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Corn and the Colonels are a Pan-American string band based in Durham, NC.  We want to record our first studio album!
Corn and the Colonels are a Pan-American string band based in Durham, NC. We want to record our first studio album!
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71 backers pledged $1,849 to help bring this project to life.

86% funded and not even half way there!

Dear Colonel backers,

First, we want to say a big "Thank you" to all of you who have shown us your support and thrown a bit in the bucket.  We are less than half-way through our 30 day campaign and we are already 86% of the way to our goal of $1,500.  We have received support from 43 backers! We are so touched that there are that many of you out there that believe in this project and have proven that you want to help see it through to it's completion. We are more than grateful to each and every one of you and can't wait to get you your rewards. 

Those of you who have given and those of you who are still considering might be a bit curious about how all this money will be spent.  So here's how it gets spent:

Recording: Where we sit in a studio and play our instruments into electrified magnets, the signal passes through a cable that goes into a big machine, ect. ect. The sound engineer and the studio both need to be paid.

Mastering: Where they take all of the individual recordings and mix them together, sprinkle in a heroic portion of autotune, pour in a baking dish, stuff in a preheated oven, set the timer and voila! Again, the sound engineer and studio will need to be paid.

Jacket Design: We want to make sure this album looks as awesome as it sounds. We will need to pay the graphic artist.

Printing/Production: The goal is to make a CD. We are envisioning a kick-ass cardboard full color jacket with an awesome cover you can pour over while copying the CD into your computer right after you get it.  You might then want to put the jacket in a frame or have a puzzle made out of it.  You might want to heavily shallack it and make it into a belt buckle or pin you can wear to our shows or on other special occasions. The choice will be yours.  And of course, the CD that will be stuffed into said jacket will also need to be duplicated and printed. 

Digital Distribution: We are committed to sharing our recordings through a variety of means. There are many people who would gladly do away with the physical world entirely but for a small interactive touch-screen and some headphones. For you, we will need to pay an online host to keep and make available our digitized recordings.

Packaging and Postage: And then there are those of you who hang on to the relics of the past whether out of nostalgia for days gone by or befuddlement with these days we got right here. In either case, we totally understand where you are coming from.  For you, we will carefully package and hand over to the postman these lovely objects to be delivered to your doorstep. 

Well, that' about it.  If you have any questions or need some clarification just send us a note. 

19% remains until we are fully funded. To those of you who have yet to give, now is a great time. The call lines are always open.  Maybe this little note with all of its answers will help you make your mind up if you were on the fence.  If you have already given and your trying to convince your friends and family to also get involved, hopefully this email will help you answer their tough questions.  Either way, we love you, we love entertaining you and look forward to sharing this success with you. 

Thanks so much!

Corn and the Colonels


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