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The Most Functional Messenger and Laptop Bags Ever!
The Most Functional Messenger and Laptop Bags Ever!
The Most Functional Messenger and Laptop Bags Ever!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Kristian Lundager
      less than a minute ago

      @Steinar. Det kommer sikkert snart, kanskje som søppelpost.

    2. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland about 6 hours ago

      @ Dennis - it is too late now. Shipping is underway, or will start soon. When surveys were sent earlier this year, we had the option of adding on some accessories, but not any bags or packs if I am not mistaken. Those purchases needed to be made then.

    3. Missing avatar

      Steinar Ambassadøren Kristiansen about 10 hours ago

      Hi. Any news on shipping? I haven't received a tracking number.

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrian Yohanes about 15 hours ago

      I still don’t get my tracking number

    5. Missing avatar

      Dennis Maennersdoerfer about 16 hours ago

      Hi Nomatics, I’m happy to get no. 5 of my Nomatic bags soon! The Laptop Bag. Just right now I consider to buy another travel bundle (40l + Backpack + Accesoires) as described here:
      As a multiple returning customer, is it possible to get some yummy offer? Eg. Shipping costs to Germany are calculated with45$. When I get my Laptop bag, maybe you can add the travel bundle?!
      I’m happy to hear from you!

    6. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland 2 days ago

      @ Sgtpepperlhcb2 - Thanks for your comments. Jon and Jacob are good about responding, but they are busy, especially with the current travel bag campaign. If I can provide a reasonable response in a timely manner, I will do so. I was active in the backpack/travel pack campaign.

      I am in the same situation with the original travel bag and the travel pack. I need a rolling bag for my wife. That’s why I was hoping for that. But I realize that is a crowded market.

      I believe I will use the messenger bag a lot. I want to retire a 25-year-old Lands End canvas messenger bag.

      Let’s hope things break open in the next day or so.

    7. Missing avatar

      Sgtpepperlhcb2 2 days ago

      @Bruce - Agreed. Nomatic has a great track record of delivering on time (or early!), so I’m not exactly worried, but I am anxious. I have all of their previous bags and love them, I do quite a bit of traveling for business, so this bag is a very welcome addition to their lineup. I’m following the 30L travel bag, but as of now, I don’t think I would have much use for it while already owning the 40L bag and travel pack. Now a full size, rolling Nomatic suitcase would be almost a guaranteed pledge from me! Sorry to drift off topic, but I see your name frequently on the nomatic campaign’s comments sections lending a helpful hand, so just thought I’d chew the fat with a fellow Nomatic fanatic, lol.

    8. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland 2 days ago

      @ Brian, @ SgtPepper - I've been checking my e-mail every few hours with no sightings. It's been 5 days since this was supposed to start. The absence of any comments from Nomatic makes me think the actual shipping has not yet started. Well, we still have two weeks left in August.

    9. Missing avatar

      Brian 3 days ago

      I haven't heard a peep since the first week in Aug when they said they were working on shipping. :( I'm eagerly awaiting that glorious moment I get a shipping notification. My Nomatic backpack is so lonely.

    10. Missing avatar

      Sgtpepperlhcb2 3 days ago

      Has anyone received a shipping notification email? We are almost through the first week they mentioned shipping was going to start, just curious if anything has gone out yet.

    11. DPniRadhallaigh 3 days ago

      My credit card has been charged and backer survey locked down. Based on the other Nomatic purchases I've made, that always happened before shipping so I see that as a great sign!! Won't be long now :) Awesome!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Karen 5 days ago

      okay thank you Bruce. will be on the lookout.

    13. Missing avatar

      Diogenis Leiva 6 days ago


      Thats worrying as I added on an original travel bag and was hoping to use that in Italy for my trip september 2nd... will be trying to contact Nomatic to get an answer

    14. Missing avatar

      6 days ago

      Has someone gotten their tracking already?

    15. Missing avatar

      Sgtpepperlhcb2 6 days ago

      @Diogenis: My card was charged on the 2nd and my backerkit survey is locked down.

