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CNC machined aluminum mount for smartphones and smartwatches. The easiest way to mount mobile devices.
CNC machined aluminum mount for smartphones and smartwatches. The easiest way to mount mobile devices.
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New $10 On-the-Go elɘPad Reward / Add-on

Posted by ele (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

It's been nearly 2 weeks since we launched and we couldn't be happier with the support we've gotten. 

So we've received a ton of suggestions to offer new rewards / add-ons and we're proud to announce a new $10 pledge level and $10 reward add-on. We've taken everyone's suggestion and we think you'll be happy with this new reward / add-on.

For $10 you will receive a 2 pack of 3.5" (89mm) On-the-Go elɘPads! 

We think you're going to love these elɘPads when you're on-the-go. They're small enough that you could keep them in your pocket or in your purse/bag.

If you want this new reward you can add $10 to your pledge and we are offering FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING to existing pledges!

Vote on the design of the new reward!

So we want everyone to help us decide the design for the new reward. 

There are 2 options. 

  • 3.5" (89 mm) elɘPad with an elephant logo 
  • 3.5" (89 mm) elɘPad with the "elɘ" logo

We've set up a voting page here so please vote for which one you like best. 


  • Image 313334 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 313335 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 313336 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 313337 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1


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    1. ele Creator on

      @Jonny V
      sending you a message.

    2. Missing avatar

      Johnny V. on

      I like the idea of these as I always seem to be losing my keys. How long will these stay attached to, say, a fridge? Also I'm an early backer, so I just add $10 to my current amount correct?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      I'm an early backer (Limited Edition Black or Silver eleMount for $59) and want the 2-pack On-the-Go elɘPads. I've increased my pledge to total of $69, and I want to make sure I'll get them with the mount. Could you verify this is so?

    4. Aakash Mehta on

      I didn't fully understand the point of these on-the-go mounts.. can you show us a picture of them being used?

    5. ele Creator on

      @Doy @Tad
      You could add as many pads as you want. Just multiply your order accordingly. Thanks.

    6. Tad Helke on

      Agreed. Is love 4 as well...

    7. Doye

      Can I add $20 for (4) ele pads? Prease?

    8. ele Creator on

      @ Leon
      It sure does. Check out the video thats on our website! Works with life proof and otter box, and many more! Thanks

    9. Leon Bryan on

      I've been meaning to ask, does your product play well with the Lifeproof case? I know some similar kickstarter projects in the past have had issues with that.

    10. Missing avatar

      Daniel Kratzer on

      Just increase my pledge for this update. I chose the $69 + $20 (German destination) + $10 for the ele pocket pads :)

    11. ele Creator on

      You're good! Thanks for the support!

    12. Pandu Gunawan on

      Hi, so i just need to increase my pledge for another USD10? when i try to manage my pledge, they only allow me to choose one pledge. so i keep the original pledge (i took the USD129 option) and add shipping and the USD10. is that the correct way? thanks

    13. ele Creator on

      Thanks for your support!

    14. Karl Hedstrom

      Just increased my pledge for these!

    15. ele Creator on

      sending you a pm

    16. ele Creator on

      We'll post a video hopefully tomorrow or friday!

    17. Trip on

      I'd love to see a video to get a better idea...

    18. jinlu on

      How do I add the $10?, $69+10?

    19. ele Creator on

      Yes it will be strong enough! We've actually done that a couple times in the kitchen too.

    20. Grant on

      I think I'll use it to mount my ipad on the fridge, wall. Would it be strong enough?

    21. ele Creator on

      Those are great ideas! We've used them like that too. I like putting my keys on the wall with my headphones so I don't misplace them. I'll post some pics of what you could do later. I'll prob post another update for those who still have questions! Thanks for the suggestions

    22. Karl Hedstrom

      A few uses I can think of are to hold a small flashlight as you work on something freeing up a hand. Temporarily holding some screws, brackets, etc. as you assemble a bookcase or something from IKEA. Working at the top of a ladder to stick those small items and light tools you need for easy access.

    23. ele Creator on

      @ Nick
      The elePads on the eleMount and eleMount mini measure only 2in (52mm). These On-the-Go elePads measure 3.5in which is a very big difference.

      These new On-the-go elePads are when you just want to stick something on the go and dont want to carry around the mount. You also have to note that the elemount allow you to rotate your phone and mount it on camera tripods. These pads wont allow rotation since theres no ball/joint

    24. Djayawarman Alamprabu

      Please add picture on how it is easy to carry, fit on smaller places and stick to anything. off course with comparison with the old elle mount. That would give us a lot more understanding than reading this update, thanks.

    25. ele Creator on

      Yes these are sticky on both sides. There will not be a case. You can just stick them in a pocket or bag. It would be too costly to make a case for this.

    26. Missing avatar

      Debbie Lee on

      I have the same questions as some others. Do we use them to stick our smartphones/tablets to flat surfaces then? And how can we carry them around when we're not using them without them sticking to other things in our bags/pockets? Thanks!

    27. TeeGee on

      So can I use them to stick my iphone or ipad to a wall or to a dashboard?

    28. Nick Martin on

      So what do they do if they do not fit the eleMount or eleMount mini? Are they Velcro or just sticky plastic discs? What would I use them for & how is this Reward/Add-On relevant to the eleMount if they are not compatible with the eleMount?!

      All sounds a bit crazy?! Please can you explain further? Thanks!

    29. Karl Hedstrom

      So these are double sided sticky pads in either silver or black? Since they are portable do they come in some sort of container to store them when not in use?

    30. ele Creator on

      These are not replacements. They are add ons and they are much bigger so these do not fit the eleMount or eleMount mini.

    31. ele Creator on

      Ha! It's nicer with the logo trust us! We have some logo-less pads and they don't look that nice! Thats why we decided to add logos. I'll post some logo-less pics if you want to see the difference.

    32. Lindsay Cullen

      Cool stuff! I added my $10 and voted for the pachyderm!

    33. Missing avatar

      Ben Willmore on

      I'd like to vote for pad that have no graphics at all.

      I see way tooooo many logos every day and I really don't want to stare at another one.

      Would pay extra to have the ultimate in simplicity... no logo or graphics at all!

    34. ele Creator on

      @Court @Jerry @ Deborah

      These new 3.5" elePads are much bigger than the elePads on the eleMount and eleMount mini. They are made out of the same material an work the same. The convenience of the these On-the-go elePads is that they are easy to carry and they fit in smaller places. It obviously won't have the same functions as the full eleMount but these are nice to carry around and stick anything to them.

    35. Missing avatar

      deborah stuart on

      What is an elepad -- you don't explain and I have no idea how it would be used. Want to support you....but hard to do when you offer no info!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Jerry Dallal on

      Court+1 How long are the originals expected to last? If not intended as replacements, can you offer some suggestions about how they might be used?

    37. Trip on

      So these are replacement pads for the mount then?

    38. Chris Marion on

      How do I add the $10?!