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Save your land by defeating the Monsters that roam and destroy everything in their path in this 2D side scrolling puzzler adventure. Read more

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This project's funding goal was not reached on June 13, 2012.

Save your land by defeating the Monsters that roam and destroy everything in their path in this 2D side scrolling puzzler adventure.

Recent updates

TEASER TRAILER - Under 24 Hours to Go

Hey Backers, we just have under 24 hours to go on the campaign and we have one more update. We have our first teaser trailer for Monster! Give it a look and spread the word and let's create a strong finish. Thanks to all the backers who pledged so far.

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Thank you... Where do we go from here?

Hey everyone, well we have just under three days until the end of our campaign and it's been a ton of fun! The way it's looking now it doesn't look like we will be making our goal which I'll admit is disappointing. We have learned a lot and probably would have changed a couple of things here and there but overall we are happy with the campaign. This does not mean the end of Monster! It just slows the pace of progress, as stated in the video we will be moving forward working on the game and looking for alternate funding but without the infusion of kickstarter cash our 6-8 month window is gone and it will take a lot longer. We want to thank everyone who pledged and helped spread the word, it's great to see the support for our project and we love seeing new fans and old alike. For those who would like to continue following the progress of the game you can always check for update at and in a couple of weeks we will have a site dedicated to the game at We're not giving up all hope just yet, who knows maybe somebody will pledge 66,000 in the last seconds to make this happen. Until then thank you again for your support it's been a pleasure sharing our project with you.

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Hey everyone, we just added another reward at the $45 level. This reward gets you all 3 versions of the game (PC, Mac, and iOS) so you can play Monster! where ever you are. Keep spreading the word and let's make this happen! Thanks to all who have pledged so far.

Check out our shadow puppet mockup!

We at Reve Studios and GSD like to mix things up and try different to work out game mechanics and such. One way is shadow puppets! It might sound weird but with this kind of game it works surprisingly well, check out the video on the main project page.


Hey there Backers and Backers-to-be,

The big news is that we are adding PC + Mac support to the project. We have had a lot of questions and requests for this so we are happy to add this. As for other platforms, that really depends if we meet and exceed our goal before those can be considered. Thanks for your support so far but we have a long way to go and we still need your help in spreading the word. Check out the video which goes into detail for this update.

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