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Carolina Ground, a mill dedicated to grains grown and ground on Carolina ground.
Carolina Ground, a mill dedicated to grains grown and ground on Carolina ground.
302 backers pledged $18,591 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Carolina Ground, L3C Creator on

      thanks Suzy! Imagine pita made with NC grown flour...

    2. Suzy Phillips on

      This is Amazing! I am so happy for you all!

    3. Deborah Denmark on

      I am so happy! I have been checking the numbers several times each day the last few weeks. I knew you would make your goal and am so happy for all of you. Can hardly wait to taste the breads that are coming our way. Thanks so much for your vision and passion.

    4. Missing avatar

      Eliza Sydney on

      WOW!!! YES!!!! Thanks for all your hard work! Way to go!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jane on

      Color me thrilled!!! (My middle name is Miller, how could I not be?) Yay all of us!!!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Mary Winchester and Bruce Hazzard on

      This is why Asheville is such a great place to live! Community! Thank you to all who have worked long and hard on this project!

    7. Jack Lion Fischer on

      Totally awesome ya'll, I look forward to the beautiful bread my wife Theta will make with that flour!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Logan on

      Wooooooo!! Just over $1k left! Lets do this people!

    9. John B. Moss on

      I wish I had the money! I would help out! Good luck! You're almost there!

    10. Missing avatar

      Logan on

      Haha, I did enjoy it, but it wasn't the update I was hoping for is all. You folks are so clearly passionate and articulate, I can't get enough of hearing you talk about this important step towards local sustainability.

    11. Carolina Ground, L3C Creator on

      Logan, are you saying you don't like our weird animated computer voice thingy?? It didn't at least make you smile, if not laugh??
      yes yes, we are stepping it up. i am working on an update as we speak, and all of our bakeries should be blasting this out I have asked them to), and our non profit affiliate is resending through their listserve and and and thank you for your encouraging nudge. best, jl

    12. Missing avatar

      Logan on

      Hey guys! I really want this to happen, and have been heavily, heavily promoting on facebook with my personal page and the local business page I admin. I feel like you guys could stand to step up your own promotion significantly though! Blast this out daily! Post an update that isn't a weird animated computer voice thing, but real words and passion from the dedicated folks behind this project! Lets get it going!

    13. Carolina Ground, L3C Creator on

      The disconnect is that 49 of our backers have opted out of receiving a reward, so they don't show up on the side bar.

    14. danylostefan on


      Quick question, I feel like I'm missing something. The summary of this project says 188 backers $12,138 pledged. But doing the math shows only 139 backers and $7,730 pledged. What gives?

      Tanks, Big Tanks

    15. Carolina Ground, L3C Creator on

      Thomas that is soooo cool!

    16. Thomas Gallo on

      If every backer increased their pledge by $35 we would have enough to make this happen. I just increased the GalloLea Organics pledge by $35. How about you?

    17. Carolina Ground, L3C Creator on

      sorry David, but that is not likely to happen. To be truly gluten free, I would insist that it was safe for celiacs folk, and there is really no way we could do that safely (for them) in the same facility. But hopefully we can be of inspiration for others to follow, working with growers of rice (you know there is rice growing in NC!) and other appropriate grains. We do intend to work with heritage grains though, and rye, buckwheat, and oats.

    18. David Liberman on

      Any plans for gluten free products?

    19. Carolina Ground, L3C Creator on

      Hi Ashely,
      Definitely not genetically modified. THis is old school modern breeding for traits that can withstand the heat and humidity of the southeast. This is a public breeding program. If/when gmo wheat is approved, it will likely kill our public breeding programs (public breeders of corn and soy are practically extinct.)

    20. Ashley Pool on

      What a great project! I just have a quick question. What is meant by regionally adapted wheat? Is this wheat genetically modified?

