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Get the benefits of standing, while you relax in total comfort. Lean Chair lets you focus on your WORK... not on your aching legs!
Get the benefits of standing, while you relax in total comfort. Lean Chair lets you focus on your WORK... not on your aching legs!
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    1. Missing avatar

      on June 6, 2018

      There was a very small comment posted on fb a couple of days ago about wayne still dealing with packaging. Hopefully soon

    2. Missing avatar

      Zed on June 5, 2018

      #254 and not heard a word about this yet. No updates on their facebook since March either. Getting concerned

    3. rockyromero on June 4, 2018

      Does anyone else suspect trouble in Leanchair paradise?

      Money? Product components? Staffing?


      Anyone have positive thoughts?

      Or news?

    4. Missing avatar

      sang chung on May 31, 2018

      my backer no. is #271 and it has been almost 3years now. no response against messages.
      Worst Worst Worst...

    5. Missing avatar

      Rebecca J Hoffman on May 12, 2018

      Just in case the latest update is true, does anybody want to buy my LeanChair? I am no longer particularly enthusiastic about it since I had to set up my home office without it more than than two years ago. If you are still enthusiastic and want a second one, let me know and I'll see what I can set up when the time comes for delivery.

    6. CalamityOne on May 10, 2018

      Go Team LeanChair! \o/ \o/

    7. Missing avatar

      Shawn on May 3, 2018

      Has anyone received any communication asking about shipping address or anything at all?

      Has it really been 2 years, 9 months, 21 days?

    8. rockyromero on May 3, 2018

      Yes, my news is my number is 63 in place.

      Less than great news is my number is 63 in place.

      Shipping at one a month may mean that I have 63 more moths to wait.


    9. Missing avatar

      Robert Garrow on May 1, 2018

      Hrm...backed this to help out the Mrs. She's managed to go through 5 surgeries, recovery time and physical therapy before getting a chair that she will no longer need. If it shows up, looks like it is going direct to ebay...

    10. Missing avatar

      on April 25, 2018

      Thanks Jaison. I did see the post on facebook last month and was hoping that delivery had started for some lucky backers but I suspect if that was the case we would have heard something from a backer. looks like we are delayed again.

    11. Jaison Green on April 24, 2018

      PS: They have posted a lot more information on Facebook. That is where they announced the shipping of LeanChairs.

    12. Jaison Green on April 24, 2018

      I am curious as well. They announced that LeanChairs were starting to ship out a month ago. And then complete radio silence. These guys are the worst at updates. It literally takes 5 minutes to post something.

    13. Missing avatar

      on April 24, 2018

      So has anybody received their new leanchair?

    14. Carsten Breum on April 21, 2018

      Hope to get this in Denmark before this summer. Is it realistic?

    15. Missing avatar

      on April 10, 2018

      Your backer number may not help if you are an international backer. I'm sure wayne previously said that leanchairs would be delivered to the USA first.

    16. David Hazlehurst on April 9, 2018

      Hi Anjana... you can find your Backer number by using the "View Pledge" button on this page (top right of this comments listing). Scroll down to the bottom of the window that pops up when you click that button.

    17. Anjana Gaurev on March 30, 2018

      Hi, I was wondering what is my number in the queue. When can I expect my LeanChair?

      Thank you!
      Anjana Chandel

    18. rockyromero on March 26, 2018

      This is great news as my number is 63 in place.

    19. David Hazlehurst on March 26, 2018

      found answer to my own question.. I should have scrolled first!

      See posting from July 27th : "Wayne has asked me to reach out to every backer again just prior to shipment to confirm address etc".

    20. David Hazlehurst on March 26, 2018

      Indeed. Cue the (natural) concerns about being available to receive delivery, especially those of us overseas.

      @Wayne - i'm sure its already part of your plans (as recall something a while back about someone having moved so needed to confirm a new shipping address), but in some cases people (like me) may have perhaps booked holidays in the next month or two, so ideally would need to arrange delivery around that. Should we email you details or will be contacting each backer first to confirm before shipping? Does KS gives you an option of another survey form for it maybe?

      Anyway, Congrats - progress, tunnels/light, etc :)

    21. CalamityOne on March 26, 2018

      Exciting update on Facebook, looks like the countdown has started! :)

    22. Missing avatar

      sang chung on March 20, 2018

      My pledge no. is 271 and I'm still waitng for chair. It has been 2years and 8months now.
      Can you update?

    23. Missing avatar

      Shawn on March 13, 2018

      If it makes anyone feel better, my pledge number is 317 of 313. I will probably be the absolute last one to get a LeanChair.

    24. Missing avatar

      David Greene on March 12, 2018

      Hi, I paid the max pledge to get the earliest estimated delivery of October 2015. Below, you said a few LeanChairs went out in February, and many more in March, but I did not receive mine yet. I really expected to be among the first. Has anyone received a LeanChair, and when can I expect mine?

    25. Wayne Yeager Creator on February 18, 2018

      There will be a few LeanChairs going out this month, but many more in March.

