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To walk, yes walk, the entire length of the Nile- the world's longest river. All 4,250 Miles of it.

The Nile- the longest river in the world, famous and yet still shrouded in mystery. It was still virtually unexplored until the late 19th century and even now geographers argue over its exact length and where it begins. For most of history- malaria, fever and wild animals killed off anyone foolish enough to attempt an expedition to chart its length Even after the developments in medicine that have enabled the exploration of Africa- war, tribal violence and political instability have rendered a complete source to sea by foot of this mighty river nigh on impossible. Until now. 

In 2013 two former Army Officers will attempt the impossible- to walk all the way from the furthest source of the Nile, in the impenetrable forests of Rwanda, through 7 different countries, all the way to the Mediterranean sea.

This is an expedition of unparalleled magnitude. The team will battle swamps, crocodile infested tributaries, uncharted wilderness, the entire sahara desert, heat, mosquitoes, bandits, bureaucracy and perhaps a few blisters in their attempt to achieve the last great world first.

Following in the footsteps of the original Victorian explorers: Great men such as Livingston, Stanley, Burton, Grant and Speke- the modern day adventurers will travel slow time, documenting the tribes, cultures and wildlife as they go. 

The team have already secured a television deal with Channel 5 who will air 3 x 60 minute episodes of the expedition if its gets funded. This is a real incentive for us, the team, and you, our generous backers, because it means that when we  do get the funding, the expedition is a go, and 12 months later you will see your vital contribution come to fruition on a major network both in the UK and US. This is going to be massive!

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This is inherently a risky project, but with all risk comes rewards. Our team will face constant danger in the form of wild animals, wild tribes and wild bureaucracy, but we are confident in our ability to pull it off. Both of us have spent much of the last two years in and out of Africa, surveying the terrain, pouring over maps and studying predator behaviour and learning about the culture and customs of the people that inhabit the Nile. Our survival skills are second to none and have been trained by the best in the world, so if anyone can do it, we can.
The best thing about this project though is the ability to keep you fully informed. Our website will include an interactive GPS tracker and map with a live blog from the field where we will post regular updates, photos and video in anticipation of the film which will be produced as we travel by our UK team. To keep minds at bay we also have a 24hr emergency support team also in the UK ready to come to the rescue if anything untoward does happen. That said, there are some risks that simply can't be avoided. Thats why it'll be an adventure!


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