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The NOMATIC Travel Bag: The Most Functional Travel Bag Ever!
The NOMATIC Travel Bag: The Most Functional Travel Bag Ever!
The NOMATIC Travel Bag: The Most Functional Travel Bag Ever!
9,067 backers pledged $1,725,336 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jimmy 43 minutes ago

      I tried it during a week trip to US. It works well as a travel bag not a true back pack. It is primarily designed for a short trip via air rather than camping. The size fits in the tight air cabinet well. The should straps are not perfect but you really don't need it for long to walk in air terminals. They are used instead of wheels to save space. The waist straps definitely helps to shift the weight and balance. They are useful especially if you use it as a backpack for long. It is quite water proof. It also mean that it will trap your body heat and sweat during summer. The laundry bag and toilet bags are simply not useful because the size of the inner compartment is already small. It is better to put all your bathroom need in the water bottle pocket since you may need to take them out for inspection during security checking. The laptop pockets is good for a tablet or at best a hybrid, not a heavy standard laptop.

    2. Steve and Laura Crowell about 21 hours ago

      So we traveled to Hawaii for over a week with only the bag as our luggage. It worked really well except for a couple of things:
      1. If you put a large laptop or iPad in the pocket designed for it, it is very uncomfortable to carry for long as a backpack. Very very uncomfortable! I had to move it to be able to continue to carry it.
      2. The cushions for the straps are just not good enough.
      3. If the bag is fully packed you MUST have the waist straps otherwise it's again uncomfortable to carry.

      Anyone else with these Same experiences?

    3. Missing avatar

      4 days ago

      I'd contact customs, see what's going on there... They may be needing some information about the shipment... Or even see if its still in customs....

    4. Missing avatar

      Alexander N 5 days ago

      I agree with Davide,

      the Bag is in an unclear situation somewhere. The carrier told me that they never received the good just the number. I wrote to the "Ben" Support and they let me know that it is in Customs since 17 February. I should now contact the customs. The sender Nomatic can't do anything for me? :-( I should ask First mile or GFS . What???
      They should have done a better job with the carrier

    5. Ray Ayala II
      5 days ago

      MAN!!! I LOVE THIS BAG!!!!! It's been to Vegas, Atlanta and Tampa. I've been approached so many times, being asked where'd I get my bag or someone who regretted not backing it. I smile and walk away.

    6. Missing avatar

      trish 6 days ago

      So, I just took my Nomad on its first trip from NY to Orlando. I'm sure I'll figure out what things I want to stash where in its many spaces, it was still the best travel case I've ever had. I love it!

    7. Missing avatar

      rebecca on March 20

      So I finally used mine. Granted not for travel yet, but to help move a ton of clothes, and let me just say WOW!!!!!!! The quality is great, the space is a amazing and the backpack carry feature is comfortable. Best project I have backed. Greatjob!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Seb Lacombe on March 19

      All good !!!
      Best travel bag ever

    9. Missing avatar

      CDB on March 17

      I received my bag and it looks so good! I'm a backpack maniac and this bag really has a ton of top-notch features and the quality looks excellent.
      I'm sorry to hear all the complaints here but I give my thumbs up to the creators.
      I'm going on a snow trip for a week so I'll be able to test it properly for hands-on feedback.

    10. Adam Norris on March 13

      @ Davide

      That seems very unprofessional! When I complained about my lost padlock they shipped out a new one as early as possible at no additional cost for shipping. Granted the padlock was only worth $5 or less but the fact they even bothered showed that they cared

      @ Tom

      I agree about the laptop compartment, possibly the worst feature after the shoulder straps. Would not trust my laptop without additional protection

    11. Missing avatar

      Davide on March 13

      To Adam,
      I wrote everywhere, here, on private message, on FB and even on the customer suppor of their site no answer what so ever. That's ridiculous, very unrespectful and unprofessional. I want my money back

    12. Missing avatar

      Tom Danylczuk on March 13

      Yeah and also the shipping was ridiculous. It went to a canda post outlet store and not shipped to my home. I was gone and no one else was alloed to pick it up because there were special instructions on it. I have never encountered this before and I have ordered $5000 apple products and someone else was able to pick it up.

