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$49,449 pledged of $120,000 goal
By Ben Harroun
$49,449 pledged of $120,000 goal

And it's official: The show will go on at the Harvest Moon!!!

We thought we would share this with you all. 

Yes, the rumors are true! The show WILL GO ON at the Harvest Moon Twin Drive In!!!!! It is now official, with the final push from the Neal Tire campaign, we have reached our goal, secured our projectors, and are now waiting patiently for the big truck to deliver them and the installers to show up to finish off the project. We want to take this time to sincerely thank all of the sponsors and donors that have helped to make this a reality. Without that support, and the donations over 800 of you made, I wouldn't be able to write this now. 

From the small children with their lemonade stands, the Orr family with their dedication, the employees and extended Harvest Moon family that spread the word, donated time, donation jars, rewards, and our last HUGE Donor, Neal Tire, that donated the final $10,000 that we needed to secure our equipment purchase; THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!!! 

 As of now, we are scheduled to open on March 29th with the following movies: Screen 1: GI Joe: Retaliation and Screen 2: OZ The Great and Powerful. Both movies will be screened on the brand new Barco 4k projectors, delivering a brighter, crisp picture that you've never seen at a drive in, from the ULTRA HD system displaying 4 times the resolution of a Blu-ray movie! These are the same projectors used in IMAX auditoriums around the country! The sound will now be 100% digital from the top of the line USL sound processors to our Broadcast Warehouse transmitters. If your car has a sound decoder, you will have stunning 5.1 surround sound in your car! This is the best system you can get for a Drive In theater.

 In addition to the new projectors, many large projects are under way that should be completed by the end of April or before we start our full season. The snack bar is getting a complete makeover including new counters, digital poster boards and menus, a jukebox, new food offerings including personal pizzas, Horseshoe meals, and special drinks. The old Tiki Hut is being replaced by the brand new Tiki Hut gift shop next to the carousel. It will house all of our glow items, and tons of new gifts, souvenirs, and toys/items to purchase or rent for use before the movies! The vintage carousel will be getting a fresh makeover and a new look to go with the FREE rides. The restrooms are getting a face-lift, complete with fresh paint, tile, and new stalls. 

To cap off the last big announcement, we are going to be completely refurbishing the old Marquee out front. It will be receiving a new coat of paint, the old neon is getting replaced where it broke off, and the old signboard is getting converted over to an LED sign board that will allow us to not only list the movies, but make announcements and more. 

 There is even more to list, but I'll spread it out over the next month. Just take away from this how much your support has transformed this drive in, and you won't believe your eyes at the grand reopening at how nice the place is from the picture on the screen to the restrooms and parking spots.

For everyone that donated to our cause and made this a reality for us: THANK YOU!

We will be contacting everyone via the email address on their paypal account over the next week. Today we should be finished sorting out the 700+ donors into their donation levels and begin sending out the information emails. I am personally doing this all manually since I don't have the tools that kickstarter would have provided, so it is much more time consuming. 

So if you made a donation, thank you once again and please watch your email for an update on your rewards. 

You can get all the great news and updates by liking our Facebook page and adding it to your interests or joining our email newsletter. 


Email: and click on the sign up at the bottom of the page

Thank you and stay tuned for all the great information and pictures of the improvements!


Ben Harroun

Our last chance to offer rewards and meet our deadline

Hello Everyone,

It has been a very busy month for the Harvest Moon. In that time, we've seen a substantial rise in donations on our kickstarter-like promotion page:

We've met with many new local businesses that have made a commitment to keep the drive in open, and have started to look into all the normal pre-season activities we have to accomplish before we open. The deadline to finalize our equipment order is now February 15th if we want to make our Opening date of March 29th. We are extremely close to our goal, and every bit of money that is donated is going to this cause at the moment. I know that many of you have re-pledged your support for this Drive In and kept us hopeful of meeting our goal by this Friday. 

