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Electrify your voice with the sound of any keyboard, guitar, or our smartphone App.  ESX-1, tubeless talkbox reimagined for the future!
Electrify your voice with the sound of any keyboard, guitar, or our smartphone App. ESX-1, tubeless talkbox reimagined for the future!
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How do I connect the ESX-1 to a……..

Posted by Bosko & Maya Kante (Creator)

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to connect the ESX-1 with other instruments and software. So here ya go! Pictures and video that show you how simple it is :)

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Replay with sound
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How to Connect to Guitar

Just connect directly from the guitar to the ElectroSpit with ¼” to ⅛” cable. 

How to Connect to Guitar with Distortion Pedal

For creative distortion or classic talkbox sound (Frampton, Rufus, etc), connect directly from the guitar to your favorite distortion pedal, then to the ElectroSpit with ¼” to ⅛” cable.

How to Connect to Synthesizer Keyboard

Just connect directly from the synthesizer to the ElectroSpit with ¼” to ⅛” cable. No microphone required to hear the sound...but of course you want a mic to play live and need a mic to record.

Please continue to ask us any questions and give us your feedback.  It really helps us improve ElectroSpit ESX-1 and helps us get important information out to everyone who's backing us.

Thank you for backing us and for all of your help sharing!  Because of you guys we are thinking about stretch goals.  What would you like to see us offer?  Let us know asap. We want to post something soon.

Bosko & Maya

Team ElectroSpit

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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Cruz on

      Granted, I made a bit of a jump in logic as far as the functionality of the app. It doesn't APPEAR as though the app is needed for the ESX-1 to function, but I obviously don't know that for sure. My apologies if I assumed wrong.

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael Cruz on

      Hey, I got something correct!

      Paul, I promise I'm not picking on you, but I think I can help explain another question for you. There is no "passing along the signal" downstream of the ESX-1. Your mouth is the "termination" of the signal path unless you choose to utilize a microphone for amplification or recording. With a talkbox, your mouth is the "speaker," therefore the terminus of the signal chain. You'd use a microphone to send the sound to an audio console/speaker or DAW if you want to record. The app is only there if you don't have an instrument to use as the original source of the sound. As shown in Bosko's photos, you don' t need the app if you already have an instrument.

    3. Paul Boos

      I like the idea of stretch goals: case would be my #1 choice, followed by some choices of color on the lights. I really think you should consider allowing people multiple downloads on devices anyway - just a license agreement that only one can be running at one time (something akin to what Microsoft used to do).

      Now, I want to see if I can confirm my connection understanding. I'm going to walkthrough how I think this would connect to my ancient Moog Liberation to see if I understand it (confirm it is possible). I would take the audio out of the Liberation synth and plug it into the ElectroSpit; I assume the ElectroSpit has a second audio out to continue passing along the signal? In between there is bluetooth to the phone for control via the software. (Neck device to phone.) I don't use DAW at all so I am trying to interpret how this would work.

    4. Robert Griffin on

      Just to clarify, when I say "LEDs" I mean the blue-colored area. Not actually sure if there are LEDs, that's just what it looked like at the start of the campaign video.

      (If there aren't LEDs, that'd be a cool feature).

    5. Robert Griffin on

      I came up with different ideas for stretch goals.

      1. Choice of colors, either for the body of the ESX-1, for the LED lights, or maybe both? (If I had to choose one, it’d be choice of LED color. I love red).

      2. Including a hard travel case with each ESX-1 that holds it securely in place (by having the inside cushions formed to the shape of the ESX-1).

      3. Allowing everyone who has pledged higher than “Early Bird” or "Flash Sale" price to add an additional $147 to receive an ADDITIONAL ESX-1 at "Super Early Bird" price.

      One more (not as excited about this one as the others, though):

      4. An additional free download of the app (in case we have different devices to use, or in case we change/upgrade phones). Not really sure how necessary this is, just a thought.

      Not sure why no one else is throwing out ideas. I'm super excited!