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CNC machined aluminum mount for smartphones and smartwatches. The easiest way to mount mobile devices.
CNC machined aluminum mount for smartphones and smartwatches. The easiest way to mount mobile devices.
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2,690 backers pledged $225,347 to help bring this project to life.

Must Read: Very Important (Thank You!!! + Credit Card Payments + Ordering Extra eleMounts)

Posted by ele (Creator)

Hi Everyone, 

Thank You!!! We did it!!

We just wanted to thank everyone who helped bring this project to life whether it was by backing the project, spreading the word, or both! We couldn't be happier for the incredible support that we have received in the last 2 months!

Thanks to everyone we we became the #74 most funded project in the design section while raising $225,347! So thank you so much!

Now that the funding part is over we are one step closer to bringing the eleMount to reality and we couldn't be more excited! There are plenty more of exciting things to come and we're glad everyone has joined us on this journey. 

The eleMount has become such a hit that ABC 7 ran a small segment on tv the other day! Check out the video below! 

Again, thank you so much for everything so far!


So everyone's credit card should have been charged right when the project ended. If your credit card has not been charged please make sure to check your amazon account to see why your credit card was not charged. You only have until Thursday October 10 to correct these credit card errors or else you will be dropped as a backer. Below is the message we received from Kickstarter regarding this (PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO FIX THIS). From our end we could see that 200 backer's credit card payments failed for some reason. 

Kickstarter Message "If, for whatever reason, some of your backers’ cards are declined, we send them an email every 48 hours with a link to fix the issue. Backers have 7 days to fix their pledges, whether that means fixing a few numbers on the card they entered or trying a new card altogether. You can track the status of your pledges in your Backer Report. Declined pledges will show up as “errored” and any pledge that doesn’t get fixed within 7 days will become “dropped.” It’s normal for projects to have a few errored pledges."


Ordering extra eleMounts + Changing orders 

Lastly, we have received a ton of messages asking us if you could order more eleMounts because there wasn't an option on the Kickstarter page to do that. The answer is yes. We are in the process of setting this up. In about 2 days we will be sending out survey that will collect everyones address and you will also receive and invite to confirm your order through Backerkit. Backerkit will allow you to add additional items, chose colors, and add international shipping if you forgot. We also unlocked the gold mount, so if you weren't able to switch your pledge to the gold mount you will be able to do that there. 

Next update: In about 2 days

We will be sending out a very important update in about 2 days to confirm your order so please look out for that. The sooner this gets done the sooner we could give our factory the  final count for production. 

Thank you!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Calvin on

      @pradeep you may have to check on the Kickstarter website, not a mobile device. I saw it on under "Me" & then "My backer history". Hope this helps :-)

    2. Missing avatar

      leslie timmins on

      @ lee marrett- yes, "J & M Company 2010, LLC" is elemount.

      @ kent- im not sure about this, but my payment went through with amazon and i recieved a confirmation email from amazon saying the payment is completed. if the money hasnt been taken from your account, i would advise you contact kickstarter and amazon as well to make make sure its rectified. you only have a day left until backers that havent paid are dropped as a backer for this project

    3. Missing avatar

      Pradeep on

      Hi Guys, Where can I see the "pledge" status, like some you are referring to?

    4. Lee on

      Are you "J & M Company 2010, LLC" ? Please update this page to at least include some details of how to make sure the payment went through. For those of us with a number of kickstarter projects backed it's hard to see you when you don't have your project name included in the payment details!

    5. Kent Bateman on

      Hi Guys...My "Pledge Status" says "collected" so I'm assuming all is good. Although I have not had any money taken from my Credit Card from Amazon yet. Am I alright?

    6. Missing avatar

      Calvin on

      @leslie thx for that but I couldn't find Amazon's contact details so I sent the Kickstarter support an email & several hours later, the payment just went through! Talk about a bit of a lag :-P thx for the advice though :-)

    7. Missing avatar

      leslie timmins on

      @calvin- i am not entirely sure, but i think you should contact amazon asap, since we go through them to make the payment.

    8. Missing avatar

      Calvin on

      Has anyone been having issues with the payment going through? My pledge status is still on "Pledged". Does anyone know how to fix this? Thx.