Waste Not Nut: Get every last penny out of each bottle!

by Eve Balembois

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    1. Nancy C

      I've been cutting open tubes & plastic bottles for the last 12-15 years to get at that "bottom-dwelling" stuff. It just KILLS me to waste good product - which sometimes can be a significant amount, as we all know! I've gotten raised eyebrows, those "I can't believe you don't just throw that OUT!" laughs, and rolled eyes - but I DON'T CARE! I paid for the whole container, & I WANT the whole container! (A big "Bravo" for the rare companies that make their containers open at the bottom so the contents are always gravitating toward the opening!) Now I'll have a less messy way to get those last drops, AND a nice way to store them as well. Thanks for this great new Nut!

    2. Eve Balembois 2-time creator on

      Thanks for really bringing it home with your comment, Nikki! That's exactly what initially inspired me. I saw my children throwing away any bottle that became too difficult to get stuff out of. Watching them not give it a second thought made me realize, if every family is like this, then we all have a very big problem. I talked to friends who worked in salons where waste and lack of recycling is mind boggling. I became obsessed with trying to make it just as easy not to waste as it has become to waste. I'm excited that you really get it and are with us at this early stage! We have big plans to expand this into a system that will make it fun, easy and rewarding to reduce waste for everyone, this is only the beginning... Eve