      I really expected it to be last month, but on one particular part we had to go
      from CNC high-def plasma to CNC laser because we just couldn't get the close
      tolerance required. We ordered 100 pieces (enough for 50 LeanChairs), just
      to confirm it would work, and we've done that. So we'll be ordering more.
      I just didn't want to spend the money without confirming it.

      One other thing is that we're powder coating (like painting, but with powder
      that melts under high heat) 40 parts per LeanChair, and that's just an outrageous
      number of parts and very time-consuming. So the only way to speed that up is to
      outsource that, which I'm working on. We'll do it in-house in the meantime, because
      we do have the equipment, but if I can get that solved, things will speed up tremendously.

      That's the low-hanging fruit. The next big process improvement will be to move
      out of our dinky shop into our new facility. 10 miles away, but 10x the size.
      But there's a time cost for doing that. I have a plan, though. We'll pre-make a bunch
      of parts on one piece of equipment, and then move just that piece of equipment.
      And then repeat until we have all the equipment in the new place.

      Every subsequent batch will go faster than the previous one. I'll be very suprised
      if we can't reliably produce 10/week during March, then 20/week in April and May.
      That'll pretty much take care of the KS backers.

    26. Missing avatar

      Shawn Chory on February 11, 2018

      Hello Wayne and backers.

      I'm a bit frustrated and concerned. I backed this project 2.5 years ago. I was suppose to receive the desk in Dec. 2015. We are now mid-February 2018. I'm at the point where I either want the desk or want my money refunded. Please help me to proceed one way or the other. I'm tired of waiting. -Shawn

    27. Elissa Heyman on January 18, 2018

      Hi Wayne,
      Are there any approximate shipping dates you can provide for planning purposes this year?
      Elissa Heyman 828 E. Palace Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87501

    28. Wayne Yeager Creator on January 17, 2018

      Just to follow up... we do the metal and tubing parts in an un-insulated building w/o central heat, and it's just been impossibly cold the last week or so. -1 degrees (F) last night. It's super-cheap, but it really cuts into productivity when you can't feel your toes. We're going to be moving to another, bigger/better space shortly, but not until we've shipped the majority of Kickstarter orders.

    29. Wayne Yeager Creator on January 17, 2018

      Hi Newguy, here's what I said...

      "I suspect future updates will just be personal updates for users to indicate approx shipping date, eg. because issues have been worked out and at this point it’s just about production speed and where you fall on the list. We’ve had a much needed holiday break but will be diving back in this week producing LeanChairs."

    30. Missing avatar

      on January 17, 2018

      Stephen, would you mind posting wayne response, I don't have a facebook acount and can't see the post. Thank you

    31. Stephen on January 16, 2018

      I have reached out on facebook and got a response from Wayne. Here's a link to the post:…

    32. Carsten Breum on January 15, 2018

      Hi Wayne

      It would be great with an update of the current status of the project.

    33. Missing avatar

      on January 5, 2018

      Rocky I've no idea what the delays are. I have to confess I really don't think its money issues. Wayne had a rather healthy waiting list. If he need money he could have opend up orders and watched the dollers rolling in.

      Hopefully we will get an update shortly - I am an optimist.

    34. rockyromero on January 1, 2018

      It’s now the new 2018.

      Clearly funding issues are affecting the shipment of the Leanchair.

      Hopefully, the finished product would be enough to search for an investor or distributor willing to step in with cash.

      Great product, no cash, and lacking a distribution system will delay deliveries.

      2018 will bring Leanchair hope for all of us.

    35. Missing avatar

      Rebecca J Hoffman on December 31, 2017

      I was hoping for a Lean Chair for my home office. Here we are looking at a new year. It looks like I'll be retired by the time the product ships, if indeed it ever does.

    36. Missing avatar

      on December 11, 2017

      I like your confidence Rocky - we can but hope

    37. rockyromero on December 10, 2017

      No words, great pics and videos, end of year.

      This can only mean that the Leanchair elves are busy for Christmas.

      Open up your chimneys for Leanchair deliveries.

      I’ve made plans for a placement in my office.

    38. Missing avatar

      on December 6, 2017

      Rocky I have been an extremely supportive backer
      over the last few years - especially with this project as I believe the concept is so good

      Unfortunately my success with kickstarter has been very poor. another project just annouced that they had run out of money. The project was delayed due to numerous redesigns and hey presto, another straight out loss for me

      I'm basically now putting in £5, for any projects that interest me, so that I can follow along and buy if it suceeds.

      So I'm afraid I cannont fully argree with you. I want this project to succeed and I would rate the chances of that happening at over 50%. If we get more regular updates I would be much more confident.

      Wayne has previously said that he prefers getting his hands dirty and getting problems sorted so that he can give backers the good news, rather than outlining the problems being faced.

      I just wish we got mhre regular updates, after all we did put in over a hundread thousand dollars

    39. rockyromero on December 6, 2017

      We can agree that we will get our promised Leanchairs.

      Looking back at the previous design, currently posted on the landing page, this latest rendition is much more preferable.

      Except for the lesser communications & prolonged delivery date, we will probably be more satisfied with the final Leanchair.

      There is nothing more that could be said to speed the process at this time.

      Shipments & deliveries will occur when deemed ready.

