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CNC machined aluminum mount for smartphones and smartwatches. The easiest way to mount mobile devices.
CNC machined aluminum mount for smartphones and smartwatches. The easiest way to mount mobile devices.
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Stretch Goal: Reach $200,000 to Unlock the Golden elɘMount!!!

Posted by ele (Creator)

Hi Guys, 

Everyone has been asking for it and we want to give it to you!

If we reach $200,000 you will unlock the the Gold color elɘMount!!

…Just Imagine a Golden pedestal for your Gold iPhone!

We can't do this without your help, so please share the project any way you can!

Twitter, Facebook, reddit, pinterest, blogs, ask your favorite blogger….. just anyway you can!

We have 9 days left!! 


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    1. Lester Hein on

      Agree with some of the other comments - this means nothing to me as an Android user. Would prefer a cover of some sort for the additional pads I ordered or even better additional pads for the OG Elemount. I don't care if I have to stick the new pad on top of the old pad, as long as my Elemount isn't rendered useless in a couple of months

    2. Johan Gårdemark on

      @ele » Sounds really good, hope that we'll manage to get $200k then!

    3. ele Creator on

      @Leslie @Joshua @Van
      So we looked into offering the caps how many people suggested. They are still do-able, but until after Kickstarter. Right now if we offer caps they will delay the project. Not so much delay the project but the people who want caps will have to wait until they are produced.
      We really don't know how long backers will have to wait but it might push their delivery time by a month. Maybe even more if we spill over into the Chinese New Year.

      Also, if we offer caps they will be cnc machined aluminum caps. This will be the fastest way to offer caps. These caps will not be free. They will be an add on since we cannot absorb the cost of the production or the extra shipping cost.

      We are aware how much we have raised so far. In reality it doesn't mean we have that many extra funds. It just means we have to spend 14X more than before. More funding means we have to produce more mounts. We also don't get a lower cost since we are producing more. When products are cnc machined the price doesn't go down until you produce a ton of units. It's not like plastic where you let the machine run longer. When you cnc machine products you still have to manually add each aluminum rod to the machine.

      Also, offering caps that are not made by us is against Kickstarter rules.

      We decided to offer the gold mount because it won't delay the project at all, which is our main objective.

      We hope that makes sense and clarifies this a little more.

      Again, don't rule out the caps just yet. We're going to try to offer them once we send out the surveys.

    4. Missing avatar

      Joshua Zide on

      Is there a reason something like this (found in 2 minutes of googling "plastic end caps" wouldn't work? If it WOULD work, the order quantities might be larger than we can do as individuals, but practical for a bulk order.

    5. Van Nguyen on

      I would agree to several other pledgers and I'd rather opt for protective caps because I know for a fact that these sorts of pads get extremely dirty even when left I'm the glovebox of any vehicle.

    6. Missing avatar

      Joshua Zide on

      I agree with @leslie timmins, and I suspect most backers would as well; given that you are ~1400% funded, it seems reasonable to assume that your per-unit costs have decreased enough that some sort of protective cap should be feasible without harming your budget/profitability. I would bet (and have said before) that simple plastic covers are likely commercially available at a very low cost, but would require a bit of effort for you to find them. I would very much like it for you to put forth that effort, especially because a gold version only impacts a small fraction of backers who have/want a gold iPhone.

    7. Missing avatar

      leslie timmins on

      @ ele- this a great stretch goal, however i think protective caps to protect the sticky sides of the elemount would be a more essential, practical and needed stretch goal than just having another color option that matches the gold iphone 5s and it doesn't really make a difference to android users...personally i think the black and silver color options are better than a gold one...however this is only my opinion..

    8. MOKU on

      That's what it means... $200,000 and we have switch to the Gold eleMount...

    9. Jairo fonseca on

      hey just wanna make sure about something if we pledge for a black can we change color and get the gold or we have to buy another?

    10. MOKU on

      Come on $200K

    11. JOe CHávez on

      Okay, I'm in for another $10 ($119 early bird + $20 four elepads) toward the stretch. I would really love a gold elemount for my gold 5s!

    12. ele Creator on

      No we actually haven't. But we do use a leather case with our iPad so it should work. Watch this video and you could see that we use a couple leather cases.

    13. Kevin on

      Quick question: have you guys tested the elemount on the new leather cases for the 5Ss yet?