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The Little Red Bird: A Multilingual Kid's Book for the World's video poster

A kid's book FREE for the planet. 8 languages! A FREE interactive app! A new way to think about copyright law. DOWNLOAD IT NOW! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 9, 2012.

A kid's book FREE for the planet. 8 languages! A FREE interactive app! A new way to think about copyright law. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

About this project

For Everyone. Right Now

We have received our minimum pledge total! Group Hug! True to our word, "The Little Red Bird" is now available Free on our downloads page! Check it out! No guessing games here. You can see the story before backing and we'll definitely be publishing! Now is the BEST time to contribute! Still coming is the free app, remote download (still free) on app stores. We aren't done yet! If you like our story please support our work by backing us! We need you to help make this possible!

The Little Red Bird has been translated into eight(8!) languages so far: Portuguese, German, French, Chinese, Russian, Hungarian, Polish and Spanish.You can meet our translators in the Education Resource section of our website. Shortly to come are: Japanese, Greek, Korean, Dutch, Scouse and Taiwanese. 

If you don't see a language you know and you want to help, tell us. It only takes a few minutes! You'll get a mention on our site, the ebook right away and a physical copy if this all goes according to plan! Thank you! 

There's a problem:

We have a solution:

Because our book is free for everyone everywhere, foreign publishers can print our book and sell it at even lower prices than these books. They can do this legally. This is a bigger idea than we can fully explain here, feel free to read into it. :D

The App

"The Little Red Bird" is written with story time in mind, but we're also committed to making our book a useful language tool as well. It's 2012 after all, so The Little Red Bird is being developed into an interactive program accompanied by an original musical score written and performed by Julia Dreyer. It will be available for download on our site and through wireless services like app stores. You can see the flash demo by clicking below.

The Goal

What does the $2000 minimum goal do?

  • It pays for printing the book. 
  • It pays for licensing fees. 
  • It pays our translators. Their time has been donated thus far. 

The Future

How will you use additional funds after you reach your goal?

  • Development of a higher quality, but still totally free, App. 
  • Additional translations (hiring translators that we don't know).

The Story

"The Little Red Bird," is a story time reader, meant to be read out loud by early readers, with and without an adult. We believe that story time, along with eat and sleep time, is the most important part of a child's day. During story time you're bonding with your parents, you're hearing their voices, you're learning to think abstractly, you're learning valuable morals and skills, and you're learning to read.  All at once. Wow. 

"The Little Red Bird" is a fast paced story told through pictures which encourage communication and interaction. The reader is asked questions about color, size emotional state and even the intentions of the characters. Answers are then affirmed in a tone of excitement and wonder, just like in story time:

The Idea

That's all gravy; here's the main course: we're trying to change the way things are done. Check out Dan's quick(ish) introduction of our Idea for producing art, media and entertainment:

What It Means

It means that we'll be able to make a lot more for a lot less. The difference is that we're getting paid for our art, not for our property. Once it's sold our art is everyone's art. There's no reason you can't just run off a few thousand copies of our book and sell them on your own! Just give us credit. 

It means an end to piracy. No copyright -> no piracy. Simple.

It means you can share it.

It means kids anywhere can learn from it.

It could mean better cheaper art for everyone.

All we're asking for is enough to keep producing art and not starve. You decide how much you want to pay for whatever material you want to consume it in...

Thank You Gifts

Our download page is live, our book is free to the world. Thank you.

Physical copies of our book will be sent to backers above the $25 level. The English edition will be 32 pages printed on 7 inch board stock, while  translations may be made available in paperback if there is sufficient demand. 

Hand-inked storyboards and professional paintings will be created specially for those who endorse us at the highest levels.   

Follow Us! 

We need your support!

Please check in as we update! We're looking forward to seeing if this new approach to publishing will work! We can't wait for kids to be able to enjoy our book with their parents! We can't wait to do this good thing with you!

Here's other projects with similar philosophies and goals. Check it out!

Kimberly has a book about math. But she doesn't need it (she knows how to do math already) and she wants kids to have it. Go Kimberly! 

