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Think outside the blocks: Play & construct in a realistic sandbox multiplayer with beautiful voxel graphics and a "rocking" RPG system.
Think outside the blocks: Play & construct in a realistic sandbox multiplayer with beautiful voxel graphics and a "rocking" RPG system.
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MyDream is now Live


We're very proud to show everyone our newest update (  This is our biggest update in a long time, we have all spent a huge amount of time working up to this and hope everyone will enjoy it. Come join now! (download here: )

This update includes:

-Our first NPC: Rock creatures! (the are so cute you'll want keep them for yourselves)


-New inventory with many new functions

-Reworked chest and sign UI

-New tutorial UI

-We have removed scaleform and are now using Unity 4.6

-And much more!

Full patch notes here:

Visit our forums to comment and share:

Thanks again for your support, we could not have done it without you!

MyDream - Patcher, item previews, foliage & more!

Greetings to all of our beloved MyDream backers and supporters!  Update is now live and can be downloaded at  This release includes a lot of quality of life changes as well as adding some exciting new features and items for our players.  On to the highlights!

MyDream Patcher

MyDream now includes a patcher built right into the game.  Simply run the game and it will automatically search for updates and install them on its own!  No more need to visit our website and download a new copy of the game every time we make a new release.  Update files will be small and you'll quickly be right back into the game!

Item Previews

Wanting to know exactly what an item will look like and the orientation it will be in before you place it into your world?  We've got you covered!  Item previews remove all the guesswork from placing items.

Geo-Cache item preview
Geo-Cache item preview
Dragon Turret item preview
Dragon Turret item preview

 Flowers and Foliage

With the addition of flowers and foliage items, you can really enhance your worlds with some amazing scenery!  We've given you a lot to experiment with so get out there and give nature a boost!

Also included in this update were a whole lot of bug fixes!

You can find the full patch details over at our forums (  Our forums are also a great place to come chat with us or give us feedback.

As always, thank you for your continued support!

- MyDream team

MyDream Released!

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MyDream update is now available for download at! This update brings some exciting new features to the MyDream universe. What’s new? 


 Now you can rate worlds that you enter from 1-5 stars. You can change your rating whenever you like so if someone improves their world you can go back and give them a higher rating. Top rated worlds by the community will even be featured on our Home Screen! Can you rise to the top? 

 New Traps 

 The worlds of MyDream just got a little more hazardous. We’ve added in some new traps: Dragon turrets, Spike traps, and Dart shooters! Take your quests and worlds to the next level with these new items! 


 Tired of that pesky sun bearing down on you while you work on new worlds? Come get some shade under our new trees. All new oasis and mountain worlds will now have forests in them! 

To top it all off, we’ve also drastically improved our loading times! So come on over and check out our latest release! 

 P.S. - The log-in screen changed from entering your e-mail address to your User Name. Don’t get tricked! 

 - MyDream team

Major update has been released!


Hello MyDream supporters! We’re very proud to announce that update has been released and is now available for download at

 Highlights from the new release: 

  • New Home Screen to help you navigate the MyDream Multiverse 
  • New Tutorial to help new players learn the controls and features of the game 
  • Geocaching - Hide geo-caches in your world for others to find! 
  • New terraforming glove! Not a fan of the old glove? Well we replaced it with something much better! And it spins! Spinny things are always better! 
  • Improved network - No more choppy animations from other players 
  • World deletion 
  • Overhaul of the UI in the game 
  • Two digging intensities: low and high 
  • As always, new materials and placeable items 

 We hope you all enjoy the new update and we can’t wait to see you in-game! 


MyDream Team

MyDream Community Event Wednesday!

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Hello MyDream supporters and friends,

One of the nice things about developing MyDream is that we get to see the game progression on a daily basis.  

Since we first released the beta of MyDream we have literally made hundreds of feature, gameplay and material changes to the game. So if you haven't checked in on the game for a while, now is a great time!

Our latest release contains one of the major features we promised during our Kickstarter campaign: "Build your own quest"

It still has a long way to go, but it is already really fun to mess around with. 

To celebrate, we are having a virtual questing party! 

Time: Wednesday 3:00pm - 5:00pm PDT! (that means 6:00pm for your EDT folks)

Place: Questville (search for it in-game)

 Want to join us? 

1. Download & Install the latest build of the game ( --username: backer, password: createyourdream14

2. Log into the game and join the world "QUESTVILLE" 

3. Chat with devs, create quests, play quests, have fun!

We even took the time to make a cheesy Evite for this event:

This event is open to all, so tell your friends! See you in-game on Wednesday!


Matt from MyDream