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My portraits of the colorblind are made so that each can be seen by the person represented and the non colorblind public as well.

Project Goals:

The portraits will consist of a single, unique color pallet and vary in mediums; screen printing, oil painting, acrylics, spray-paint, digital print. The final body of work should contain 3-4 pieces of a single individual. There will be 4-6 people represented in this first show, Approx. 12-20 pieces (as many as I can make and get funded.) The show will include  portraits that will reference the Ishihara colorblind tests. It should give the persons in question a likeness in a pointillist type of image with the large majority of the colors being a representation of the colors they cannot see.


My Artworks create a portrait of individuals, in a style that references the 3 different sized circles of the Ishihara Color Circles used to help diagnose colorblindness. I use colors in such a way that the images are in the colors that they have issues seeing, but makes it so they can see their portrait. It becomes a representation of that person, both telling the viewer which colors they can’t see, but also giving the individual represented a portrait they can see. It’s also my attempt to take the style of the Ishihara Circles and reclaim them for the colorblind, as they have been a a tool to diagnose us.

The colorblind individual is one that is often acknowledged (if diagnosed) and left to interpret for themselves, the world around them. They may have issues with current technology or in some practical uses but in a daily function they are able to get by without much consequence. In a cultured experience or entertainment function however, they are at a disadvantage, unacknowledged, and unrepresented.

Art is based in concepts and expressed through different mediums. Conceptual art invokes more thinking than an aesthetic value. But this aesthetic value is what many people crave and associate with art, from the ancient civilizations to present day. These aesthetics rely mainly on our senses, and most often our eyes. Those who are colorblind see these aesthetics in a different way, and can actually perceive art to be anti-art or unaesthetic depending on how they see a specific piece in relation to it’s colors.This series will bridge the gap and assure the colorblind and non colorblind both find the images aesthetic and successful.

Project Materials:


Oil Paints

Acrylic Paints

Black Gesso and White Gesso


Spray Paint


Reeves BFK (white and grey)

Screen Printing Supplies (emulsifier and paints)

Luster Paper Roll (large format printing)


Hanging Materials, ie.  Wire, Nails, Basic Tools (hammer, tape measure, level)

Show Info:

Ideally this Kickstarter is to help me kickstart this series which will help me gain shows in the greater Buffalo and Niagara region, as well Rochester, and eventually from Toronto to New York City. I understand the competition and that I have to pay my dues as an emerging artist and cannot expect a NY City show over night. With your help I can take the first steps towards this series as a solid body of work I can start showing. 

This work (in part or whole) will be seen in the Burchfield Penny and in the Main Street Gallery in May 2012. From there I will continue to create portraits and add to the series, hoping to gain more shows.

Check out the postcard at and to see another image form the project.

The aim is to be complete for a show that is:

Opening Reception May 4th, 2012. 6pm - 9pm

First Friday Event!

Main Street Gallery

515 Main st.

Buffalo, NY

Also featuring works form Laura Herby.

**Rewards will be available to be picked up at the show on May 4th or mailed out the following week**

YES - If you’re colorblind I do want to hear from you; your colorblindness type, age, gender, your profession, etc.

Thanks for the Support! 


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