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$20,954 pledged of $300,000 goal
By Bloom Smart™
$20,954 pledged of $300,000 goal

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    1. Bloom Smart™ Creator on March 2

      @Chind Chung Ho - Bloom Smart and Google Clips share some similarities... we both leverage facial recognition and machine learning to evolve camera intelligence. This is what allows both Bloom and Google Clips to recognize people after being introduced to them. We also have many differences, not necessarily out of intentionality to be different, but because we have approached our products in very different ways. Bloom is a module, multi-camera system whereas Google Clips is one camera. Google Clips has an internal storage capacity of 16GB , Bloom will utilize cloud-based storage and unlimited space is part of our product features. One of the major differences is that Google clips records without video and in a MP4/JPG/GIF format, they are motion photos. Bloom records in 1080p HD, with audio and soundtrack additions to all video memories (at the user's preference). There are certainly many more differences and we intend to publish an update soon with what all those differences are. I'll be sure to tweet it to you when it's published! Thanks for asking this question. Google has a great product in Clips and its exciting for us to see the entire smart camera industry highlighted because of them. - Lindsey @ Bloom

    2. Ching Chung Ho
      on March 1

      Bloom has the similar ideas to Google Clips ?

    3. Ching Chung Ho
      on March 1

      Bloom has the similar ideas to Google Clips >

    4. Bloom Smart™ Creator on February 26

      @Win MyintOo - We saw your question on Twitter, too. Data is cloud hosted so multiple data centers are located around the globe to ensure speed and reliability for Bloom users located around the world.

    5. Missing avatar

      Win MyintOo on February 26

      Where is bloom's data center?

    6. Bloom Smart™ Creator on February 25

      @Steven Ramirez - I'd say the more accurate way to see Bloom is that it firstly records family moments, and second it has some features that help keep an eye out for unusual activity in the rooms of your home where Bloom cameras are set. But Bloom isn't designed as a security camera system although our smart alerts are a security-like feature. Specifically, Bloom cameras do not record all the time and only footage of family moments can be viewed later in the app. Real-time monitoring is intentionally not a feature of Bloom right now. Thanks for checking with us on this note, and thanks for your interest in Bloom! -Lindsey @ Bloom

    7. Missing avatar

      Steven Ramirez
      on February 24

      I assume this can also be used as a security camera while also for family moments. I've been looking for security cameras since having kids and being able to also record special moments is a big plus.

    8. Bloom Smart™ Creator on February 16

      Hello Jan! Thank you for your questions. The current system supports full 1080p only, but increasing the video resolution is something we are exploring. We intend to make all the camera designs available to all backers, solicit and incorporate feedback and then let you decide the final design!

    9. Jan Calloway
      on February 15

      Any chance of 4K or 2.7K video recording?

    10. Jan Calloway
      on February 15

      I’m more interested in the cameras. I like the designs of 1 and 3. With 1 I like that there is a horizontal pivot in the base, will it be motorized? With their be a verticals pivot attached to the camera? With 3, it looks manual as far as placement, will it be tripod mountable? Or have a GoPro type attachment?