    13. Missing avatar

      Tom Danylczuk on March 13

      Ditto on the customer support. There are much better bags for better prices out there now. Literally dozens. Don't fart around with this bag or their customer support.
      Duffle straps too short
      Laundry bag does not fit well in designated
      Zippers on waist strap are hard to close if item in pocket is not totally flat
      Better padding on straps
      Never received DOPP , refunded $15
      Laptop part sucks and still has to be removed
      Poorly constructed
      Extremely expensive for the quality

    14. Adam Norris on March 12

      Davide are you actually communicating directly with Nomatic via "FAQ>Ask a question" or are you just posting comments here? Because comments don't tend to do much

    15. Missing avatar

      Davide on March 11

      I still haven't receive my order or an answer from your team. This perk is a nightmare!!! I'm also very unsatisfied with the customer support that i recived so far especially considering that the price of the bag is not very cheap.
      The custom need the invoice to release the bag the deadline is march 18th after that will be send back to the sender.
      Obviously I will have to pay an awful lot fo money in custom fee for an order that I was to receive more than a month ago.
      I think you should have done a better job and knowing a little bit better the procedure to send a package in Italy and in Europe.
      I hope I will receive my invoice and my order soon.
      Davide Lincetto

    16. CHS Grl on March 11

      Took the bag on it first trip. Overall I like it. It is good quality and swallows a lot. Love the access I keep pockets. The vacuum bag works well. Because the laptop pocket does not lay flat but at an angle when the bag is full, TSA does not accept it as a TSA safe bag. Laptop still needs to come out.

      It does have some negative points that should be fixed in bag 2.0.

      Duffle straps too short
      Laundry bag does not fit well in designated
      Zippers on waist strap are hard to close if item in pocket is not totally flat
      Better padding on straps

    17. Missing avatar

      Steven on March 10

      Got mine yesterday. Can't wait to use it. Thanks guys!

    18. Phil Aird on March 10

      I've got a Nomatic travel bag and wanted to pass on my thanks to the Nomatic team for their great product. It is excellent value for money and so easy to use. The external pockets make it very easy to access my travel bags with liquids and also store phone, cash and watch when going through airport security without having to go routing through the main pocket. Also the main pocket accessible via the rear of the rucksack make accessing the contents in a hotel room without having to fully unpack very easy. I'm extremely glad I purchased it. I'd definitely recommend this travel bag.

    19. Missing avatar

      Cyrus Semmence on March 9


      My bag has arrived and on the whole good. However one of the main attractions was the fact that it could easily convert from ruck sack to hold all. However the straps are far too short to allow me to use it as a hold all when the bag is full. In this respect the product is not as advertised. Please can you provide a solution, thanks

    20. Michael Martinez on March 8

      I have not received my bag, may you please look into where it was shipped and message me back please.

    21. Jens Villemoes on March 8

      Finally got my bag today (Denmark), and I have no complaints about the product. Though my shipping experience was a nightmare with customs and other issues. I am not sure, how representative my experience is, but I would suggest the Nomatic team in the future consider how to make shipping a bit easier for EU customers. Other than that, great job all around.

    22. Adam Norris on March 7

      Got my waist straps today. they fit my 30" waist (or maybe 32" belly) without adjustment but goddamn I feel sorry for anyone under 30", its already at its tightest already allowing adjustment for a big fat guy but very concerning for skinny people. Also the unused strap adjustment simply dangles with no way to roll it up or put it anywhere (unless you count the pockets).

