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Now, for the first time, downhill skating can be controlled with a high-tech internal mechanical brake.
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The Finished Product

Posted by Benjamin Newman (Creator)

The Finished Brakeboard Trucks.

I have returned from Shanghai after completing the production inspection. I'm very excited about the quality of the final product. The photos speak for themselves.

Minor finishing tweaks were required while I was in Shanghai and the assembly and packaging needed to be completed. This has added a little more time to the shipping schedule.

We have now started the process for shipping of your rewards. You will receive email notification for tracking information as they are processed in the next couple of weeks.

We have a logistical dilemma for the Complete Brakeboard rewards. Sourcing only the best suppliers we produced the beautiful Canadian maple decks in California and the trucks in Shanghai. To reduce shipping times the components will be shipped separately for you to assemble. All tools needed are provided in the boxset and we will publish an assembly video shortly to assist. If you feel you are not capable of the assembly please be in touch so we can arrange an alternative.

Thank you again for your support and patience. 


Benjamin Newman


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    1. Benjamin Newman 4-time creator on

      Hi Craig, Sorry to hear the deck tape was squashed and marked. I should have arrange for USA supplier to ship with the decks. Thanks for letting me know about the problem.

    2. Missing avatar

      Craig Fuller on

      I finally recieved the wheels and trucks a week after getting the deck in the mail.
      When will you posting an assembly video?
      I'm also a little disappointed that the grip tape was folded 4 times to fit in the trucks box when it could have been easily rolled or laid flat in the gigantic box the deck came in. I'm going to have to go buy my own grip tape that doesn't have 4 permanent fold/score lines on it.

    3. Thom Murphy

      Received my box set today. Is the video up yet? There was grip tape in the box. While I am fairly certain I can assemble the trucks, I'm not so confident about applying the grip. Any chance I can have my board shipped gripped?

    4. arudy on

      Just received it ! Nice work !

    5. Adam Atwell Danforth on


      Same here. It was a total tease! I thought, for a second, it was the complete package. Now the anticipation is greater than ever.

    6. Chris Lee on

      I just got the deck for my complete delivered today!!! Just waiting on trucks and wheels!!

    7. Adam Atwell Danforth on

      That's great to hear. I'm beyond eager!

    8. Benjamin Newman 4-time creator on

      Yes Lonnie. China is back from their National Holiday on the 8th Oct. Another delay I was not expecting. All Kickstarter rewards will begin their journeys end of this week.

    9. Missing avatar

      Lonnie Robinson on

      Any idea when you will ship?