      When we are leaning on our Leanchairs, our backs will be thanking our emotions for the patience that was required.


    40. Missing avatar

      on December 4, 2017

      Shawn I appecite your thoughts about this project. If you had asked me a year ago, I would have told you that I was 100% confident that Wayne would deliver a truely great product.

      If you were to ask me the same question today, if I'm honest I'm less confident and now admit that there is a chance that this project could fail.

      I very much appecicate Wayne's efforts and I realise the toll this project has taken on him. When it comes down to it our health is the most important thing we have.

      When Wayne told us that he had got some help, I was delighted for him and thought we were at the final stages. For a while now I've been asking for more regular updates and unfortunately this has been ignored. I want to feel like I'm part of the journey. I'm not looking for long update, even a small update, that take less than 15 mins to write would help. It would make me feel like I was truely a backer and would remove my doubts

      For the avoidance of doubt this is not meant to be a dig at anyone. Kickstarter has been designed to allow open and honest commuication and I wanted to tell people how I currently feel.


    41. Missing avatar

      on December 4, 2017

      The pics and video look great and you have clearly now fixed the welding issue. I note the facebook update says that this is the production ready version being tested. When do you expect to start production.

      Please can you provide us with a timeline outlining when we are likely to get our chairs. I suspect until you start making them you will not fully know so even if you could say that this project will wrap up at the latestet by summer/xmas 2018.

      Thank you

    42. rockyromero on December 3, 2017

      It’s December. Just in time for the holidays.

      I don’t yet know if I need a Leanchair for Christmas.

      It would be a great start for a new 2018 year.

      The videos prove a great concept. No sense in rushing deliveries at this stage.

      Get phenomenal testimonials once out in the backs of fans and that will launch a profitable marketing campaign.

      My back can wait.

      10, 9, 8...

      OK, I waited.

    43. Shawn Grigson on November 26, 2017

      I should clarify, I *do* appreciate the attention to detail. I'm glad that Wayne is working on making a lasting piece of equipment. I like that it's not something cheap that was slapped together, with corners cut at every stage. I like that someone is really thinking about all of this.

      I guess I just assumed that a lot more of this had been thought of, and designed, in advance.

      Most updates amount to "yet another delay", sometimes followed by "It's almost ready to ship, we should have chairs going out soon!" continually promised, and extended...

      The truth is, Wayne, no one here knows when, and maybe even if, they are getting a LeanChair.

      People who had back problems 2+ years ago were looking for a solution, and liked this one.

      I doubt they've bought nothing to deal with their pains the last 2+ years. I'm sure they've come up with other alternatives, and spent money anyway, to the point where they may no longer even feel like they *need* a LeanChair.

      My ex-wife bought it for me as a birthday gift, back when we were still married. Since I moved out and had to replace all my furniture, I've bought a sit/stand adjustable desk, a stool that height adjusts (to rest against while standing), and a regular sitting chair.

      I still want the chair, at the least, to try it out at this point (and to finally receive my very-belated birthday present). But it increasingly feels like a unicorn. Something that I may receive someday, like something out of legend.

      I talked to people in my company about it, we all telecommute. I was going to show it off to them if I liked it. They might have ordered one themselves. That was over 2 years ago.

      I'm sure hearing complaining from people doesn't help, and I do not doubt that this has basically become your second life, working on the LeanChair. I'm sure it's hard, and stressful, and your health has probably suffered because of it, and I'm sorry for all of that. I truly appreciate your fighting spirit and your integrity in trying (despite evidently monumental difficulties) to deliver on your promises.

      But honestly, Wayne, no one has any idea (and we're increasingly convinced that you have no idea, either) when anyone who has backed this product will actually *receive* a LeanChair.

      I don't feel like it's rude to call that out.

      You need to sketch out some certainty for the backers of what the heck is going on, set a timeline, and deliver on it.

    44. rockyromero on November 25, 2017

      It’s a piece of art from an artist.

      Great attention to details.

      That will reward all of us.

    45. CalamityOne on November 24, 2017

      Not sure if this will link to the F'book post or not, but here goes:

    46. Shawn Grigson on November 24, 2017

      There's a certain point at which coming up on 3 years past estimated delivery is a bit ridiculous, don't you think? Of all the projects I've backed on Kickstarter, this is the one that has been the most routinely behind schedule, the most promises made that could not be delivered in time....and the one I've basically given up on.

      Deliver the chairs to your backers. Build up your business for future leanchairs if you want, but you will not have any other LeanChair orders unless you prove you can deliver for the people who helped this become a reality in the first place.

      Getting updates once every 2-3 months does not inspire confidence, either.

    47. Missing avatar

      Shawn on November 21, 2017

      Today I backed a Backstrong chair on Kickstarter, I wonder if I will get it before my Leanchair.

    48. Missing avatar

      on November 2, 2017

      Rockyromero, I know that feeling. also constantly check facebook for the promised update!

    49. rockyromero on November 1, 2017

      Every month for the last two years, I have hoped that it was THE month.

    50. Missing avatar

      on October 24, 2017

      Thanks David for the update.

      Wayne now that you have people helping you, can we please get more regular updates?

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