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$15,968 pledged of $30,000 goal
By Craig Morris
$15,968 pledged of $30,000 goal

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StayMade Sheets!

We have received a ton of feedback on how many people love the StayMade, but are concerned about getting it to match their current decor, or they've invested a lot of money into kid's comforters already and don't want to lose that investment.

So we've added a new Reward and product to our line called StayMade Sheets!  It's the StayMade system, but without the comforter.  So you still get a 100% cotton quality fitted sheet, zipped to a 100% cotton quality top sheet, and then you can rest whatever existing comforter you have right on top of that system.  It's the benefits of the StayMade system, without losing your investment or color scheme for your room.

For Kickstarter, it's priced at $40.  If you feel this new solution would be valuable to someone you know that is on the fence about the StayMade, please let them know about this new option so that we can still reach that goal!

Thanks everyone! Please let us know if you have additional comments or feedback!

Natural Fiber Materials

Back to back updates!

In posting about the sheet colors, we also wanted to make a dedicated update about the materials for the StayMade.

All of the sheets and materials that will come in contact with the skin are 100% Cotton, a natural fiber that is comfortable, breathes extremely well, and is safe.  This includes the padded base (and the fuzzy padded top of the base), the top sheet, and the outer material of the comforter.

All of the padding for the inside of the comforter and the padded base is 100% polyester.  Polyester is a man-made fiber used for padding, adds softness and comfort, and is an excellent insulator.

It is important to us that the StayMade only use safe, comfortable, and premium materials.

Thanks everyone, we have an update on the PeePod that will be coming soon!  Please let us know if you have any additional questions or feedback, we love hearing from all of you!  Thanks!

Sheet Colors

Hey Everyone, thank you so much for your contribution and for joining us on this journey!  We're half way through the campaign and have lots of updates planned for you moving forward!

The first is about the Sheet Colors, and we will be adding this to our FAQ section.

We wanted something neutral, that was also fashionable, and easy to match to but also would be attractive to kids.  For those reasons, we are going to launch with the following colors:

Sheets (Padded Base, Top Sheet) - Turbulence / Pantone 19-4215.

Turbulence is a dark gray that acts as a strong cornerstone color and has been specifically chosen for its ability to perfectly complement all four of our launch colors, as laid out in the Pantone Fashion Guide for 2013.

Underneath Comforter - Cloud Gray / Pantone 428C

Cloud Gray offers an excellent contrast to the dark gray of Turbulence, while also supporting all of the launch colors.  As its name suggests, it is a soft gray to add a lot of comfort to the look and feel of the bed.

For a picture description, and to see the contrast and comparisons yourself, check out this link to our dropbox!

Thanks everyone!