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CNC machined aluminum mount for smartphones and smartwatches. The easiest way to mount mobile devices.
CNC machined aluminum mount for smartphones and smartwatches. The easiest way to mount mobile devices.
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How does eleMount work?

Posted by ele (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

First I want to thank everyone for all their support! It's been amazing and we're glad you could join us on this journey. 

So the point of this update is to show everyone how the eleMount actually works. Below are 3 of the most asked questions we've gotten and we hope this video will answer those questions. 

Q1: How do you stick eleMount?

A: Simply apply pressure to the pad and it will stick. It's really that easy!

Q2: How do you take eleMount off?

There are 2 ways. You could either rock it back and forth or you could twist it off. 

Q3: Does eleMount work with cases and different surfaces?

Yes, eleMount works with most cases. There are thousands of different cases out there so we realistically can't test them all out, but we have tested the most popular cases like Otter Box and LifePoof and they work great with the eleMount. 

Below is the video so you can see how easy it is to stick devices on the mount. (warning: there's no music or voices so feel free to play your own music!)

Also, please be sure to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. We will have shorter more frequent updates there. Again thank you so much for the support!


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    1. Missing avatar

      William Todoro on

      Does not work! Will NOT stick to any surface!
      Would like a remedy or a refund!

    2. ele Creator on

      No washing them does not degrade the elePads.

      We believe you are using nano suction pads as well. Nano suction pads aren't really supposed to get wet because the tiny holes in the pads will fill up with water like a sponge.

    3. ele Creator on

      Thanks for that response.

      So we don't clean them that often. When we do we use regular tap water.

      We think what you're using is nano suction which is a very different material than the elePads.

    4. Karl Hedstrom

      From the public KS comments for this project:

      Creator ele on Aug 6
      You don't need to replace the pads. After a whole if use they do collect some dust. Running them under water will restore them back to new. We've tested these pads in -20F to 140F degree weather and they worked perfect. Temperate does not affect the stickiness.

    5. William Wright on

      Love how it sticks to cases & shake test is impressive. I had a stand that almost did the same thing, but the pad got dirty & u had to clean it with scotch tape & Very Tedious.

    6. Paul Proshin on

      ele, thanks but as far as I did experienced the materials like that, simple rinsing doesn't restores the adhesive to the 100%. It degrades anyway. Is this material will degrade?

    7. Rob Maier on

      Same question as Paul, how long will the stickiness last after it gathers dust. Or will is this some kind of new material?

    8. MOKU on

      Good update... The shake test...

    9. ele Creator on

      In a future video update we will show how to restore the the pads back to new. We wanted to show everyone in this update first how they work. To answer your question about additional sticky pads. They are actually very difficult to apply and use a fairly expensive adhesive to stick them on the mount, so there wont be anyway to provide additional pads. Hope that helps. Thanks

    10. ele Creator on

      @Won Lee
      Hope you liked it! We made sure to gather as many devices to show how universal it is!

    11. Paul Proshin on

      Looks nice, the one thing that bothers me is how long it will last without loosing stickiness? Would you supply additional set of the stick pads?

    12. ele Creator on

      Thanks! I hope that showed a bit more than the original video!

    13. Doye

      Sighhh of relief

    14. ele Creator on

      Thanks! We are working to see what we could offer! Give us some time to gather more info and we'll keep you posted! Thanks for the support!

    15. Trip on

      Awesome! Any plans for stretch goals!?