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The documentary film, Strings, follows 6 players in the World YoYo Contest. A community comes together amidst the drama of a contest.

A Note:  We are thrilled to have reached our goal!!  Thank you!  All additional funds will also go towards finishing costs of the film (graphics, music, color-correction, sound edit, sound mix, etc) and will allow us greater flexibility in what we can do to make this film as great as it can be.  Thanks for all those who have supported the project and for those of you reading this for the first time, thanks for your consideration :)

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The Project!        

To a significant community, Yo-Yo’s are not just toys that have the power to bring about nostalgia, but are equipment for both competitive sport and art. Every year, these people come together for the World Yo-Yo Contest. The documentary film, Strings, follows the yoyo community and six players, as they prepare, travel to, and experience the 2010 World Yo-Yo Contest. The contest is a weeklong event in Orlando, Florida and people from all over the world attend. Here, the competition and drama of a contest play out because by the end of the week, only a few participants will be named world champions. Strings is a character driven documentary. Through individuals' stories, challenges, and experiences viewers get an inside look not only into these people's lives, but also to the larger yo-yo community as well as themes such as friendship, competition, and passion. Participants practice hours upon hours prior to their trip to Orlando. Some ignore the competition, and are just in Orlando for social reasons – hoping to maybe do well, but more importantly they are here for the community and unique experience the contest offers. But for others, the competition is what they crave and they are in it to win.

What Will Donations Be Used For?       

The contest took place in August 2010. An amazing ten person crew as well as several people in the yoyo community helped cover this event. We worked the entire duration of the contest, usually working 20 hour days, and had an amazing time doing it. Now is crunch time – that is, post-production. All the footage is organized and we are currently working towards a rough cut. There are, however, lots of costs in post-production. These include: graphics, music, color-correction, sound edit, sound mix, and assistant editor expenses as well as any necessary pick-up shoots. If we go over our goal, the extra money will allow us more flexibility in all post- production expenses (ie better graphics, better and more music, etc). Extra money will also be used to help cover distribution and festival costs and materials.

What Will You Get In Return?       

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Where Can You Learn More About The Project ?       

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A Note: This project is fiscally sponsored. Our fiscal sponsor, the Visual Arts Foundation, can only process checks made out to the Visual Arts Foundation. If you would like to donate this way, in the check memo please write "MFA Soc-Doc Film - Dawn Schwartz, Strings." Checks should be sent to the Visual Arts Foundation, 209 E 23rd St., New York, NY 10010. Unfortunately, donations through Kickstarter cannot be used for tax exemption because they are credit card based.

Photo by: Gil Williams Logo by: Curro Oñate


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