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A quick card game for 2-4 animal wranglers who reckon they’ve got what it takes to turf their opponents out of the best habitats.
93 backers pledged £2,535 to help bring this project to life.

Funded! Now to root out those Stretch Goals...



Like a crab kicking an elephant up the bottom, we have exceeded all expectations. As the 22nd hour ticked around, a mystery Whale arrived on the scene to put us over our target and ensure that we reached our main funding goal in just under two days. That's a magnificent surprise and we owe all of our wonderful backers an embarrassingly grateful round of thanks.

Stretch Goals

Like that very same plucky crab, we now need to keep our momentum up and run for the horizon. The next objective is to aim for our first stretch goal.

We have quite a few first-time Kickstarters on this project, so here's a quick update of how things work:

1. We've hit our main goal, which means that Beastly Bust-Up will go ahead.

2. We also have a set of additional funding goals that, if we reach them, will let us make the game even better.

3. The first goal is to reach a total of £2000, and that will usher in a paddock of 16 new animals to the game. As you know from the bulldog and frog's video, these include the armadillo, gazelle and narwhal, but we'll be letting you know about more of them as the days go by.

What's Next?

You've helped us to make the game happen, but if you know of anyone else who might be interested then please do let them know - share details on Facebook, Twitter, by carrier pigeon if you prefer. The more support we get, the bigger and better we can make the game.

Over the next few weeks you'll see some of our possible new fighters, early sketches for our Whale backers' custom cards, and other good nutritious stuff, so stay tuned (or just look in your inbox). We've got 28 days to go, so we're going to keep the campaign rolling along.

If you have any questions or comments on the project, please do let us know via the Comments section of the campaign page.

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