    21. Carolina Ground, L3C Creator on

      Thank you so much for the constructive feedback. I will brainstorm on this and see if I can make some change. We are willing to send out flour/bread but having the recipient pay shipping would probably be necessary.

    22. Marie-Claude Blais on

      I love your project but I think you are missing out on many potential backers by restricting your gifts to flour or pastry that would only appeal to local supporters...maybe you have time to change that? Offer some photo instead? easy to send great momento for backers??

    23. Carolina Ground, L3C Creator on

      Paul-- sorry, I am stumbling through this response-- "if we felt we could not afford to send" is what I meant to write...

    24. Carolina Ground, L3C Creator on

      Paul- I meant assess our backers, not bakers.

    25. Carolina Ground, L3C Creator on

      Paul Cole,
      As long as we make our goal of $18k, we get the $ and you all get the rewards. Hopefully, by 4/16/11 we will have made that goal, and then we will assess all of our bakers. I plan to contact all of you out of town folk and cross that bridge when we get there. One woman asked if she paid the shipping, would we send, and the answer to that is a definite YES. Anyways, I will be in touch once we (fingers crossed!) meet our goal. But yes, if we did not send (could not afford to), I would be sure the flour went to someone in need (and I would provide you those details to boot, if that were the route we were to take.) Anther option is if and when you come to visit our beautiful city of Asheville, we could provide you your reward then (no expiration date.)

    26. Carolina Ground, L3C Creator on

      Yes, two years worth.

    27. Missing avatar

      Cgal on

      Thanks for sharing. It sounds like a lot of work and thought has already gone into this project.

    28. Carolina Ground, L3C Creator on

      The money raised will go toward equipment costs. Although we have that great mill in the video, we actually don't own it. It is a long story that's written up in our blog:
      So, we have this mill will the promise of paying the Scott family once we get the dough (pun intended!) The money raised will also go toward a bench scale, moisture meter, bag sewer, suspension system, bucket elevator, and bolter. Prob another few items I am forgetting to mention, but basically our equipment costs are $36k and we received a cost-share grant of 50% or our equip costs (hence, the $18k). As for the farmers, I have written grants for on-farm grain and seed cleaning infrastructure and have successfully funded this piece, so we are getting the growers' end more set up to boot. The non-profit, Carolina Farm Stewardship Assoc is paying my salary through the end of this year, so money raised goes only toward tangible capital costs (not anyone's salary).
      Thanks for asking.

    29. Missing avatar

      Cgal on

      This sounds like a worthy cause but it would be nice to know what the money is going to be used for. Will it be used for a farm subsidy or for mill parts and expenses? Or maybe it will be used by the bakeries for their extra travel expenses? Your video only tells us how much we need locally grown food (and I agree) but it does not explain what you plan to do with the $18,000 that we are supposed to give you.

    30. Paul Cole on

      Are you able to ship the flour to the $25 and above backers (I live in Portland, OR)? If not, can you make sure that it goes to someone who needs it?

    31. Carolina Ground, L3C Creator on

      Hey Thomas-- thank you for your support (and thank you everyone who has thus far supported us!) We have incorporated as an L3C and are currently drafting our operating agreement to reflect cooperative principles. Membership of the L3C are bakeries-- our 7 bakeries are our inaugural members-- but membership will grow. One can purchase flour from Carolina Ground whether a member or not, but one cannot be a member without being a bakery. If you want to point me in the direction of resources for cooperatives, that would be useful, as we are realizing just as an L3C is a hybrid LLC and 501-C3, our operating agreement, too, will likely be a hybrid. you can email me at

    32. Thomas Beckett on

      With seven bakeries, will the mill be operated as a cooperative? I can point you to a lot of resources if you are going in that direction.

    33. John Bonitz on

      This is a fantastic project! I can't eat wheat (gluten-intolerance) but even I see how important this project is to creating a measure of local self-reliance and resiliency.

      I hope my small pledge and prayers of support give this project a big lift! Wind under your wings! Go Cathy, go!