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Update #3

11 days left for IndieGogo campaign & new Juanita Guccione article


Dear Kickstarter community,

I'm writing to you because you had backed my project She Had Many Faces--for which the funding was unsuccessful. I have now been running a campaign on IndieGogo which is wonderful in that it allows artists to hold onto whatever is raised- (minus administration fees of course) regardless if a target is reached. 

There are 11 days left to raise money to be able to continue developing the film. Please have a look at the link:

If you are interested in learning more about who Juanita Guccione was and why she is important, check out this article

Thank you for helping to support and nurture creativity--which helps to keep culture alive in these times. All Best, Julie Praetzel 

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    My sincere gratitude and you get to feel good knowing you are helping to nurture a creative project.

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    A high resolution image of one of Juanita's paintings emailed to you, which you may print out.

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    A six-page color brochure featuring a essay on Juanita's life and work, written by her son, award-winning poet and novelist Djelloul Marbrook, as well as 8 beautiful images of her paintings.

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    copy of film once it is completed + your name in the credits + email updates + 2 high-res images emailed to you.

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    A portfolio of 12 "erotic and demonic" ink drawings entitled Eros and Laughter, completed in the last years of Juanita's life, when she had lost all but her peripheral vision. A very unique and memorable work.

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    A 30 1/2 " by 24" lithograph of painting entitled Street of Chance (image of can be emailed to you upon request)+name in the credits and copy of finished film.

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