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Toys That Kids Love!  Slotto is a New Wooden Toy Construction Set
Toys That Kids Love! Slotto is a New Wooden Toy Construction Set
387 backers pledged $36,058 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Robert Darling 2-time creator on

      Hi Arnold and everybody! If any of you have a set that you think is too tight I'd like you to try something. It's been very hot here in Oregon the past few weeks and often the inside of my locked Toyota gets really hot. I always have Slotto pieces in there and I noticed that they definitely get looser when their hot. I tried this once months ago but possibly not long enough. Bake the pieces! on low so they don't catch on fire. I tried it on low in my oven for 30 minutes and didn't notice much difference if any. If I had some that were too tight right now I'd try it again but I don't. I didn't try microwaving them either. I'm pretty sure if you baked them on low for a few hours you'd notice a difference. I've also noticed sets that have stayed in an air conditioned environment have become looser too.
      So thanks again all and if any of you try this and have any results please let me know. You're pledges definitely helped me get Slotto to this next level and hopefully this is just the beginning of bigger numbers of sets getting into the hands of kids everywhere.. Robert

    2. Robert Darling 2-time creator on

      Hi Arnold.. Glad the new sets are looser. If you'd like to soften the edges you can do it very easily with a fine grit sandpaper. Takes a while though...

      Thanks again for your support. 150,000 Slotto sets are going to be showing up in JC Penney, Kohl's, Bed Bath & Beyond and Groupon nationwide and in Canada in November! So your help and all the help from backers have moved Slotto up a significant notch.

    3. Arnold A Sitorus on

      Thanks Robert. I have received the replacement Slotto.
      Actually I've got notification from the post office two weeks a go but just have the time to pick it and pay the tax yesterday.
      The pieces works great, everything fit perfectly just as described. Only the feedback I can give is that the edge IMO are little too sharp to played by kids, even for me it's still feel too sharp although the perfect fit does give it much less possibility to cut hands than the previous too tight fitting ones.
      You are a kind and wonderful person to deal with and I wish you great businesses in the future.

    4. Robert Darling 2-time creator on

      Hi Arnold! I'm really sorry for the problem! I will be sending a replacement set this week. Some of the sets were made too tight and sent out before I caught the problem. In the last few months most of the sets have been made by my two employees and were most likely too tight. I've been concerned about how sets would react in different climates and yours is one of just a few that have had that problem. I will send another set and please let me know if it's better. I will get you one that works! Don't cut your fingers! Also, I'll include a stampled return envelope to put some of tight pieces in so I can see what you got. After all this wait I feel very bad.. I should get one out this week for sure.. Robert

    5. Arnold A Sitorus on

      Got my Slotto today. I'm very excited after all this months of waiting.
      After open it and trying to use it a while I have some issue about it.
      It's has a very precise cut and because it is made of wood and different climate in my place it become too tight to fit. It's very difficult to assemble and disassemble.
      The edges are very sharp! I manage to cut my hand when trying to prying off the pieces.
      The tightness of the fitting make it near impossible for my daughter to play with it. Even I find it too difficult to play with it myself.
      It is too dangerous to play because of the sharp edges. But it is indeed very high precision work of handcraft.
      I guess using other material as plastic will make it much safer, but then again it will defying the original concept of handcrafted toys.

    6. Joe Sullivan on

      Just got our kits!! Thanks so much, I wish you the best of luck in building your business further. You should set up a something on facebook or pinterest where everyone can share their creations.

    7. Missing avatar

      Monte Vista EEC/Brandi Corona on

      Hi Robert,

      I'm here in Los Angeles, CA and still have not received my kits. Can you please let me know what's going on.

      Brandi Corona
      Monte Vista EEC

    8. Missing avatar

      Siobhan Miura on

      Just got our box of Slotto!! Love, love, love this toy for children. My 5 year old daughter is on her way to discovering the endless possibilities for creation. Thank you Robert Darling! Wishing you wild success with this product!

    9. Missing avatar

      Anne Keery on

      Gave this to some relatives as a gift about two weeks ago and they really enjoyed it. They were really disappointed that they had to leave it at their grandma's house to keep their 10 month old sister away from the small pieces! Right off the bat they wanted the airplane, so I told them they had to get their Dad to help them (they are 6 and 3).