    16. Missing avatar

      Diogenis Leiva 6 days ago

      Has anyone seen a charge on their credit card for the add ons purchased via the survey?
      I was expecting the charge August 2nd as per the email update when the survey would "lock down"

      Meanwhile the survey still currently says I can make changes to it because it hasn't yet been locked down.

    17. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on

      Nomatic had *said* in an earlier update...

    18. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on

      @ Karen - Nomatic had had in an earlier update that shipping would be between the 13th and the 24th. Notices won’t be sent until the packages are turned over to the carriers. At least some people could get notices early next week.

    19. Missing avatar

      Karen on

      no tracking information received as of yet. will continue to be on the lookout.

    20. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on

      @ Andrian - Did you try clicking on the word Nomatic in the upper right of this page where is says "Created by NOMATIC"? If not, do that. On the next screen scroll to the bottom and click on "contact me." Enter your message in the form that opens.

      Now, if you have done that, you have done all you can do until they respond.

    21. Missing avatar

      Andrian Yohanes on

      @creator how to send message to you guys? I just sent message via email, and pm in kickstarter too, but no one replay?

    22. Missing avatar

      Andrian Yohanes on

      @creator how to send message to you guys? I just sent message via email, and pm in kickstarter too, but no one replay?

    23. Missing avatar

      Andrian Yohanes on

      @creator how to send message to you guys? I just sent message via email, and pm in kickstarter too, but no one replay?

    24. Missing avatar

      gabc.cb on

      Is there any Italian backer here that can tell me his/her experience about Italian fees, VAT and other costs I will have to pay with this purchase? It's my first purchase in USA and I'm terrified by this additional costs. I've gone to the italian customs site but it's quite complicated to understand how much is the fee… perdonatemi ma sta cosa non è che mi fa dormire sonni tranquilli...

    25. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on

      @ Matt Sickon - I assume you have reviewed the campaign page where the different features are shown. I think the main issue is what will you be carrying most of the time. My daughter would go for the laptop bag because her laptop is about all she needs to do her job - and maybe a notebook. For me, I will carry a tablet, some magazines, a snack or two, a water bottle and maybe a camera. So I need the messenger bag. You can certainly carry more than just a laptop in the laptop bag. The question is how will you use the bag most of the time.

    26. Missing avatar

      Andrian Yohanes on

      I just sent a private message, but no one replay, Nomatic Team, can you please my message?

    27. Matt Sickon

      Hi - I have been rather indecisive on this one. I opted for the super early bird laptop bag before the campaign ended. Now I have a choice of whether to stay with it or switch over to messenger bag. Any pros and cons that you can offer for both would be greatly appreciated.

    28. DPniRadhallaigh on

      Exciting to hear we will see bags ship this month - this has, by far, been the most reliable of all campaigns I've been on - others could learn from how well Nomatic prepare, present and deliver!! Still dying to know what the new product is - like Bruce and others, I have 3 nomatic bags now and used 2 of the 3 on my last flights last week - so reliable and handy - curious to see what comes next!!

    29. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on

      @ Lowell - Try this. On the upper right of this page where is says Created by Nomatic, click on the word Nomatic. On the page that comes up, click on the Contact Me button and enter your message in the form that displays. I’m sorry I did not mention this the first time.

    30. Lowell Denning on

      @Bruce I've sent several messages to Nomatic and no response so far. I'm hoping they respond soon. Thanks for your assistance.

    31. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on

      RE: New Bag - I've reviewed the sneak peek again, second by second. What we have is mostly shots of the existing travel bag (and maybe the backpack) with 3 or 4 1-second closeup snippets of something different. We see a panel or cover with open slots in it. Also, in the opening shot, the Nomatic name appears, but not as it has been displayed previously over a background of logos.

    32. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on

      @ Chris - After re-reading your question, I need to respond again. If you pledged for just one of the bags during the campaign - and you did not add on any additional items on the survey - you are okay. You were charged for your pledge at the end of the campaign. However, if you did add on any items via the survey, those will be charged Aug. 2. Nomatic still will have to say how their billing will be handled in situations such as yours where your credit (or debit) card might reject the charge.

    33. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on

      @ Chris - You need to email about your issue.