      The "breathable" mesh isn't that breathable either, thanks to using the same material as the shoulder straps it already felt quite warm and the pockets use a fair bit of space because its a pocket for each side, not double sided like I originally thought (photos are REALLY unclear thanks to a side shot)

      Also the waist straps are kind of annoying to take on/off rather than using a traditional clip on system instead of looped fabric on the bag itself. It feels like a rushed product with zero feedback. Even the zippers on the waist strap seem incredibly cheap, definitely not YKK

      You guys seem to know how to make a bag but don't know how to make decent straps (duffel, waist & shoulder). They all fall short on quality & where to put the loose ends

      All bags should come with instructions too on how to use as initially I had no idea how to use the vacuum bag or attach the waist strap. Also why is your accessories vid unlisted on Youtube when its an absolute must watch? People have to dig through updates just to see 1 mention of it

      Still not entirely convinced with this bag. Have yet to use it but after getting the waist straps its become a bit of a mess when you take the bag off & I'm very concerned for anywhere that's humid

    23. Derek Fettback
      on March 6

      So I have had mine for 2 weeks now and been traveling with it ever since, I fly 2-3 times a week on business. The bag is great and very well constructed.
      However the straps are a major disappointment, they feel like a cost cutting measure and likely something I will have changed out, light weight padding and relatively short straps just fine feel up to par.
      Other than straps well done!

    24. Missing avatar

      David Byrd on March 6

      Got mine last 2 weeks ago. Traveling through Mexico and it's amazing. The only thing is that the vacuum bag was missing

    25. Missing avatar

      Angie Pinegar on March 6

      I just opened the bag yesterday as it is birthday gift. (I did not see the Vacuum Bag or Laundry Bag but maybe they are inside the bag).
      My comment is about design - the leather 2 snap piece that makes the bag a duffel - that piece seems very thin and not comfortable. Typically pieces like that have padding on the under side. Off the top of my head I believe the piece is not attached to one of the straps - which is another design issue. Typically they are so you do not lose. My apologies if it attached. It is a great overall design. Nice and Masculine as well as professional which is hard to find.
      Is there a warranty on the piece???
      I am eager to see what my son thinks and if a pair of his shoes will actually fit!

    26. Rasmus Strand
      on March 5

      I got mine - got charged customs for it but that's to be expected. Can't wait to test it out!

    27. Missing avatar

      on March 5

      Which system is delivering it?
      courier or post?
      Post frequently calls duties/vat/tax as cod, as do some couriers... (they only have the one box to tick on their notices)

    28. Missing avatar

      on March 5

      You prepaid shipping, yes, but not customs duties/vat/tax...

    29. Bobby Panos on March 4

      Hi guys

      Going to pick up my bags today but there is a cod of 27$ i prepaid my shipping with pledge why am i being charged again? and this is cod its not taxes or customs

    30. Missing avatar

      Angel F Mendez on March 4

      Good Morning Sirs:
      I have not received my bag, will you please check if it was delivered and where?
      Angel F Mendez

    31. Missing avatar

      Monica Coyne on March 3

      My bag arrived yesterday. Love the bag but just wanted to follow up a comment someone mentioned about the waist straps. I'm 5'4" and UK size 10/12. The straps are a little too lose for me. If I could I'd tighten them but it's not possible. They help but they are a little too big. The pocket is big enough for European passport which was the main reason I bought it.

    32. Missing avatar

      GERARD on March 3

      Superbe! Reçu après 20 jours de transport. Un sac merveilleusement bien étudié, une haute qualité des matériaux, et des accessoires très bien adaptés. Vraiment idéal pour des déplacements de 3 à 5 jours. Très fonctionnel et adaptable. De plus il est léger et semble robuste. J adore ce sac. Il complète parfaitement les produits Basics-Nomatic que je possède déjà ( wallet, notebook planner etc ...)
      Merci à l équipe de Nomatic et continuez à nous proposer des produits de cette qualité.

    33. Missing avatar

      Peter Chan on March 2

      Despite missing an add-on and some other hiccups, I am still very pleased with this Kickstarter project. You guys have been great, one of the best Kickstarter project ever.

    34. Lennard Eric on March 2

      Wow! Solidly made! I've been on a travel assignment, and came home for some R and R to have the Nomatic bag and accessories waiting for me. I will immediately use it on my return trip this Monday. I am excited, thanks!!!

    35. richard
      on March 2

      nothing yet no tracking n0 nothing"(

    36. Missing avatar

      Fi on March 2

      Received my bag last week and although I haven't had a chance to use it yet, I'm very impressed with the quality and build.