As the deadline approaches, we ask one last time for help from those of you that haven't donated or had the chance to donate to the new fundraiser yet. We will have the rewards available until this Friday, and are extremely hopeful that this weekend will mark a huge celebration for all Harvest Moon Drive In fans and movie fanatics around the world. Many rewards have begun to ship out this week and all 600+ backers will be getting emails about the details soon.

If you can afford to send in just $6, the donation will give you 1 ticket for a movie this year in 2013 and a name on the list of those that saved this historic theatre. $50 gives you $90 in value, $100 gives you $175 in value, and for businesses, $500 is the package to choose with over $1750 in value. Please visit and make a donation if you can.

I will post the results of our final campaign drive in an update on here, on our facebook page, and on both the and websites on Friday afternoon. We are confident we can close this final gap with your help and the support of our local businesses. 

Thank you for keeping us in the fight the past year and I look forward spreading good news this weekend. 

Please have a heart this Valentine's Day and help the Harvest Moon.


The Harroun Family, Operators of the Harvest Moon since 1989.

We are so close now, Please help us! 

Hello Everyone.

I wish I had a better answer to emailing everyone that made a contribution or will contribute in the near future, but this is our best way to communicate with you right now. We've made some HUGE strides in the past month. Over that time period, we've built both of our booths. Screen one is 80% ready to go and the other is nearing completion once the weather cooperates again(hopefully next week). 

We have been to the bank and gotten approval on a very large business loan to finance the majority of the equipment purchase and installation. Between the funds we raised last year with all of our fundraisers and donations received, and the amount the bank will loan us, we are roughly $15,000.00 short. Over the past week, we've received about $500 in donations from our Facebook fans, and are working very diligently to try and get the remaining amount. We have found the best price in the country for our equipment, and put the equipment on hold with a deposit. If we manage to come up with the remaining $15,000, we can make the full payment to the equipment sales company, and schedule our installation. This will GUARANTEE that the Harvest Moon reopens in 2013! We are looking to reopen on March 29th when the film studios release the new movie: GI Joe: Retaliation. This looks like a great movie to test out the new equipment and get ready to host our Premiere Party that ALL of our backers will be invited to. If you are one of the larger backers, you can even pick which movies we show for the party!

This is getting really exciting, but we need to make this last big push by the middle of February to be able to open in March. The equipment will take a few days to install once it arrives and has a lead time of 4-6 weeks from the time we make the final payment. Time is truly of the essence, and in good old fashioned kickstarter style, we have from now until February 15th to hit our goal! The new goal: $15,000.00 We have a $500 head start from Facebook  and 43 days to make this a reality! With this kickstarter campaign, we raised over $49k in that same time frame, but didn't meet the goal and lost the funding. We had about $15,000 in donations from those backers come back to us over the past few months. We KNOW that we can keep this place open with your help. 

If you click on this link: It will take you to our paypal donation page. You can make a donation at any level from $1 to the full amount. The reward levels are truly fantastic. For example, a $50 donation brings you $90 in value. A $100 donation yields $175 in value. 

We are in the process of putting together the donation backer list right now and getting all of the reward merchandise, pictures, prints, and coupons ready to go out. Once we hit our goal, you will be able to use your rewards to enjoy a great time out at the Harvest Moon. You will be invited to a FREE premier party with tons of entertainment, food, and fun for everyone! You will be immortalized around the theatre, in the News, and online.

$15,000 remains between the life and death of the Harvest Moon Twin Drive In Movie Theatre. Over 20 Drive In theatres have closed since our last post. Please pledge your support to save this one. 

Harvest Moon Twin Drive In Movie Theatre: Illinois' World Famous Movie Theatre and The Quintessential American Drive In. 

Our Christmas Wish, please help continue our fight to stay open!

