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CNC machined aluminum mount for smartphones and smartwatches. The easiest way to mount mobile devices.
CNC machined aluminum mount for smartphones and smartwatches. The easiest way to mount mobile devices.
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iPhone 5S/5C are compatible with eleMount/eleMount mini!

Posted by ele (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

First, we would like to thank you for your continued support. We've come a far way and couldn't have done it without you.

Just as the world has been waiting for the new iPhone announcement, so have we. Now that we've seen what Apple has been working on we are very happy to announce that the eleMount and eleMount mini are fully compatible with the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C without an issue. With our edgeless future proof design, the eleMount and eleMount mini hold nearly all devices and gadgets out there.

What we are really excited about is the upgraded iPhone 5S camera! From the f2.2 aperture for better lowlighting to the dual LED flash and DSLR-like polish, we think the eleMount/eleMount mini will be the best companion to anyone out there serious about their photography. Take your eleMount put your iPhone on it and place it on almost anything! Plus use it with nearly every standard tripod and camera mount on the market. Now you've got a new and different angle on all of your videos and pictures. 

We're already planning on waiting in line for the new iPhone 5S so everyone here could get a first look at it with the eleMount/eleMount mini!

Quick Production Update:

So we just wanted to let everyone know that we just recieved some more elePad samples last week and they are stickier than before! We decided to increase the thickness of the elePads to ensure they are more tear resistant and much stickier! They're pretty awesome! We'll have an update showing you the updated pads!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sam Kirk on

      Thanks for the update...... Nice one....... And stickier pads..... Cool

      Sam. UK

    2. Michael Schmidt on

      That's great to hear about the cold weather, being up in Canada. We also hit -40C!

    3. ele Creator on

      We've tested this in -23C weather and it held up just the same as hot temperature. Last year in Chicago thats about the coldest that it got so we couldnt test it below that temp. But we could assure you it worked great!

    4. Brian Levinsen

      How about the other side of the scale. I live in Sweden and from time to time it get's below -40C (Same in F).

    5. ele Creator on

      Ha! We also had to get special adhesive to withstand temps reaching over 285F. It took alot of time searching for it but it was well worth it!

    6. Ad Herlihy on

      140F? Jeez. Your product is more durable than me then, I would pretty much melt in that.

    7. ele Creator on

      The elePads should be fine at those temps. It gets pretty hot here in Chicago and the pads have done well. For example today we hit about 96F and the pads worked flawlessly. It had to be about 140F in the car that was directly in the sun.

    8. Trip on

      I just thought of a concern;

      Will the pads handle well inside a car in extreme heat? I live in FL and plan on putting this on the dash of my car that can hit 150 degrees or more during the day.