinematographer
Richard Troutner – Cinematographer

Rick was born and raised in Miami, Florida and is a cinematographer skilled in visual storytelling and photography. He is currently finishing his BA degree at the University of Miami. Rick’s past work includes various short films such as The End, NOM (which won Audience Award and Judges Award at Scares & Scores 2012), Troop 666, Cheated, and 18 & Older. The feature length film Black Friday that he shot in 2012 (produced and directed by Hollywood acclaimed director Lisa Gottlieb) is due out in major festivals next year.

Samantha Natalie – Song Writer

Samantha Natalie - Songwriter
Samantha Natalie - Songwriter

Samantha Natalie, singer/songwriter from Miami Beach, FL, released her debut full-length album entitled "A Great Wall" in June of 2011. With inspirations from singer/songwriters, such as Carol King, Carly Simon, Tori Amos, Billy Joel, and James Taylor, her sound comes out as unique, soulful, and classic to say the least. Along with local interviews, including the South Florida Channel 6 Morning Show, Samantha Natalie and her CD, A Great Wall, have gone on to be featured in local and national magazines such as City Link Magazine of Ft. Lauderdale, Keyboard Magazine, and Music Now Magazine. The CD has also been featured on Nord Piano's website, and the title track, "A Great Wall", has been recently aired on Reality TV's Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

“I’ve been writing original music for most of my life, and every song says something different about my journey to where I am now. These songs are my release, my therapy, and my one true love.” - Samantha

*(music in short video above provided by Kevin MacLeod)



Filmmaking is a very time consuming and money consuming art. Even though a lot of volunteers will be working for free, we need a budget for the following items:

• CASTING. We’d like to be able to cast professional actors, and bring them in from out of town if need be. If so, we need to provide lodging and transportation.

• TRANSPORTATION. During the many days of the shoot, we will constantly need to relocate the cast and crew, as well as move the equipment around. This we require renting vehicles and pumping gasoline.

• PRODUCTION DESIGN. To make the world of the story come to life, we will need to dress the locations up to fit the atmosphere of the film. For places that are more complicated, we would have to build the set, which would be one of the larger chunks in our budget.

• EQUIPMENT RENTAL. Even though we have access to some basic equipment, we would still have to rent things like advanced cameras, lenses, lights, cranes, and dollies. This will directly affect the look of the film, and is money we absolutely need to set aside.

• LOCATION FEES. Finding the right locations will also be a key element in making the film look right. Besides shooting permits, we may need to hire security and pay for insurance.

• CATERING. It is always important to keep our crew hydrated and well nourished. These amazing human beings will be volunteering their time and effort into this film – so the least we can do is provide them with warm meals and snacks.

• FILM SCORE. The film score is one of those things that make or break the film. We would like to make sure that we have sufficient fund set aside for this to happen, which would likely include the recording of live instruments.


We are currently in preproduction, and will be preparing throughout the Kickstarter campaign. Location scouting, camera testing, and set building will be only some of the things that we will be doing. Our shoot dates are prospected to be at the end of January, and after that would be two months of post-production.

You can follow our progress of our production on our website:

Or on the following social media sites:

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. If you aren't able to support us financially, but you really think that we are starting something worth our time and effort, it would be great if you could share this link on Facebook or Twitter. The more people that come across this page, the more likely we will be funded.

Thank you for helping us make this film a reality! 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Biggest Challenge - Our biggest challenge is to find the right locations and even build them for the effect shots that we plan to achieve. We can overcome this with the appropriate funding to construct the set.

Second Biggest Challenge - This would be finding the right actors. Since the script is constructed with many emotional scenes, finding the right talent would be crucial to the success of the film. We are currently holding many audition events to locate talent for the specific roles.


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