    10. Robert Darling 2-time creator on

      Set's are being shipped everyday guys.. They're coming... Thanks again for your help and your patience.. I will be looking for distributors in other countries so if you're interested let me know.
      I filed my final patent this last week as my provisional patent expires today. Got in under the wire. The international patent is coming next.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ewan Stoddart on

      Received last week in Sydney, Australia. Kids love it : )

    12. Arnold A Sitorus on

      @Jess Z. Maybe because he send it by backing time order and you are one of the last backers.
      Or you could check with your local post office. I haven't get mine either, but I'm international so I'm in a different situation.

    13. Jess Zimbabwe on

      Hi Robert: I'm in DC but I haven't received mine yet, though it looks like folks are getting them overseas. Should I be worried? Are you able to confirm when sets are shipped? Thanks.

    14. Soren Jensen on

      Received my set yesterday (Copenhagen, Denmark)! Slotto is very cool to play with! Thanks for a fun project!

    15. Missing avatar

      Tom S. Meier on

      Thanks Robert! I will be checking my mail.

    16. Robert Darling 2-time creator on

      Tom and everybody who's waiting... I'm shipping 60 sets this week and 75 next week. I've been interviewing people and making new and better jigs and getting all my insurance/licensing/tax stuff/attorneys/ in place and it's just more time consuming than I'd anticipated.. Andy and Tom are working full time and getting stuff right but I forgot to order the little hubcaps that i buy for the axles and we ran out.. We make everything but those and my supplier RAN OUT TOO! I found some at a retail store and bought all they had and the new ones are shipping today.. I appreciate everybody's patience and understanding.

      Thanks again, Robert

    17. Missing avatar

      Tom S. Meier on

      Any Idea when my shipment will be going out? Was hoping for last week, for someones Birthday, but I understand things don't always happen when we want them to ---Tom

    18. Robert Darling 2-time creator on

      Hello everybody.. I'm shipping some of the International pledges and the US Customs forms require a phone number! So if you're not in the USA please send me your phone numbers and if you haven't included the international shipping charges, I'm shipping to those who have..
      The 508 piece sets have been upgraded with some new pieces to 536 Pieces and the small sets now have 276 Pieces! Thank you all again and I apologize for this taking longer than I expected but I just didn't anticipate everything. I'm in good shape and about to hire at least two more people immediately to speed this up.
      Sincerely, Robert

    19. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    20. Robert Darling 2-time creator on

      Hi Zack!
      I'm expecting the last stuff will be shipped by the end of March... Earlier possibly! My new guy Andy is working out great with a few exceptions... That's why they put erasers on the ends of pencils... We're working out some bugs and he's still new but overall doing a great job. Most of the processes are going faster and more accurately than ever, some are still painfully slow. I try to adhere to an accuracy level of +/-.002" which is very tight in the woodworking industry and it's a never ending challenge.

    21. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    22. Arnold A Sitorus on

      Sorry, latest => last.

    23. Arnold A Sitorus on

      If you ask me surely I will choose by alphabetical order of first name! ;D
      Seriously, by pledging time in my opinion is the fairest. As for biggest order they should be latest; as reflected in the reward list they've been estimated to receive later than smaller reward (feb & mar vs jan). As for the need I'm not in a hurry, but damn I can't hardly wait to have it in my hand!

    24. Robert Darling 2-time creator on

      Hi Arnold... That's what seemed fair to me.. either that or the biggest orders first.. Or?? I could go by alphabetical order of the the backer's first names.. what do you think would work best Arnold???!


    25. Arnold A Sitorus on

      Is the order of shipping base on pledging date?

    26. Robert Darling 2-time creator on

      Jeffrey and Everybody!
      Some of you got your sets before Christmas, and I'm shipping out the first 25 sets this Friday. There will be another 50 sets going out the following week and it will continue to increase from there. It's taken me more time than I expected to get the new machines and equipment set up and accurate. However, Andy and I are in full production mode at this point and these sets are the best I've ever made. I apologize for the delay but I'll keep you updated and thanks again all! Robert

    27. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Haller on

      Anyone get their set yet?

    28. Missing avatar

      Tish Ramirez on

      congrats, Robert!! I can't wait to receive my set. please send my set to the address i gave when i pledged. once again, congratulations on your project!

    29. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    30. Robert Darling 2-time creator on

      Either way... This is my first project and I didn't know what Kickstarter does until today. If the address you gave when you pledged is where you want your sets shipped you don't have to do anything..

      Thanks again!!!!!

    31. Jewmanchu80 on

      @Robert Darling,

      Do you want us to send you our mailing address via private message or are you going to send a Kickstarter survey for us to respond with this information?