Hello Everyone,

It has been 2 months since we lost our battle to get funded via kickstarter and be able to save the Harvest Moon from Closing. Much has occurred during that time. With the $38,000 we have raised with all of our fundraisers we have begun the site work needed to get prepared for the new projectors. This includes building 2 new booths that are insulated, climate controlled, and 150-170' closer to our screens than the existing projection booths. This also involves bringing very large, very expensive wiring to the booths. The cost of the wire alone, is over $3500.00. This has been a big project with the foundations being dug, the trenches have to be dug from the building to the new booths, and building the new buildings so that they will last for years with this new equipment. The cost of the building's materials and the wiring has come out to $20,000.00 without any labor(it was donated by fans/friends of the drive in). This project will be finished soon, and we will be waiting to find out when we can purchase the projectors.

We have received 6 bids/quotes from well reputed installation companies and they range from $130,000 to $150,000. Those prices include the equipment, shipping, set up, and basic installation,

We have visited 4 of the drive in's that have made the conversion to Digital, and have decided on the projector we need for the theatre. This projector is $3,000 cheaper than the others, but we are still stuck with huge expenses. We have also been in talks with our bank to see if we can get a loan to cover the costs of the projectors. Because of the Drive In's financial picture over the past 4 years with the recession, we are limited with the amount that we can get a loan on. 

This is why we are still seeking your help. To get a loan to cover the cost of the installation and the buildings, we've been told we need to cover the additional $20,000.00 on our own or we won't be able to get the loan. So, we are stuck, between a rock and a hard place once again. We don't have the means to come up with the $20,000.00 we need to get the loan for the equipment, and the clock is ticking quickly. The official 'end of film' isn't being declared just yet, but the last remaining manufacturer will stop producing it in March, right before the Harvest Moon will open. 

So, here is our proposition: We have our current fundraising donation links set up on our website: It is the same as Kickstarter, all the exact same rewards, donation levels, and our story. We try to keep the totals updated weekly on what we raise, and try to keep everyone in the loop on our success. We have had many of you backers move your donations to this website, and we are incredibly blessed to see this. We do need your help to save this theatre still. We know that we can reopen the theatre this next year, but we still need your donations to do that. We are truly hoping for a Holiday Miracle this Christmas Season to come up with the $20,000 we need to get our loan and get the equipment to SAVE THIS DRIVE IN! Please help if you can, and at least share this message with your friends and family.

Finally, I wanted to share some things with you that very few know about. Some people have called our call for help a shameless act and that we should close our doors like any normal company. They are under the false pretense that we are in this business simply to turn a profit. I guess they don't know the real reason for a family run small town business. That is to keep alive a tradition that has died out in 90% of our country and provide a service for our local communities. We are in our predicament because we have kept our prices low, only spent the money we could afford to spend to upgrade our facility, and tried to make the Harvest Moon an affordable family friendly destination. That is very hard to do in our modern world when you don't have the financial backing of large corporations or big investors. This business has been run by this family by working 2-4 jobs each year, spending savings on the theatre to keep it open, forgoing vacations and extravagant expenses in favor or putting the money into make the theatre a better place. This theatre is our life, has been since we put our blood, sweat, and tears into re-opening it in 1989, and will continue to be as long as we can muster it. The Harvest Moon is greatly involved in our local communities. We have special nights for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the Local Schools and daycare centers. We donated to every charity event that comes to our mailbox or calls made for help. Even when we can't really afford to give, we do. This Drive In is much more than a business, and the heart of our family is in this place. 

I've included many photos of what the digital equipment looks like at a drive in, the progress on the booths, and the reasons we spend 6 months of the year living at the drive in 6-7 days a week, and the entire off season thinking about how to improve it for our fans: The kids.

Thank you for taking the time to read this if you made it down this far. I hope you will consider donating, or re-donating to our cause. You can directly impact thousands of people, many local to this theatre with your donations. We truly appreciate all the support we've received, and will be inviting 'ALL' donors to a couple of free 'movie nights' when we can reopen with the new equipment.

visit to make a donation, or see our Merchandise page to find a special holiday gift for your friends and family while your on our website.

All donations are being addressed right now and shipping of rewards begins on this Friday the 7th.

Thank you!

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We didn't meet the Kickstarter goal, but we are still moving forward!!!


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