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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 9 2015
pledged of $25,000pledged of $25,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 9 2015


Bartholomew: The NPC is a first person video game that Mantis Studios is currently in the process of bringing to life with the help of the unreal engine 4 and of course you.

Hello, my name is Nick Leos. Co-founder of Mantis Studios and I oversee every part of our games. Let me take you through our game idea, introduce the staff, and tell you a little bit about Mantis Studios.

Mantis Studios:

We are small, but dedicated team of four. We started up this studio about 2 years ago. Never heard of us? Well there's a good reason for that. For these past 2 years we haven't actually released any of our games to the public and have been harnessing our skills and learning the craft of game development with smaller games. Now this team is ready to step it up a notch and release a game on the unreal engine 4. This is our biggest project by far and we hope to make a lot of fans from this.

The Staff:

Nick Leos (me) - I am co-founder of Mantis Studios and I have my hand in every aspect of our video game development. I mainly like to work on level design and overall story progression.

Taylor Adams - The other co-founder of Mantis Studios. The name of our studio actually came from a nickname of his long ago. He is a long-time friend and loves to think out of the box. He will mainly be handling game mechanics and working on level design as well.

Tim Leos - My younger brother by a year and the best artist I know. He handles our character design and character animation. Any that deals with our characters comes from him, but he isn't afraid to help out in other places when needed.

Dylan Leos - Another younger brother of mine. He brings fresh ideas to the table all the time and well be in charge of helping with the tiny details, which as we all know, the small stuff matters. He will also be in charge of promoting the game and running our testing groups.

That's our small staff. We all are long time gamers and we each bring different ideas with us and we are constantly thinking about the player. Expect to see a variety of games be made a Mantis Studios.

Our Idea:

Bartholomew is intended to be a hilarious take on video games. Breaking the fourth wall, this game will be filled to the brim with puns, wit, charm, and tasteful jokes. You take control of a NPC by accident instead of the games protagonist or hero, thanks to the developers getting some things mixed around. This game will have upwards of 15 different endings and hopefully you will fall in love with Bartholomew in the process.

The Breakdown:

New equipment: $11,500 - Our team will need a few extra pieces of equipment to increase productivity and with this amount I'm confident we can get what's needed.

Extra expenses: $4,500 - This will cover our voice actor (narrative game will have lots of voice acting) and any other expenses we haven't accounted for yet.

Licensing fees: $3,500 - This will cover the kickstarter fee as well as any licensing fees that come with unreal engine 4, Steam. If you guys want to see it on PlayStation or Xbox then lets us know.

Living cost: $5,500 - between all of us this will make sure we stay alive while making this game, we gotta eat. With this some of us could also spend more time on this project than at our full-time day jobs. This will let us work on the game more.

Total: $25,000 with this amount I feel we can make Bartholomew the game we have in mind and then some.

Thank you for listening and reading all the way through. Joins us on this journey, not only good this game, but for other games to come. We hope to make you a long time fan and keep supporting Mantis Studios for years to come.

Risks and challenges

The only challenge we could face is the transition to the Unreal Engine 4. I'm sure we will get adjusted quickly though as we are currently learning and e researching all we can about the engine.

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