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Pavegen: helping schools to transform the future of energy generation

Pavegen: helping schools to transform the future of energy generation Read More
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About this project

Create electricity, just by walking to class. Pavegen is kickstarting the future of renewable energy education with power from your footsteps. We’ve developed and proven the technology, and now we need your help to bring it to life in schools around the world.

Pavegen harnesses the kinetic energy from footsteps and converts it into renewable electricity. Just by stepping, jumping, or hopping on a Pavegen floor tile, people create clean, off-grid electricity used to power multiple applications – from lighting, to interactive learning displays and charging points. Data on the energy harvested and footfall can be sent immediately to any web address from each unit.

If we reach our Kickstarter target we’re going to fully fund two school projects: one in the US and one in the UK.

What is the approximate US conversion to pledge?

  • PAVEGEN USB: $30
  • LIGHT DECK: $240
  • INNOVATION DAY: $5,000

As soon as we do hit the mark, each person who pledged will get a chance to vote for his or her school of choice – and the two schools with the most votes win the Pavegen installation. Make a pledge today to help us reach our goal!

There are more perks for pledging with Pavegen. In addition to our commitment to build two new school projects, we’ve designed a handful of exciting prizes for different pledge levels to get us on our way.

At Pavegen, our goal is to take our proven, viable technology to scale, providing communities around the world with a reliable, clean form of energy generation for people where and when they need it. We’re making good progress with a number of high profile installations – making our technology more affordable for everyone else and helping people to understand the technology’s potential.

We believe that one of the best ways to do get people to connect to the technology is to win the support of the energy users of the future: young people in schools – the focus of our Kickstarter campaign.

“We’ve created a viable new form of renewable energy that everyone can engage with. Every time someone buys, hires or steps on a Pavegen, we move one step closer to a greener, low-carbon future.”

Laurence Kemball-Cook, Founder/CEO

So, what are you supporting?

One US school and one UK school will receive a fully funded four-tile permanent Pavegen installation in a busy hallway of their choice, complete with interactive renewable energy displays to show students the energy they are creating with Pavegen. We’ll also include the software and equipment to allow the Pavegen installation to send data online, for example to a school’s homepage or other useful sites…

How does my school take part?

It’s simple. You make a pledge today. After we reach the pledge target, you will be asked which school you would like to vote for. The two schools with the highest number of pledges will receive a Pavegen installation.

Remember, we have to hit our target to make these installations a reality – so get pledging to see your school lead the way with this incredible renewable energy innovation.

How can your school get started raising votes?

  • Be the voice of Pavegen and spread the word around your school

  • Download posters and campaign tools from

  • Post photos, videos and messages of support for your school. Keep track of voting progress on our Facebook page and let us know how you’re getting the vote out. Facebook and Tweet us – we promise to retweet! @Pavegen #greenschools

Why schools?

Pavegen provides an interactive, educational and fun way for the students to engage with renewable energy creation and get active. The installation brings sustainability to life in the day-to-day routines at school, provides an innovative tool for exciting lesson plans, whilst providing power for the lights in the hallway.

Pavegen units provide a context for lesson plans which can help schools to integrate science, environment, technology and sustainability concepts across the curriculum. They can be used in physical science units, math lessons, social studies, earth science, geography and more. Please check out our educational resource packs to help schools utilize Pavegen as a tool to bring lessons to life. All yours, presented on these eco-friendly, Pavegen- logo bamboo USB's.

We’ve already installed three permanent projects in UK schools, and visited many more showcasing our technology – providing inspiring information on clean alternatives and promoting physically active learning,

We recently carried out a successful installation at the London 2012 Olympic Games with our 12 tiles receiving over 1,000,000 footsteps!

What else can I pledge for?

Completely unique to this Kickstarter campaign, get your hands on a low-powered LED Pavegen desktop light with branded glass. The perfect unique present, bedside lamp or wall mount. Grab your piece of Pavegen history and help us light a more sustainable future for all. Made from 100 per cent genuine Pavegen parts.

What happens if we exceed our goal?

For every £7,500 over the target value, Pavegen will install one extra project at the school with the next highest number of pledges...

So what's the future for Pavegen?

Renewable energy in urban environments is notoriously difficult to manage – shade and wind blocking from urban structures causes issues for more conventional technologies like solar and wind energy. Pavegen can make a crucial contribution in these situations. From busy train stations to malls bustling with shoppers, Pavegen is ready to be implemented.

With the support of the global community, we're making leaps and bounds: We are on a journey to powering the next generation. Join us and make every step count.

London 2012 Olympics Installation
London 2012 Olympics Installation

“We want people coming to the Games to be able to do their bit for the environment and this is a great example where, literally in a few steps, people can actively contribute towards making these truly sustainable Games”

David Stubbs, Head of Sustainability at the London Organizing Committee

With your help, we can:

  • Take our successful technology to new communities via schools in the US and the UK

  • Generate excitement in renewable energy technologies

  • Expose the innovators of tomorrow to the importance of design, campaigning, engineering and hard work to build a successful start-up

  • Energize children while at school, promoting a more active and healthy school day

  • Progress the development and commercialization of this technology to reach communities all over the world

We make the technology, you make the power. Together we pave the way to a cleaner, greener future.

