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CNC machined aluminum mount for smartphones and smartwatches. The easiest way to mount mobile devices.
CNC machined aluminum mount for smartphones and smartwatches. The easiest way to mount mobile devices.
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LAST CALL!!!! PROJECT ENDS TOMORROW October 4!!! Less than 25K to unlock Gold eleMount

Posted by ele (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

We just wanted to let you know that our project ends tomorrow October 4 at 11PM CDT (Chicago Time)!! Please make sure you have chosen the correct reward.

We are less than $25,000 away from reaching our stretch goal of $200,000 to unlock the Gold eleMount! Since yesterday we have made about $20,000 so we are inching closer!!! 


We want to thank the projects below who helped us gain this exposure in the last 2 days. Without them this big spike couldn't have been possible. If you like them please back them too!!

Hale Dreamer – The Hale Dreamer is an alarm dock for Android phones that can help you get more sleep. When someone calls, the app-powered SmartSilence feature can send them an SMS to ask if it's an emergency. You won't be disturbed unless it's a truly important call. The Dreamer also has the only snooze button that works with your phone, alongside integrated volume and brightness controls. If you use your phone as your alarm clock, the Dreamer is going to make waking up a whole lot better.

GIR Spatula - Mini, Skinny, Pro- If you like cooking this is the spatula for you. There hasn't been a perfect spatula until now! The GIR Spatula is that spatula that you've been looking for. GIR Spatula sports a unibody silicone construction, is heat resistant to 464°F, it's easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and nearly indestructible. We've been using this for quite some time now and we gotta tell you, this is the best spatula ever made and a must have in the kitchen, you wont regret it!  (Hurry ends in a couple days)

iSketchnote: from pen and paper to your iPad - iSketchnote is a smart iPad cover that integrates a new digitizing technology with the convenience of a notebook. This is perfect for those who like sketching and drawing up ideas and want to transfer it to their iPad. We wish we had this when we were designing our eleMount. (Hurry ends in a couple days)

AppTag Laser Tag - is now raising funds on Kickstarter for a huge update to electronics and gameplay. With AppTag, your phone becomes an awesome heads up display, showing laser effects and targeting info. AppTag game servers keep score, track your health, ammo and enemy kills, it even updates your screen in real time. AppTag comes with free multiplayer games for iOS or Android, you can battle 1000's of other players in a single game!


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    1. ele Creator on

      A ton of people emailed us to get a gold mount out. This is the most realistic stretch goal we could do right now. Sorry.

    2. Andreas Michalski on

      who wants gold ? this is a useless stretch goal for everybody without a gold device... dont you have a better stretch goal to offer where everybody has a benefit from ????