      CONGRATULATIONS on the successful project! I, for one, can't wait to get my set!

    32. Ben Rossi on

      Awesome job everyone, and congratulations, Robert! Three cheers for Slotto!

    33. Missing avatar

      Andrea Burgio-Murphy on

      Congrats! Can't wait to see the Slotto craze take over.

    34. Mary Gordon Hanna on

      So excited to see that the goal has been met. I for one can't wait to get my hands on these. I understand you've been shipping out ahead of time, which is great. I guess I don't understand how we get our address to you for shipment or do they come across to you from out account?
      Thanks for your time, MG

    35. gary cunningham on

      Congratulations Robert!!!! Outstanding!

    36. Missing avatar

      Kathryn on

      Nice work, Robert! Happy for you and all the backers too!

    37. Robert Darling 2-time creator on

      The least expensive I've found is the US Postal Service
      If you know of something less expensive I'd love to know

    38. Missing avatar

      Tobster on

      Hi Robert. What shipping Method will you use for International Backers?

    39. Missing avatar

      Jose Rodriguez on

      Robert, I am located in Woodbridge VA (outside DC) and I am thinking of using Slotto w. my grandchildren (age 5). (Kickstarter's reply did not seem to work that is why am using comments).

    40. Jason Cox on

      Robert, I have over 350 twitter friends on two separate accounts (700 total). I have been sending this out for the last couple days on twitter and will continue to do so until your goal is met. :) Also sent it via facebook today. It's all about exposure. God bless.

    41. Robert Darling 2-time creator on

      Thanks again everybody!! I think I may just make the goal thanks to all of you!


    42. Missing avatar

      Tobster on

      @ Craig. Thanks for your comments. I have read your comments on a number of other projects that I have backed and trust your opinion.
      @ Robert. I have now pledged for 262 piece set for my son. Although a little young just now, I am sure he will love it when he is old enough to use it. I would have liked to go bigger but I am an International backer and need to take into consideration shipping costs. Best of luck.

    43. Josh Marinacci on

      I just tweeted the project again. Doin' my best to push it up to the goal in the next two weeks.

    44. Tom Zelickman on

      Robert - This is a great idea and I'm looking forward to surprising my daughter once it arrive. I truly admire the craftsmanship and fit up you put into Slotto and am happy to back your project for this reason alone!

      Best wishes,

    45. Nori on

      I don't actually need one of these, but I like the project idea so I pledge a few dollars your way. Best of luck and I really do hope you make your goal. I'm thinking you will because this is a great project.

    46. Craig Dunn

      @tobster and others

      Robert is a super nice guy and is trusting everyone who got early kits to be on the honor system. He may end up getting burned, but I know there were a lot of people (including myself) that helped him out with some funds up front to cover shipping and other costs on his end.

      Having received both the small and large sets already, I can tell anyone sitting on the fence that these are totally worth it. They are very cleverly designed, fit together very well (not too tight and not too loose... just right) - ok, maybe that could be interpreted wrong.... anyway, if you know a kid or are still a kid at heart who loves things like legos, erector sets, lincoln logs, etc., they (you) will love these. I was going to give these to a younger relative, but I may end up keeping them myself (or at least the bigger set). :-)

      Seriously, these are not crappily made junk. There was a lot of engineering put into these and the HAND craftsmanship is obvious. They come in a nice shipping/storage box with various instructions, ideas, and plans for the puzzles. The fact that Robert offers pretty much a lifetime replacement of anything that breaks and his willingness to ship before knowing if the project will even fund shows that he is really more passionate about getting this creative toy into as many hands as possible and is (rightfully) proud of his creation.

      I've backed over 80 projects and this guy is a class act. If only every project owner was like Robert. I cannot recommend enough pledging (or upping your pledge) if you have even the least bit of interest in this sort of thing (for yourself or someone else). You will not be disappointed.

      (NO, I do not work for Robert or know him personally or have any financial incentive or whatever to gush about this project - his professionalism and product should really speak for themselves, but since he can't/won't toot his own horn I am doing it for him). :-)

    47. Missing avatar

      Tobster on

      Hi Robert, I am not yet a backer but intrigued how you intend to recover payments if you have shipped the puzzles in advance and your project does not reach its funding goal. Thanks for your time.

    48. Missing avatar

      Andrea on

      Awesome project! The kids absolutely love it and won't stop playing with it. I recommend to everyone to back this project!

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