    34. Missing avatar

      Chris Castaneda on

      It says the payment gets pulled out on the 2nd but I don’t get payed until the 3nd can I pay on the 3nd or will I lost my reward?

    35. DPniRadhallaigh on

      New video of the upcoming release looks a lot like a more compact travel bag. hoping i missed something as i have the backpack and travelbag (used both on my flights this week) and can't really see a need for a crossover of the two but we'll see - maybe that was just a teaser keeping us guessing.....

    36. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on

      @ Ashish Masurekar - Try checking your spam or junk mail folder of your account. The linked video is very short - 20 seconds - teasing a new product. The main point is that Nomatic will announce a new product on August. 7. As David Rammella said below, we are hoping it will be a bigger bag - a duffel or rolling bag.

      Try using the Kickstarter search feature at the top and search for "travel pack."

    37. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on

      @ Lowell - If the extra $20 is not for shipping, then they are trying to charge you $189 for the messenger bag rather than the early bird price of $169. I would think you should have gotten it at the $169 price. I seem to recall a number of discussions about this and $278 was the cost to add a bag to a super early bird pledge.

      You need to contact quickly. Everything will be locked down on Aug. 2.

    38. Lowell Denning on

      I had pledged for the laptop bag at super early bird level. Then added enough to cover the messenger bag too at $278 total. Others noted the same thing they did. Now the BackerKit only offers me both for $20 more only. I’m stuck now and just want to go back to my original pledge if I have to pay extra. Help!

    39. Missing avatar

      Ashish Masurekar on

      I have not yet received the sneak peak email.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ashish Masurekar on

      @Bruce whom are you referring to “competitor“

    41. Missing avatar

      David Rammella

      @Bruce, I agree. the Sneak Peak does look like a Travel Bag 2.0 . I would have hoped for something bigger. Travel Duffel - 50-60 Liters, for example. One can not always win.

    42. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on

      Just saw the new sneak preview. Can’t tell much about it. What I saw looks like the old travel bag. I hope I’m wrong.

      One of Nomatic’s major Kickstarter “competitors” has just come out with a new travel backpack. It will be interesting to see how the new products compare.

      PS: I have the Nomatic travel bag and travel pack (can’t have too much of a good thing), so I won’t be buying the competitor’s bag. Not to mention it’s expensive.

    43. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on

      @ Creators - Thanks for the update. Right on time and with the information that I had said you would have. Let’s hope everyone gets it and reads it.

    44. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on

      Question for Jacob and/or Jon - Have you used the messenger bag as a “personal item” (to fit under the seat) in addition to using the travel bag or travel pack as your carry-on? I’m thinking the messenger bag as my “laptop bag” would give me more flexibility, especially if I was forced to check my carry-on.

    45. Missing avatar

      Andrian Yohanes on

      Team please make live kickstarter available on youtube, i wanna watch it again

    46. Missing avatar

      Andrian Yohanes on

      Hai Team, please check my message...

    47. Dean on

      A a backer of the previous campaign I just want to say don't stress everyone - once it goes to shipping it's a very smooth and painless (other than waiting!) process. Nomatic do really well in this area (shipping/logistics).

      Unless we hear this month that there's been an issue I would encourage people to think this will ship to them in August and they'll receive it in either August or September depending on shipping/customs etc.

      @Creator might be time for a quick update?

    48. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on

      @ Karine - I used the words "scheduled" and "shipping," but the campaign page uses the words "estimated delivery." I will let you decided on the semantic differences.

    49. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on

      @ Karine - Nomatic will occasionally respond here, but it might be a while.

      The bags are supposed to ship in August, but that can be anywhere from 1.5 to 5.5 weeks from now. Assuming they are on schedule, we should be getting an update soon (it's been almost a month since the last update). That update should give us a better idea of the shipping plans.

      Last year's backpack and travel back actually shipped a few weeks earlier than the initial target date. But I think we should assume some time in August, which was the original planned shipping time.

      Remember, that shipping does not mean delivery. Depending on where you live, it could take a week in the U.S. to a few weeks for international shipments. And Nomatic has no control over local delivery carriers. And don't forget about customs if you are a non-U.S. backer.

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