Lianne Sentar and Priscilla Hamby are working on Tokyo Demons, a project with what appears to be a similar approach to publishing! All their content is available free online! Awesome! 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

 - Dan & Jordan D.  



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    THE NOD!
    You like our book or our publishing strategy and even though you really can't afford it right now, you want to let the world know that you love our project. You give us the NOD. We need your support. With enough NODs our book gets published. You'll receive our undying gratitude, a "Thank You!" email and our book in your emailbox along with a "Chya Little Red Bird" MP3 the day our project reaches it's goal of 2000 NODs. You'll also have your name featured on our website. Rock. The NOD will become unavailable once the project has reached it's goal.

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    You are excited about all this enough to openly express your enthusiasm for all to see! You will receive the above AND our book via email within 24 hours of the time you make this pledge (not to be distributed until we reach our goal - we trust you. This is all about trust.)

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    THE PAT ON THE BACK!!!!! You really want to let us know that this matters and won't forget it. You've made an impact! You get the above and a Little Red Bird thank you letter in the mail with a coloring book page for your wee beasts featuring the Little Red Bird and the Rabbit thanking them for having awesome parents.

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    Pledge $25 or more

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    The ol' put 'er there! You reach out and touch us. Awesome.You get all the above PLUS a physical copy of "The Little Red Bird" sent to your home. The physical copy will be available only on Kickstarter and will be a board book of standard industry quality. Available only in the US and Loony Land.

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    You make it official. You really want this to work and are committed to making it happen.You get the above, plus a little hand drawn character saying thank you and a custom dedication on the inside cover of your book. Even better, you get a fully illustrated work-sheet packet of fun activities that can help your child learn to read! Designed by Jordan - a trained professional!

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    THE REACH!!!!! Just like THE HIGH FIVE only pan-global! Will include a separate translation of the text into your native tongue. If enough books are ordered from one language, we will run a special language edition in that language and throw it in too! (10 minimum)

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    THE HUG!!!!!!
    You bring it in for the realness! You're making an impression that will really last! You get the all the above TWICE! We'll even send two thank you emails and write your name twice on our website! Wow! That's one big hug!

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    THE LINGERING HUG!!!!!! You really lean in, want to spend some time...We get slightly uncomfortable and kind of like it... so, on top of everything else, we throw in an original hand made ink and water color painting on archival paper of an out-take from the book! Executed by Jordan, matted and shipped to your door. Also included is an additional hard copy of the book for you to give to a friend and spread that extra love you've got around a bit.

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    THE GROUP HUG!!!!!!! Not content to have us all to yourself, you bring in others - willing or not. You've got a bucket of love and maybe a classroom full of friends!! You get 4 books, all signed and customized, 4 sets of worksheets, PLUS a unique oil painting on canvas of some or all of the characters in the book for you to keep all to yourself! To be executed by Dan, a trained professional! Sweet!

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    THE BLOOD PACT!!!!!!!! You slice open your hand, we slice open ours and we shake, allowing our blood to mingle. Strange? Maybe, but you are now a Dreyer. You are welcome at our house on Christmas and can show up unannounced. We reserve the right to revoke these privileges just as we would with any real sibling, you know, if you turn out to be some weirdo. You get all the above except instead of a little painting you get a full on oil painting on canvas of all the characters from the book in a wooden frame. One that can go above a child's bed or even your mantle. You'll get to skype with Dan and choose a color palette for your painting or just let him go nuts. You're a full on team member now, so you get CONTROL!!!! No mom and dad, you are not allowed to take this option. That would make us look so uncool.

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    THE MYSTERIOUS BLACK BRIEFCASE!!!!!!!!!!! We are sincerely suspicious of you. . . you either have too much money or you are trying to elbow your way into our business... Either way we take the money and shower you with thanks. These rewards are completely negotiable and at least include all of the above as well as the entire inside scoop on our next book "The Squeegee Hunt" We'll keep you updated with story boards, and pages as they're developed. Want a few more copies of the Little Red Bird? Cool. Want it printed in an entirely different language? We can work with that. . . Again, no mom and dad.

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