What do the key stakeholders say?

“We’re constantly trying to find new ways of exposing students to the very latest in innovation and technology, the benefit for our students is simple: Pavegen has given them a unique opportunity to engage with real and disruptive innovation created by someone not much older than themselves. If that’s not inspirational, I don’t know what is”

Brian Hurlow, Head of Design & Technology, Simon Langton School

"The product itself has been a delight and has captured the imagination of our students. It is robust enough to withstand the constant footfall and attention of over 1,000 students and has generated a significant amount of energy”

Ken Moffat, Head of School, Simon Langton School

“With Pavegen, its really easy to grasp the concepts surrounding it which is really important in terms of getting people engaged with the technology” 

Roland Allen, Director, Teentech

Risks and challenges

Track Record: Pavegen is an established product development and manufacturing company that has delivered successful projects throughout the world. Many of our projects have originated with companies and agencies in the UK and we are now extending our relationships with partners in other countries.

Series Manufacture: 
All manufacturers of Pavegen components are ISO9001 compliant and certification documents are available on request to Pavegen Systems Ltd. UK.

Product: The product is fully CE marked and conforms to all global certification standards.

Quality Management: 
We have a strict quality management check on all products that are released to market. Our trained engineers carry out a standardized checklist to ensure that all units are consistently safe and conform with world-class quality standards. 
Full documents are available on request to Pavegen Systems Ltd. UK.

Due to the innovative and unique nature of the product, we have ensured that we carry out a substantial amount of testing for both the indoor and outdoor environment.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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    Pledge £3 or more About $5 USD

    BECOME A PAVEGEN ANGEL...Be part of the Pavegen journey. Help us evolve this technology to the next stage and make this technology available to communities around the world. You'll get updates as we go on this journey and your name will be added to a dedicated PAVEGEN ANGELS page on our website. For the price of a quick lunch, you'll make history as a pioneering contributor to a new sustainable form of energy generation, Pavegen.

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    Pledge £20 or more About $32 USD

    UNIQUE USB WITH PAVEGEN LEARNING TOOLS...You'll be a Pavegen Angel, but you'll also receive your very own limited edition Pavegen USB stick. Each Pavegen branded stick will contain lesson plan material covering the core concepts of kinetic energy generation and the wider sustainability and renewable energy agenda. You'll also receive exclusive Pavegen video footage from global tech events and detailed fact sheets about Pavegen and the unique technology.

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    Pledge £50 or more About $80 USD

    Meet the Pavegen creators! Live skype or phone chat with the Pavegen engineers and entrepreneurs who spend their days cooking up new Pavegen projects in London Lab.

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    Pledge £149 or more About $239 USD

    LIMITED EDITION PAVEGEN MARK1 LIGHT DECK... As well as the above rewards, you'll also receive a unique low-powered LED Pavegen light with branded glass! Perfect as a study aid, bedside lamp, or wall mount. Grab your piece of Pavegen history and help us light a more sustainable future for all! ONLY available through this Kickstarter campaign and made from 100% genuine Pavegen parts.

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    Pledge £2,000 or more About $3,203 USD

    PAVEGEN ENTREPRENEUR’S WORKSHOP, UK... Laurence Kemball-Cook, the founder of Pavegen will visit a school of your choice to hold a seminar on technology, its development, entrepreneurship and information about starting your own tech-business. Pick the CEO’s brain of one of London’s most exciting start-ups! This will be a half day event, complete with a full set of training materials and a presentation from the founder.

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    Pledge £2,500 or more About $4,004 USD

    ENTREPRENEUR’S WORKSHOP, US... Laurence Kemball-Cook, the founder of Pavegen will visit a school of your choice to hold a seminar on technology, entrepreneurship and information about starting your own business. Pick the CEO’s brain of one of London’s most exciting start-ups! This will be a half-day event designed specifically for US communities. For other global enquiries, please get in touch directly (

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    Pledge £3,000 or more About $4,805 USD

    EXCLUSIVE INNOVATION DAY... Spend a day with the Pavegen engineering and creative team. Gain access to our London studios, where you'll spend a full day with our award-winning creative engineers. You'll then spend the evening at "the best pub in London" with the Pavegen executive team, discussing your day and future business ideas. Brainstorm your thoughts with some of the greatest young innovators London has to offer and make your ideas a reality! For non-UK pledges, flights are not included.

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    Pledge £5,000 About $8,008 USD

    ENTIRELY FUNDED PAVEGEN INSTALL... Fund a whole installation at a selected school within the US or UK. A busy corridor will be selected in a school of your choice and we will lay the floor with four Pavegen tiles to power lights within the corridor and an interactive educational display. Let’s take this technology to the innovators of tomorrow! A small surcharge will be applied for any activations outside the UK, please get in touch directly and quote "kickstarter 2012" ( We are keen to install in your office or home too so feel free to drop us an enquiry!

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