    37. Missing avatar

      on March 1

      I think between this bag and a simple garment bag you'd be set for trips requiring a suit.

    38. Andre Vöst on March 1

      Hey, I took some pictures from the bag and what I was able to fit into it for my 3 day business trip to NYC. I would liek to share them and was wondering how you would like me to do it?

      I am quite happy with it! I think for business trips with suits etc. it might not be ideal, but weekend and short trips where don't have to bring too many formal jackets etc. it is absolutely fine! As others mentioned, the straps could have been longer and the laundry bag doesn't fit well in the bottom compartment. But everything works and is of great quality. You get a lot more than what you paid for imo.

    39. Ryu Yamamoto on March 1

      Love my Nomatic, so far has been with me to SF, Nashville and Portland...this week Las Vegas and next week Denver. Looks to be holding up to the rigors of travel and I am really stoked with the convenience of it. People at airports keep eyeing it up so I think you are onto a winning design.

      A couple of minor adjustments suggested for Nomatic 2.0.

      Shoe compartment only holds one pair of shoes (and those were trainers) and the laundry bag is a very tight fit into that space, maybe soften up the laundry bag.

      Webbing or d-rings on the straps for hanging stuff off would be nice. Maybe a phone/drink bottle pocket or sling.

      Fully loaded the shirt organiser doesnt fit flat inside the bag very well, could be a fraction shorter?

      A means of concealling/securing/removing straps for when checking baggage is required would be nice.

      Otherwise, Its a pretty awesome travel item!

    40. Missing avatar

      Fredric Tai on March 1

      just receive my nomatic bag today, looks really cool. Can wait to use it to for my next travel!!

    41. Haidar Mu'ien on March 1

      I just received my bag today, I'll give it a test on my trip next month and provide a review

    42. Missing avatar

      on February 25

      Was able to test this out on a trip to Europe. The great thing is that it can actually fit in some very tight overhead spaces on planes. Takes a day or so to orient to the bag, to learn where all the pockets are and the different zippers. The shoulder straps truly are a bit thin. The duffle strap could use some extra padding, gets uncomfortable to carry when it's full. Waterproofing held up in light rain, bag was fully exposed to the rain for about 15min of walking. It does hold quite a lot especially with the vacuum bag, was able fold a large down jacket in with rest of clothes. (though as some have commented the vacuum bag starts letting in air in a few hours). The size as a backpack was actually okay, thought it'd be too big or awkward, but if balanced well like backpacking pack, it's fine on a person who is around 5'5". Overall, still pleased w this kickstarter campaign.

    43. Christopher Speer on February 25

      The latest update shines a little light on that @Douglas. They said you can order the vacuum bag and waist straps now off their website, but the other add ons will be available in April.

    44. Douglas Raybeck
      on February 25

      Got my bag and love it. Quality and workmanship seem first-rate. I did not order the shirt organizer, but would now like to get one. Is there a means to do this?
      Thanks for whatever you can suggest,

    45. Missing avatar

      benjamin tan on February 25

      I might have missed the writeup. But is there a reason the clips for the shoulder strap was removed?

      Just received the bag and loving it.

    46. Missing avatar

      andrea marigliano
      on February 24

      Sorry, I was mistaken. They are NOT charging me extra $100!

    47. Missing avatar

      andrea marigliano
      on February 24

      They are asking me to pay $100 extra!

    48. Adam Norris on February 24

      For anyone that doesn't have the bag yet here's a video review I made (most of my impressions in the description with the video being an overview & occasional comment)…

    49. Missing avatar

      on February 24

      Shipping was included..
      Customs fees and duties were not.
      Its interesting how different provinces have different rates... Mine were only $25 out west in Alberta.

    50. Missing avatar

      Blaine Pinch on February 24

      @Peter Soskin You are lucky ... at least this KickStarter delivered ... the Aware "HEARABLE" Headphones (United Sciences) that I pledged and "gave" $245.00 (US) to just stopped giving updates and has run off with near a 1/2 Million dollars in pledged money! So not everything the way you thought it would be ... not too bad considering you got a product!

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