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Always be prepared! Savage Expedition Gear will brand outdoors enthusiast on you with incredible life-saving paracord gear.
349 backers pledged $12,701 to help bring this project to life.

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The End Marks the Beginning

2 months and 5 days.  That is what it took us to get all of our Rewards sent out to you amazing Backers!  Today we sent out the last shipment which marks the end of our Kickstarter ventures and the beginning of Savage Expedition Gear.  In celebration, we spent our evening with great friends and food.  Thank you all for your support!

Next time you need a gift for an outdoorsy person, remember that Savage Expedition Gear's products are awe inspiring and get a, "NO WAY!" out of anyone.  Our products are GREAT gift items.  Check it out at

Our incredible paracord gear is making headway.  We are sponsoring the Newmac Expedition that is heading to the Congo and making a documentary about unexplored regions.  Check it out here.  

Don't forget to sign up for our mailing list to hear about new products and company updates here.

Again, thank you for your patience in this process and your support,

Chris & Jenn

Savage Expedition Gear

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This is what you all want to know!


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The Long Awaited Color Pictures!

Everyone has been clamoring, "Can we see pictures?" and, "If only I could see some pictures!"

Now, some of you have already submitted your survey.  Good job!  We've got it down and we have been working feverishly on them.

For those of you that have been waiting, here are pictures with MOST of the colors.  The colors that we are still offering but do not have pictures of are Blue Camo, Brown, and Purple!  Just take our word for it, they are bomb!  So, take a look at these and get those surveys completed ASAP so we can get your rewards out to you.  

Also, there is a comparison of size between the SLAB Wrist-Belt and SLAB Wrist-GIANT near the bottom.

We are not able to put captions, so here is a list in order of the pictures below (Inside color listed first and outside color listed second):

  • Navy Blue, Gold
  • Kelly Camo, Kelly Green
  • Pink Camo, Black
  • Royal Blue (SLAB Wrist-Belt)
  • Charcoal Gray, Kelly Green
  • Yellow, Black
  • Kelly Green, Yellow (GO OREGON DUCKS!)
  • Kelly Green, Charcoal Gray
  • Yellow, Pink
  • Burgandy, White
  • Black, Orange
  • Black, Pink
  • Navy Blue SLAB Belt
  • Charcoal Gray SLAB Belt
  • SLAB Wrist-GIANT on a hairy man's wrist 
  • SLAB Wrist-Belt on a woman's wrist
  • SLAB Wrist-GIANT on a woman's wrist
  • Olive Drab, Forest Camo,
  • Olive Drab, Olive Drab
  • Desert Camo, Black
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Project Complete!


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A Quick Word...

Hello to all of our Outdoor Enthusiasts!

We just want to give you a quick update. 

A couple of the color options have changed since our color post due to some supplier's "out of stocks" and our desire to get the paracord in your hands as soon as possible!  We will be posting the up-to-date color options soon.  We will also be getting multiple pictures up of many-colored gear so that you can have a better idea of what they look like before you make your decision.  

The next thing we want to inform you of is that since we have gone so far past our measly goal of $2300, it will take more time for us to fill all of the rewards that are due to you incredible backers.  We will be filling them in order of their pledge, and we plan for the process to be done with (meaning all of you to have your gear in hand and are very happy) in 2 to 2.5 months.  We will keep you all updated as things progress, but never fear, your gear will arrive!  All you have to do is sit back and it will show up at your doorstep when you need it most.

Let's finish out this Kickstarter Project strong!  

The final stretch!